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Thoroughbred legend Zenyatta welcomes an Easter filly

The new arrival is Zenyatta's third foal and first filly since retiring from her racing career. Read More »

Ask the Vet: What kind of exercise is best for managing my horse's weight?

Dr. Lydia Gray explains some research behind exercise programs for horse health. Read More »

Endurance riders compete for a spot on the U.S. team

The Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games team selection trial takes places this weekend at Broxton Bridge Plantation in South Carolina. Read More »

Do you have what it takes to train a rescue horse?

The Bluebonnet Rescue Horse Training Challenge showcases the talents of adoptable horses. Read More »


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Club Horse Photo Gallery

Club Horse Photo Gallery

Get your cute horse pictures here! See Club Horse members’ pets here, and join the fun by posting your own horse photos to our gallery.

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Club Horse Videos

Club Horse Videos

Watch horses in action here with our Club Horse Videos. Find out what horses do behind closed doors, and how you’re not the only one with a quirky pony.

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Club Horse Members

Club Horse Members

Join other horse lovers by becoming part of Club Horse. Build a web profile for your horse and connect with other owners in the community.

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Horse Insider

Horse Illustrated

Horse Illustrated Extras

Get the latest articles, downloads and more from HorseChannel, plus other features related to the current issue of Horse Illustrated.

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Horse Video of the Week

Video of the Week

Every Friday, the editorial team showcases one of our favorite funny or amazing horse videos from around the web.

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Rider Insider: Show Tips

Horse Show

This month's Rider Insider question is Show Tips: What advice would you give someone who's getting ready to compete in equestrian events?

Read More » Contests Contests

See what and Horse Illustrated contests and giveaways are currently running, and view results from past contests.

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Club Horse Quiz:
Saddle Anatomy

Club Horse Quiz

Test your equine knowledge and earn Club Horse points in our weekly quiz.This week's quiz is Saddle Anatomy: See if you can identify the parts of the saddle.
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Whinny Warz

Club Horse members face off, and you pick your favorites. If you find your own horse, you'll win 500 Club Horse points. May the best horse win!

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Ask The Vet

Ask the Vet

Submit your horse health  questions for our new Ask the Vet column. This week, Dr. Lydia Gray explains how to protect your horse's respiratory health in very cold weather.

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Other Pets
and Animals

Other Pets and Animals

Want to learn more about other animals? Check out AnimalNetwork's infographics page for more information on other companion animals including cats, dogs, birds and more.

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Get all the information you need about horse breeds from around the world. Find out more about your horse's heritage, or learn which breed is perfect for you. We have detailed profiles on more than 85 breeds of horse, from the popular American Quarter Horse, Thoroughbred and Arabian horse to the exotic Friesian, Akhal-Teke and Gypsy Horse. Learn the fascinating history of these horse breeds and what equestrian sports they excel in today.

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