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Arabian from Somewhere, TX


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I am from Somewhere, TX and I've been a Club Horse member for 1 year, 11 months and 9 days

Nicknames: Pony,Piggers(in a loving way), Pony boy, Mr. Pony, Piggy, Star Spangled Banner

Age: 9 years old

Gender: Gelding

Breed: Arabian

Height: 14.1

Color: Sorrel with a random white dot on left front leg and stockings on the rear legs(One only covers the front half of the leg).

Type of Riding: Western

My Horse's Achievements: HOTD August 3, 2013
HOTD August 9, 2014
HOTM December 2014

My Horse's Favorite Treat: Any treat!

My Horse's Favorite Things To Do: Be the boss, be fat and lazy

Pet Peeves: Water, Flies! He also can be a little bossy with Rose :(

My Horse's motto: Life is so hard

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How We Met

We needed a horse to keep Rose company and for my mom to ride. Sadly the people we bought him from said he was trained well, but he barely knows anything and is really stubborn. He is a Pony of America/Arabian cross.

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.. .. .<.<<`.. .. . . . | . |.. ..
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Thanks Rose & herd for vote 3,000 3/13/14

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I've had 18369 friends visit me.

I'm the 41,977th member on

3,047 friends have voted for me since I joined Club Horse!

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Now here comes the surprising part about Susie…
When my husband and I started riding Susie we learned she had a problem. She would sometimes out of the blue start to buck. It was not quick short bucks, it would be a head down, ass all the way up, throw you completely off buck. It would not be all the time, just sometimes. But you never knew when. We took Susie to a trainer for 30 days, thinking she just needed some work. He also gave me some riding lessons, since I had no riding experience. The trainer said that Susie was already well trained. She had proper head set, she knew how to side pass, open and close gates. He didn’t experience any bucking. However one of his helpers rode her to the store one day and on the way back she bucked him off. We got Susie back and began riding her again. She bucked my husband off the first time he rode her. Then later on I rode her in the round pen and was bucked off. Mine was a little buck…she was gentle with me. lol We later let the guy we leased our pasture with ride her. He took her to herd some cows and had no problem. He rode her another time in the round pen and she began bucking. Another time a group of kids were riding the horses around the pasture and we let a young girl ride on Susie. She did fine, no problem. It was a mystery to us why she was behaving this way. (Leaving votes all around.)


07/06/2015 08:59.27 AM Report This Comment
Good Morning vote from my girls. We got our hay up last night....big bales....just before it rained all night. It really sucks not having your own equipment, but it hardly pays when we have only 5-6 acres field to make. Just glad our neighbors help out.

Come visit me, Kissed by the Sun & Whisper.

07/06/2015 07:39.00 AM Report This Comment
I didn't mention it but I am leaving daily votes all around. Hope you are enjoying this 4th of July weekend! Thanks for your support!~~~

My story continues:
I had said when they first got the horse that I did not want to have to feed or take care of the horse. Well now my daughter was not going to take care of the horse, so I started going with my husband to feed and care for the horse. I can remember the first time I actually fell in love with this horse. I was alone with her and I was grooming her. I looked into her big deep dark brown eyes and it was like I could see clear to her soul and like she could see mine. She touched me in a way, it brought tears to my eyes. I have never experienced that before with any animal nor have I ever felt that with any of my other horses. I truly feel that Susie was destined to be my horse. I don’t think anyone else would have cared for her in the way that we have cared for her.


07/05/2015 10:12.48 AM Report This Comment
Here's a vote from Buddy!

It's been a long time since I've logged on and blogged last. I have been so busy, even tho I haven't been up to a whole lot. Lots to update, so I will try and shorten it as much as I can, so it's not a super long novel!

To start with, Buddy is good! I have moved him to a new place, it's about the same distance as the other place, just in the opposite direction. I decided to move him because the place I had him at wasn't the "safest" and they didn't really listen to what I, as a boarder, needed for Buddy. The new place he is in a smaller pen, with another horse but is way easier to catch, the old place he was in a big field, with access to the back quarter section (string of barned wire for the gate just laying on the ground for them to run across,) with two mares, so I couldn't catch him. Plus, they only had barbed wire fencing (not my fav) and Buddy slipped one day and I watched him slide right into the fence and scrape himself up. Thankfully he was ok! This new place has no barbed wire, except for the perimiter of the 60 acre field, which Buddy has no access to unless I want him out there!

I FINALLY got a job in June (other then selling Scentsy!) I now work at the local Greenhawk Equestrian store here. I am super excited, as it's a horse store, but I still get to be around something I love, plus I get a discount! It is only part time but so far it has been awesome. And I will defintely learn lots there, and have learned a few things already.

Buddy's bumps on his cannon bones have seemed to gotten bigger, or the one on his left front seems to have anyways. So I will be getting a vet out to look at them sooner or later. They don't seem to bother him that much, but I know I first noticed them when I had him at the barn while I was working there and they haven't gone away. I was told they are splint bumps, which sounds terrible and scares the crap out of me.

I have updated pictures of him, although, he looks the same. I'm supposed to be going out to see him tomorrow, so I will be getting more pictures of him then. If I don't update his pictures tonight after blogging I will most likely do it tomorrow as I don't work & my computer has been acting up lately.

I hope everyone has been good and have been enjoying time with their horses. I hope the weather has been cooperative and not too hot!!

-Buddy & Jasmine

Come visit me, Buddy.

07/04/2015 09:38.14 PM Report This Comment
Susie Dell Meyers is a AQHA registered quarter horse. She was born on March 15, 2001. She was only 5 years old when we purchased her. She is out of the Poco Bueno bloodline. My daughter was all excited when she got her horse. She purchased all the necessary equipment and supplies. My husband was teaching her how to ride and care for the horse. My husband owned horses before when he was young and later during his previous marriage, his children had horses. Well probably no more than six months down the road, my daughter figured out there was a lot more to horses than just riding them. She gave up on the owning a horse idea. This is how I became involved with Susie.


07/04/2015 06:48.42 AM Report This Comment
Let’s begin where it all started. I have never been involved with horses before. The closes I’ve been to a horse was when I was young, my cousins in Kenner had a horse. I rode on the back of it once or twice. Then in my later years, my sister got a horse. We were both married with children by then. I was in my late 40’s when I got Susie. Although Susie was not my horse. She was purchased for my daughter. My husband purchased Susie on June 9, 2006, because my daughter had been on a trail ride with some friends and decided that she wanted a horse. We saw an ad in a Quick Quarter, a weekly advertisement. So we went to take a look.~~~

Have a happy 4th of July weekend! Left a vote.


07/03/2015 07:15.10 AM Report This Comment
This run for HOTM is going to be for Susie. She deserves the recognition since my world of horses all started with her. Without her I would not have known the joy and the beauty of horses. So the next 30 days I will tell her story.


07/02/2015 06:48.49 AM Report This Comment
Hope all is well with you and your herd.~~~

Would love to have your support! My herd had a reaction to their vaccinations yesterday. I will begin my story in tomorrows blog.


07/01/2015 07:50.32 AM Report This Comment
Hi Susie and Friends (#87634) here, and I'm running for August HOTM! Please leave me a daily vote, if you only blog and vote for one of our herd, please make it me this month. Thank you for your support.


06/30/2015 08:46.28 AM Report This Comment
it has been un seasonally hot here, and last night we had a whopper of a lightning storm, it was beautiful and almost scary, haven't checked et to see how I did at the Trail Course challenge Saturday but I know I won something because one of the organizers said Greta ( the other organizer ) has your awards, I will get them from her after harvest, less than a week to go just want to sleeeeep !! it's been so hot we only work 1/2 days. ready to be done , Lilly and the goat boys are so done with this hot weather also, were called the slug yard instead of the barnyard, no one has any energy. ;ove Suz and Lilly

Come visit me, Lilly.

06/29/2015 04:33.05 PM Report This Comment
Wow That's great! I'm glad you did so well:) Awww they are really pretty!

Come visit me, Temperance, In Memory Of Pardner Quick, (aka Princess) & Miss Susie Q Cowgirl.

06/29/2015 09:35.02 AM Report This Comment
Harvest is 3/4 done, very tired, it's a nice crop this year Lilly and I enjoy eating cherries just about every night, toying with the idea about loading her up and trailering her into HoodRiver just 10 miles away to the Saddle Club Trail course challenge this weekend on the 27th, not sure how busy we will be and it's suppose to hit 106 * on Saturday, insane for Oregon, I think I will give her a bath on Friday and see what Saturday is gonna look like, it would be kinda fun I think, it would be a first of any kind of competing for us. Love Suz and Lilly

Come visit me, Lilly.

06/23/2015 05:47.18 PM Report This Comment
Sadie has a shade. I wanted to put the tarp up, for more shade. Rick's using it, though. The heat doesn't seem to bother her. She stands in the sun a lot. She is enjoying that mister, though. She backs her butt up to it and stands there. Love and a vote.

Come visit me, SADIE *Congratulations Whiskey, July HOTM!*. *.

06/19/2015 03:39.56 AM Report This Comment
This heat. Living in the desert, it's expected, but geez! Lol. Scruffy's ac is on, from early morning, until late at night. I filled 2 water bowls for him. Sadie's mister is on and staying on. She backs her butt up to it and loves it. Suppose to reach 115* today. I need to put the tarp up, on her shade, to help keep the sun off of her. She hates it, because it flaps when the wind blows, but shade is shade. Hoping you're all staying dry and cool. Love always and a vote.

Come visit me, SADIE *Congratulations Whiskey, July HOTM!*. *.

06/18/2015 01:16.08 AM Report This Comment
Here is a vote for you to share with your little herd of friends, from my girls.

Come visit me, Kissed by the Sun & Whisper.

06/16/2015 02:34.10 PM Report This Comment
112* Monday. Excessive heat warning for Tuesday through Friday. Stay cool. Love and a vote.

Come visit me, SADIE *Congratulations Whiskey, July HOTM!*. *.

06/15/2015 06:44.26 PM Report This Comment
it's been mid 90* working really long,long days in the cherry orchard I'm so tired, I have been riding Lilly late in the evenings around 7 = 8 then I hit the hay and do it all again the next day.Have a wonderful week love Suz and Lilly

Come visit me, Lilly.

06/15/2015 05:34.25 PM Report This Comment
Hi Spangle! I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the show and did pretty well for not being able to practice much :) Voted. XOXO Danya and Koot

Come visit me, Kootenai *Congrats Whiskey on July HOTM!*.

06/15/2015 03:40.23 PM Report This Comment
it was 97* yesterday, so after work Lilly got a bath, usually it is a sponge bath but I am trying to push her to be more brave so she got lathered up and I rinsed with the hose this time she did really well, and the splatter felt good on me too,took for a walk and she was dry in minutes of course latter that night she rolled but hardly got ant dirt on her. another hot one today makes harvesting hard when it is so hot. well gotta head up the hill and get to it love Suz & Lilly

Come visit me, Lilly.

06/08/2015 07:12.36 AM Report This Comment
Wow I finally got a ride in on Ace this week!! It has been months since I last rode. He did great! I enjoyed my ride and enjoyed my day with the herd. Left a vote.
Posted my ride in the profile pic.


06/04/2015 01:02.54 PM Report This Comment
Dressage saddles look really comfortable, how it all going ? gonna call and make Lilly a dentist appt. I am a little nervous about driving her in the trailer, but I did drive it with the goat a few months ago so whats another 900 lbs hahahha U pick starts Thursday, the season is like 2.5 weeks early oh well it will be over that much sooner too !!! Have a wonderful week if I don't get back on this week, I'll try, things are getting crazy busy, love Suz and Lilly

Come visit me, Lilly.

06/01/2015 09:33.31 AM Report This Comment
Very productive afternoon. With Austin's help. I gave Sadie her spring shots and dewormed her. I still need to get her West Nile shot. Austin cleaned out Scruffy's ac filter. I watered my trees and rinsed out Sadie's water trough. Yay! No scrubbing. Rinses clean. <3 Leaving love always and a vote.

Come visit me, SADIE *Congratulations Whiskey, July HOTM!*. *.

05/29/2015 01:55.16 AM Report This Comment
I bought Sadie's spring shots, Wednesday. Giving them to her on Thursday. Going to deworm her, too. Suppose to be up 105* by Monday. Love always and a vote.

Come visit me, SADIE *Congratulations Whiskey, July HOTM!*. *.

05/27/2015 11:14.53 PM Report This Comment
Shawn my horse shoer comes tomorrow to trim Lilly's feet, so glad because she really needs it, won't be spending much time in the house this week, a skunk went under the house last night and must have gotten scared about something and let the good times fly, I have all the door and windows open, it is suppose to get to the mid 80* this week and cloud up on Sunday, I hope so that might give it enough time for the smell to disapate I hope, Jack was felling good this morning ar breakfast a chicken waled through and he got some air under those front feet and tried to head butt it, it was pretty funny, had a wonderful Memorial Day, went to the Mosier Memorial service at the cemetary then came home for and took a really long ride, the whole barnyard went everyone was tired when we got home. went to a really fun BBQ on Saturday at a house of one of my old Stable friends alot of the stable friends were there it was fun, have a wonderful week, love Suz and Lilly

Come visit me, Lilly.

05/26/2015 08:53.11 AM Report This Comment
Leaving a quick Memorial Day vote for you. We are still getting a lot of off and on showers. Enough to keep the pasture wet and muddy. Horses are having a fun time with it! lol


05/25/2015 02:54.55 PM Report This Comment
Miracle's update:
Healing Hearts Animal Rescue and Refuge.
"Friends, it is with heavy heart that we bring you the news of Love's passing. Once we got her safe to our refuge, she started to seize. She had been carefully and thoughtfully examined by 2 vets, as well as monitored 24 hours a day by our staff. We agreed that she needed to be set free, as not to harm herself and to be allowed to pass with dignity. She was surrounded by people who cared, loved and honored her life. She went over the bridge under the warm sun, in the arms of those who saved her from abuse. She was not alone." Love and a vote.

Come visit me, SADIE *Congratulations Whiskey, July HOTM!*. *.

05/25/2015 03:39.37 AM Report This Comment
leaving a quick sunday vote from work!

Come visit me, Sing & Herd.

05/24/2015 03:10.44 AM Report This Comment
Hugs and a quick vote.

Come visit me, SADIE *Congratulations Whiskey, July HOTM!*. *.

05/24/2015 02:05.45 AM Report This Comment
Love and a quick vote. Have a beautiful weekend.

Come visit me, SADIE *Congratulations Whiskey, July HOTM!*. *.

05/23/2015 02:20.12 AM Report This Comment
I bought Sadie a new water trough, 110 gallons. Going to use her 50 gallon to feed her in. Less chance of her scattering her hay on the ground. Love and a vote.

Come visit me, SADIE *Congratulations Whiskey, July HOTM!*. *.

05/21/2015 12:05.16 AM Report This Comment
Hi Spangle! Glad to hear all is well besides all the rain you've been having :) and how awesome you got a new saddle. That's so exciting!! Voted. XOXO Danya and Koot

Come visit me, Kootenai *Congrats Whiskey on July HOTM!*.

05/20/2015 03:23.42 PM Report This Comment
It has been spring here had a 15 minute storm around 8 last night, thunder lightning and a soaker rain, pretty refreshing this morning, the other night we had hail rain, thunder and lightning, that one lasted a little longer with alot more rain.
Made another trail obstacle took Lilly 2.5 hours to finally go through it, it is a gate of those swimming pool noodles, kinda cool, can't believe she was so stubborn especially because of some of the tree branches we ride through in the orchard, Maybe because she can't eat these as she passes through LOL Hope you all have a lovely week, love Suz and Lilly

Come visit me, Lilly.

05/18/2015 09:09.09 AM Report This Comment
Love and a vote.

Come visit me, SADIE *Congratulations Whiskey, July HOTM!*. *.

05/04/2015 02:52.03 AM Report This Comment
Suppose to reach 100* next week. Not looking forward to it, but so much better than cold weather. Love and hugs and a vote.

Come visit me, SADIE *Congratulations Whiskey, July HOTM!*. *.

04/23/2015 09:44.41 PM Report This Comment
A quick hello and to say things are happening around here-some good, some not so much. Horses are healthy and being stubborn! Bought a new trailer because Bub had that accident in the 3 horse slant and refusing it because he remembers but is also unsure of the straight load I bought. Dad in and out of hospital and being needy!Etc, etc, etc! Not gonna bore ya with details. I am having female problems though-am going to the dr next tuesday. Business venture is slowly coming along. Mrs. Prego (daughter) doing good! Baby shower May 2nd. I miss being on here but so darn busy! GRRR!! I hope everyone is doing good and wish everyone well. Thanks for not "kicking me to the curb" and forgetting me. Everyday I'd love to get on here. I haven't even had time to ride yet this year!! Hope to be on a regular basis soon. Take care and love to all!! Cindy, Bub, and Bee

Come visit me, Ella Bee & My Thirty Six.

04/23/2015 06:01.12 PM Report This Comment
Glad you had a good lesson, after be off a few months.~~

I see some sunshine! It should be dry the next couple days. I'm off Monday and Tuesday, hope I can get my herd cleaned up. Left a vote.


04/19/2015 10:56.57 AM Report This Comment
Dropping by with a quick silvery vote. Got to get my thank yous in for Shadowfax's win for hotd last week!

Come visit me, Shadowfax.

04/18/2015 10:59.12 PM Report This Comment
Sorry I haven't been on in a while. I have been dealing with lots of different things, with my Mom, my sister and my daughter. So much happening right now. The weather is terrible. Lots of rain everyday. Our pasture flooded on Tuesday, however the water has gone down now, but the rain has not stopped. Hope you have a great weekend, if possible. Posting some pics of my muddy horses on Susie's page. Left a vote.


04/16/2015 10:57.39 AM Report This Comment
Hugs and a vote.

Come visit me, SADIE *Congratulations Whiskey, July HOTM!*. *.

04/16/2015 01:27.32 AM Report This Comment
My apologies for not having been on HC much, taking care of Jack is exhausting, God Bless those who are care givers,took him to the Vet on Monday,our appt was at 10, saw the Dr. at 12, a dog had gotten hit by a car and broke both legs so they were working on the poor guy, God has taught me patience for sure, sat in the Horse trailer with him and just did nothing, how many times can a person just do nothing, it was actually okay, because I was sooooo tired, we are upping his vitamim B, and wormed him for Barber pole worms, if he can't stand up and motivate by the 21st then he wont be, that is when the vet comes out for my wellness spring visit, he did have alot more activity going on this morning with movements, she said he may jut have to manyholes in his brain to recover this time, that is what the disease does, makes holes in the brain, I have been riding just about every night to spend time with my girl and clear my mind, my body is done, Jack is well over 130 lbs and to flip him around several times a day and try and stand him up everyday is harder and harder, on Wens I have a friend coming over to teach me how to load Lilly, she is a Parrelli instructor, her specialty is trailer loading , I am so excited, I may even trailer over this weekend to some friends house and give it a test run if all goes well, sure need the break, love you all have a beautiful day Suz and Lilly

Come visit me, Lilly.

04/14/2015 09:39.27 AM Report This Comment
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