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Rocky Mountain Horse from West, TX

~Whiskey~ Thank you for July HOTM!

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I am from West, TX and I've been a Club Horse member for 4 years and 26 days

Nicknames: Whiskey Boy or Wicky Wicky

Age: 19 years old

Gender: Gelding

Breed: Rocky Mountain Horse

Height: 15 hands

Color: Red Chocolate, flaxen mane & tail

Type of Riding: Western-trail (as of June 2016 he ride English as well LOL)

My Horse's Achievements: *HOTD Aug 7th 2012
*HOTD Aug 7th 2013
*HOTD Aug 7th 2014
*HOTD Aug 7th 2015
*May HOTM 2014
*July HOTM 2015
*July HOTM 2016
Whiskey has mastered neck reining! When I first got him he would make my arms so tired on trail rides. Then I figured out that all commands had to be from the seat and leg aids:)Now after 2 years I actually have him neck reining and moving from my aids as well.

My Horse's Favorite Treat: apple/carrots/w- atermelon

My Horse's Favorite Things To Do: trail ride and baths, grazing

Pet Peeves: To get away from the ALPHA horse.

My Horse's motto: I will do ANYTHING for a treat!!!!

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How We Met

While camping out with friends some people that I knew invited a couple to ride with us that weekend. When they arrived they unloaded thier horses. As they backed out of the trailer I asked "what kind of horses are they?" They told me Rocky Mountain horses. They had one silver dapple and one red chocolate. I fell in love that day as we rode together. At one place that we stopped "Whiskey" came over to me and rubbed his muzzle on my hand and that was the moment I had to say to them "If you ever sale this horse please let me know first" Eight months later I got a call from Karla saying they were selling him-and that my friends was the begining of our journey together!!

*Rocket=HOTD 9/25/12

*Deacon vote 10,000

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I've had 98102 friends visit me.

I'm the 38,667th member on HorseChannel.com.

14,406 friends have voted for me since I joined Club Horse!

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voted for both
You were right, it was too hot after church to ride. Even Allie and Gracie were sweating out grazing, which almost never happens. I did go get 2 round bales, I need 6 or so more to make it through the winter. I can only pick up one at a time, so that slows me down a bit, but at least the hay guys live close by. This one is a new supplier for me, and he leases a big field that has gotten more rain and will hopefully cut more soon. He said he usually cuts 28,000 bales a summer, but will probably only get 8000 this year. Doesn't sound good. He's got people coming up from GA to buy for the summer already, their pastures are already dirt. I told him not to sell quite ALL of his hay to them.
Yeah, I don't ride BJ throughout the summer either, he just can't breathe well enough, even with his meds. I hope to ride Allie this morning, then grocery shop and change the oil in the old truck (without getting it all over myself), so it'll be a busy day.
Hope you have a great monday. Take care.

Come visit me, Allie & BJ and his mom,Gracie.

07/25/2016 04:38.26 AM Report This Comment
Thank you for your vote, I am not on as much anymore. The ads and pop ups drive me nutty.

Come visit me, Major RIP May 1,2015, Star & Louie.

07/25/2016 03:26.42 AM Report This Comment
Hi Whiskey, here's a vote for ya. Well another hot humid one! This time no breeze whatsoever, so humid! Had to zap Honey pretty hard this morning! On our morning feed she saw something out in the pasture, I didn't see anything. She was on guard one second and the next off like a rocket! Buy the time I got to the end of the pasture and had the remote set to vibrate, hit her with it and yelled come, she did but just up and down the hill on Dot & Mike's place. Back and forth and kinda ignored the vibration, so set it at 60 and zapped the hell our of her! She jumped up about a foot off the ground, and made a u-turn and ran over to me then! I think it made an impression on her! Paige got a fast 15 minute lunge and 15 of showmanship practice. Indy got 15 minute lunge and was sweating a little, but he sweats so easily. Did lunch of hay and fresh cool water at 3 pm. It was 92 with index of 98! Tomorrow, Monday the farrier was to come, he text and concealed till Tuesday. Tomorrow is the worst 95 with index of 104 and heavy thunderstorms moving in around noon time. He dropped all appointments for safety's sake. He'll be here Tuesday. Better be, I hook up Wed and pack to leave, my big rig would be in his way to get to the barn! Love ya, Marion and the blondes.

Come visit me, Nuttin But Good. Tkx Mom, Indy & H.T. for 15300!, R.I.P. Hi Tech Image, Tks Mom, Indy Paige #16400! & MWS Zippn By Indy, Tks. Mom, Paige, H.T., 21,100!.

07/24/2016 05:00.58 PM Report This Comment
A vote for handsome Whiskey, too. What a day. something always goes wrong when Scott is away. Went to get something out of the big freezer for lunch, it wasn't working. Ck'd the breaker box, the breaker was off. That was easy. Then noticed it getting warm, it was 79 in the house. Turned the AC ioff, called Scott, he told me a couple of things to ck. Turned it back on, and I THINK it is working now. Will wait a bit and see if it cools down, if not will have to call the repair service.

Come visit me, Mystic, Cisco, Angel Meg, Bo and Jazz & Nugget.

07/24/2016 02:03.55 PM Report This Comment
Happy Sunday!
Left a vote
Hope you have a good day.
God bless you and your horses.

Come visit me, Spencer, Kristy, Hallee & R.I.P Naley.

07/24/2016 07:20.34 AM Report This Comment
Mike's incision will not stop bleeding. Called back to the hospital, said to bring him back....100 miles one way. Figured if I put a pressure bandage on it, perhaps that would help. His friend next door is staying with him, she know alot about taking care of him, since she had to take care of both her Mom and Dad. You can not put pressure anywhere up his leg, because of the stint. They have his leg opened up on both sides of his knee, about 7-8 inch and I think left the bottom open. He has to be on blood thinner because of his heart.
I sure understand what you mean about the heat and humidity. Bad here too, but it did sprinkle around 4 just as we were walking into church for 4 o'clock Mass. Then later it rained hard, and around 4-5 this morning started all over again. Still have all of Sunday before I can check how many baby keets I have in the incubator. If I open it, the humidity leaves and shrink wraps the unhatched ones. So I wait and peek in a tiny airhole. Plastic one so I keep it in the Styrofoam box it came in, to keep the heat in. Baby pigs go from one pen to the other, white sow is a much better MaMa, she lets all the babies nurse. They have chubby little cheeks and butts. Some of the baby chicks I let out of their rabbit cage, but sure is a pain to try to round them all up in the evening. Been waiting until the all try to climb into their feed pans, and put the whole pan chicks and all back in the cage. Have get back out in the garden to weed as soon as this heat ends. I do not sweat, just get red, red face, and never know when I am too hot. Something is broke inside with my thermostat. :) Stay cool everyone!!

Come visit me, Mistic, Eclipse Moon Shadow, Paisley & Whisper.

07/24/2016 05:38.44 AM Report This Comment
Love, hugs and a Sunday vote.

Come visit me, SADIE * It's hot!*.

07/24/2016 02:05.51 AM Report This Comment
Right now we are having a really bad thunder storm and lightning with high winds. Knew it was coming my out door cats came in. Except one. Kinda worried I haven't seen her in two days. Not a good sign. Voting while I can. Just lost power, but it came right back on. Have to go reset the air conditioner. You just never know around here. Vicki & big Jax

Come visit me, Big Jax.

07/23/2016 04:12.16 PM Report This Comment
Hi Whiskey, here's a vote for ya. Well when it's 71 degrees at 6:15 am already, you just know you're in trouble! By 10:30 when I went to work Honey, the indoor had a nice breeze blowing through. Even though the inside temp read 92 degrees. So then Paige got a short lunge and about 10 minutes of showmanship work. Indy got a spa day, he really sweats up so fast in the heat, I spared him that. Lunch in the barn around 2 pm, (temps were at 93 degrees) hay and lots of fresh cool water! I'm so over this already! Could we have fall please! Love ya, Marion and the blondes.

Come visit me, Nuttin But Good. Tkx Mom, Indy & H.T. for 15300!, R.I.P. Hi Tech Image, Tks Mom, Indy Paige #16400! & MWS Zippn By Indy, Tks. Mom, Paige, H.T., 21,100!.

07/23/2016 03:50.19 PM Report This Comment

Come visit me, ~Copper~.

07/23/2016 02:09.14 PM Report This Comment
Hey, how was your ride? Nikko is due for his feet to be done so I haven't really been riding plus it has been too hot here, so I've been just walking him and giving him baths. Tomorrow is supposed to be really hot so Im going to just give him a bath.

Come visit me, Nikko.

07/22/2016 06:38.34 PM Report This Comment
voted for both
Have a good ride this morning? I'm sure you did, Deacon is such a good boy. Glad you could have some time to ride.
I had a great ride on Allie yesterday. When she's in the mood, she can be pretty soft. I'm only seeing it at the walk, but I have hopes that if she can do it at the walk, she can do it at the faster gaits as well. With patience and practice.
There's been a lot of discussion on the Tacky website about their gait, and I think I finally have it figured out, mostly. To the naked eye, it looks like a regular 2 beat trot. But in super slo-mo video or pics taken at the right moment, their hind foot is hitting the ground just a hair's breadth before the front one does, making it a lot smoother than a regular trot. I saw a video of another Colonial Spanish breed, a Vaquero Spanish Horse in California, and she was trotting the same way, just with a little more animation in the front legs. Pretty cool, I guess it's a Colonial Spanish thing.
Well, I'm headed out to work Allie again. Have a great friday and enjoy your time with Deacy.

Come visit me, Allie & BJ and his mom,Gracie.

07/22/2016 05:37.07 AM Report This Comment
Bo and Jazz both got a "shower" yesterday, they both enjoyed it. I'll have to do Nugget & Cisco tomorrow.

Come visit me, Mystic, Cisco, Angel Meg, Bo and Jazz & Nugget.

07/21/2016 07:23.58 PM Report This Comment
Hi Sherry & herd, hope you had a nice weekend and hopefully some nice weather :) I'm tired about my busy weekend of traveling up to Idaho for my cousin's wedding but it was completely worth it. Voted. XOXO Danya and Koot

Come visit me, Kootenai.

07/18/2016 03:00.19 PM Report This Comment
Thank you! What a pleasant surprise! I haven't been active in so long, I was really surprised to see the email. Thanks!

India and Angel Ginger

Come visit me, ~Ginger~August 23rd, 1993-September 10th, 2013 & Gypsy.

07/15/2016 02:25.08 PM Report This Comment
I guess it's a little late for "Happy 4th of July",but how 'bout "Happy July 14?" hehe.
Eli's training is on hold till his new custom rope halter arrives. I sure do hope it fits and that I got the right measurments. He didn't lik the cloth measuring tape across his face. He must have thought it lookd like a snake.

Come visit me, Cinnamon (270037) & Eli(270057).

07/14/2016 05:48.47 AM Report This Comment
Hi & a vote,
Good luck to you both. My husband is on meds for gout and he had had one kidney stone, but kept getting the gout due to uric acid. So the medication keeps that under control and he hasn't had any more issues. Just last year my sister had two kidney surgeries... one for kidney stones and the other side for a staghorn kidney stone, that they thought she might lose that kidney, but they were able to save it and actually have some function.
We had to give up Comet and he also stayed at the boarding facility he was at. He was better off being busy and with my Mom ill in the nursing home, we didn't have enough time for everything.
But my daughter now has Cowboy and I still have Rocky (who is mostly retired except for maybe a small ride once a week or less).
We will keep you in our thoughts & prayers.

Come visit me, Rocky (the blue-eyed wonder horse), Comet (the jumping bean) & Cowboy (See me at new profile 278871).

07/13/2016 10:30.15 AM Report This Comment
I did manage to work with Ace in the round pen and get a ride in. Also put the horses on the walker, they didn't try to stop it, they all walked along great. Today the Farrier comes to do their hooves. They need it too, that hard dry ground is breaking the ends of their hooves. We did get some rain the past two days...not a lot. Back in work mode now till my next vacation! Left a vote.


07/12/2016 08:47.39 AM Report This Comment
Congrats on horse of the month! How great and thanks I always enjoy being HOTD. Hope all is well for you! My two girls are doing very well. They are extremely bonded (as you might guess, a blind horse like to have a "seeing eye horse" as a companion). Lol left a vote. Have a good day.

Come visit me, Tesla*Thanks for HOTD* & SASSY*Thanks for HOTD*.

07/09/2016 08:47.52 AM Report This Comment

Come visit me, Fancy & <>Pony Jack<>.

07/07/2016 08:51.47 PM Report This Comment
My 4th of July was okay, took my dog to the beach on Saturday and we walked around the campground since one of these up coming weekends I plan to go camping, and he'll be tagging along. I've been working non-stop since Monday, but I've gotten used to the long shifts.
With the weather getting up in the 80's - 90's lately, I haven't had much time to take Rayne out for a ride. I'm usually up around 6 am but I take my dog for long walks, and then work-out. Hoping it'll cool down a little this weekend, but I'm doubtful. Don't like riding when the weather is hot & humid like it's been.
Glad the week is almost over, because I'm gonna be trying to relax this weekend, which is another reason why I'm hoping for a little cooler weather

Come visit me, ShezaQueen Eternity & Rayne.

07/06/2016 11:03.06 PM Report This Comment
congrats on HOTM

Come visit me, Apache, Shyner & Radar.

07/04/2016 01:04.14 PM Report This Comment
well, congratulation to whiskey for hotm!! I turned him out on the big pasture and gave him carrots so I guess that was a special treat. :)

Come visit me, Sing and Herd!.

07/02/2016 04:44.54 PM Report This Comment
****Congrats on HOTM****
So sorry I missed yesterday, honestly one day just drifts into another anymore. I'm sure Susan made sure you celebrated in style with all her other pals. Talk soon, Love Donna Lee

Come visit me, Sterl May, Angel Sassy Mac Mar 8/95-Aug 8/07 & Royal Mes.

07/02/2016 01:56.27 AM Report This Comment
Loping by with a vote and best wishes! Congrats on HOTM!

Cimarron continues to do well. He's out in the field with all the other horses; I've actually seen him loping around a bit, and I can't detect a limp in his gait at a walk or trot. He's doing even better than I had hoped. And of course, he's absolutely thrilled to just chill out, eat treats, and be fussed over, instead of working. ;)

How's everything going with you? :)

Come visit me, Cimarron's Herd & Cimarron.

07/02/2016 12:59.37 AM Report This Comment
Hi all, sorry Ive been off the grid a while, I am just so busy updating our picking houses to be compliant with OROSHA, Lilly is doing great she is so pretty all shedded out, the goat boys are onry as ever, gonna be going to build another stall in the barn on the side where I store the hay, Im staging some hay in the loft above Lilly's stall then gonna put some over in the chicken house , the big barn is not that far away if I need to grab a few bales at a time in winter, took a sliding door off one of our old picking cabins and restored it, it will be the new door to the stall, not sure what kind of animal Ill get, Im just gonna let it play it's self out and Im in no hurry it will be an animal that will be compatable with Lilly and the goat boys, have a great week, love Suz, Lilly and the Goat boys

Come visit me, Lilly.

05/19/2016 07:51.29 PM Report This Comment
Galloping by with votes!

Come visit me, Katie.

05/13/2016 12:15.10 PM Report This Comment
Good morning
Congrats on HOTD! Jumping on HC to vote for my friends, it has been a while. Hope u have a blessed day! Love Lindsay & Darby! Miss you!

Come visit me, Darby- Offline for a few months-.

05/05/2016 05:42.02 AM Report This Comment
I was just checking all the comments on my HC page and found several older ones that I had never seen, due to the computer never telling me I had comments on HC! No Dreamer never had his eyes removed, the gave me pain medicine to give to him along with some cream for his eyes. He's getting along real well!!
The sun rays can hurt his eyes sometimes, but yesterday he was totally his normal self he even rolled around in his pen and I hadn't seen him do that ever since he went blind! Those pills are really doing wonders for him. Now it's time for some training for him! Do you have any suggestions? I have no idea what I'm supposed to start with next!!! I have taught him a few words like "step up". He's has got that one down pat, but that's all he knows for those, but he does know "Whoa, Easy and head up"

I took him for a walk around the yard to stretch his legs and he spooked at a few things at first, but other than that he was a great boy! He's also willing to do things, except if his eyes are bothering him a little! He will follow you around the pen like a puppy dog and nickers and sometimes neighs when he hears you! Thank you for leaving comments! Have a great day:) Leaving you a vote for your beautiful horses:)

Come visit me, Dreamer.

04/23/2016 11:33.38 AM Report This Comment
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