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 from Easthampton, MA

Pixie Dust

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I am from Easthampton, MA and I've been a Club Horse member for 4 years, 5 months and 16 days

Nicknames: Puff

Age: 24 years old

Gender: Mare


Height: 13.3hh

Color: White (gray if you're being technical)

Type of Riding: Used to compete in English dislipines, now we just ride bareback

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My Horse's Favorite Treat: She'll eat anything

My Horse's Favorite Things To Do: Eat

Pet Peeves: Being clean

My Horse's motto: Have you hugged your horse today?

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One day at the barn I used to volunteer at all the time, I was surprised with a little white pony named Pixie Dust, to be my project pony. She hadn't been ridden in years. I retrained, rode, cared for, and came to love this pony over all the time I spent with her for that year and a half. Through that time, we even showed and placed first, but we didn't need a ribbon to know we're a blue ribbon team. I'm so proud of how far she's come. We did very well well on the flat together, and were making progress over fences. Well one day Pixie injured her knee, and for a whole month they kept it a secret from me that they were moving Pixie. That month later, I went to go watch my friends' show (which I scratched from obviously) and they're just casually sitting in their folding chairs and they say so casually "Oh Rach did you know Pixie's moving?" They knew I didn't know as a matter of fact, and they said it like it meant absolutely nothing. I had no idea what to say, I couldn't say anything anyways, I just walked behind the trailer and broke down. I couldn't even support my friends. It was horrible, the way they broke the news to me. Luckily she moved close enough that I can still see her once a week,but it sucks that I can't see her all the time anymore. I no longer work at that barn, and have started going to another barn where I' on an IEA team and compete in IEA. I love Pixie with my heart and soul, and she loves retirement. Sometimes I'll pop on her bareback, I'm just thankful I can see her still. She's the world's best pony, hands down!.

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THANKS SO MUCH! Quickly learned that Cisco was fine with being ridden twice a day, he was always waiting for me at the gate to his paddock, it was like "Are we going to have more fun? What are we going to do next?" Next day, we started cow work after warming up. The 20 or so cows were brought in the arena, and we just rode around letting the horses get used to them, as some of them had never been around cows before. Then we learned how to "boil" the herd (get them in close together and milling), then we individually walked our horses thru and parted the herd. After that, we actually started cutting! Cisco was amazing, he locked on to whichever cow I picked out and stayed with it. That was thrilling. The 3rd day, we trailed the herd out to pasture in the morning, and did some more cutting, then trailed them back to the arena. Went back out in the evening, trailed them out to pasture, and worked cattle until the full moon came out, then continued working till nearly 10PM. Brought the cattle back in, and called it a night. Cisco LOVED it.

Come visit me, Mystic, Cisco, Angel Meg, Bo (RIP) and Jazz & Angel Nugget.

01/24/2014 06:47.27 AM Report This Comment
A BIG Step
Cannot believe how much support we are getting, thanks! Our next BIG step was a 5 day Parelli Horse Camp last June. I wasn't sure I could ride that much, but decided to go anyway. The first day was spent mostly on ground work and arena work, making sure everyone could sidepass, back at least 10 steps, and do rollbacks, and walk, trot and canter quietly. We also played some games, notably trying to keep another horse and ride from reaching the opposite side of the arena. It rained that afternoon, so we learned some knot tying before going back out to ride that evening. I was nervous when I found out that we would be riding twice daily, wasn't sure how Cisco would feel about that. We would ride in the morning, take a break in the heat of the day, then go out after an early supper and ride till dark or after (full moon week).

Come visit me, Mystic, Cisco, Angel Meg, Bo (RIP) and Jazz & Angel Nugget.

01/23/2014 05:43.27 AM Report This Comment
No More Bucking!
THANKS FOR YOUR VOTES & SUPPORT!!! The Chiropractor pretty much adjusted everything, and said that the horse had been in pain for quite a while. Really made me feel badly - at least some of training problems I'm sure were related to him being in pain. He had also started bucking when asked to canter, this has resolved. And also, while he had gotten pretty good about his feet, he always really fussed about his L hind being done. He has been much better, even my farrier has remarked on what a change it has made. Cisco will usually now lift a hoof as soon as you bend down. The Chiropractor also pointed out that Cisco's R eye orbit had been fractured - and when you really look at him head on, his R eye is sunken a bit.

Come visit me, Mystic, Cisco, Angel Meg, Bo (RIP) and Jazz & Angel Nugget.

01/22/2014 05:40.36 AM Report This Comment
A Job Offer
THANKS, EVERYONE!!! Early last spring, we went to a clinic put on by the head trainer/farrier of a large metropoliton mounted police force (Houston). It was an ART Clinic: Attention, Respect,Trust. Did a lot of groundwork and obstacles in the mornings (including firecrackers while mounted) and then trail rode in the afternoons. At the end of the clinic, he asked if Cisco was for sale. When I told him no, he said that if I ever wanted to sell him or couldn't take care of him, would I please contact him, that Cisco would make a good police horse. I remarked that Cisco was too short and colored, and he replied "If I say he's tall enough, he's tall enough, and we are an equal opportunity employer". He also strongly suggested that I have Cisco seen by a chiropractor, which I did and it really has helped him.

Come visit me, Mystic, Cisco, Angel Meg, Bo (RIP) and Jazz & Angel Nugget.

01/21/2014 06:40.15 AM Report This Comment
I try flying!
THANKS FOR YOUR VOTES & SUPPORT!!! In February of last year, Cisco became very nervous when I was riding in the pasture. There was a lot going on in the neighbor's pasture, it was very windy, and it was almost the last straw when Cinco decided to come see us. I shooed him away, then went to the south side of the pasture to ride. Cisco spooked at something and spun, and I didn't. Hate that feeling of waiting for the ground to come up. Lay there for a few seconds, wondering what was broke. Nothing seemed to hurt, so I got up, caught Cisco, and remounted (he was a little nervous - wondered if I was going to do that flying trick again, LOL). Rode for another half hour or so. When I removed my helmet (which I didn't always wear) I discovered it was nearly cracked in two. Now I never ride without one.

Come visit me, Mystic, Cisco, Angel Meg, Bo (RIP) and Jazz & Angel Nugget.

01/20/2014 07:07.29 AM Report This Comment
Cisco walks thru Fire!
(Well, actually, it was more a hop over) THANKS!!! In the fall, I heard about a good clinic by 4Shepherds (Dallas mounted police), and decided to take Cisco. He was pretty nervous at first, even after groundwork, but once we got in the arena he started listening. They had us ride stirrup to stirrup in pairs, and Cisco jigged and pranced and atually did a piaffe before finally settling down. We did some fun stuff with flags, then played "leapfrog". Cisco was fine at the trot when leaving the other horses, but when I asked for a canter he BUCKED! They had some really neat obstacles, including a mattress. Cisco was so excited when they brought out the obstacles, it was something he was comfortable with. There was also really large flag, a tarp to unfold and fold while mounted. The only thing he fussed about was crossing the line of fire (real fire), but he finally went across. The clinicians said afterwards that they would never have believed after seeing how nervous he was at first that he would be so good with the scary obstacles.

Come visit me, Mystic, Cisco, Angel Meg, Bo (RIP) and Jazz & Angel Nugget.

01/19/2014 06:48.27 AM Report This Comment
We work things out
THANKS FOR YOUR VOTES & SUPPORT!!! Began feeling really sorry for Mystic by himself, so tried putting him with Cali and Cinco. Again, everything was fine for a few days, then Mystic went after Cinco and put him through a fence. (The horse just can't jump as high as he thinks he can, and the geldings just don't like the poor boy!). As a last resort, I put Cinco in my obstacle course area (200x200) and left the gate to one of the side pens open so he would have a shed to go in. Began letting him out in the big pasture during the day and bringing him at night. Cisco would still chase him, but it gradually lost some intensity. On a few occasions, I even caught Cinco "teasing" Cisco into chasing him. Cinco became very good at following me out to the pasture in the morning and coming in when called in the evening.

Come visit me, Mystic, Cisco, Angel Meg, Bo (RIP) and Jazz & Angel Nugget.

01/18/2014 07:49.29 AM Report This Comment
Please leave a blog when you vote, thanks! The plan for Cali and Cinco was to just turn them out with my 3 in the big pasture (35 acres). Unfortunately, as a lot of plans go, this fell through. It worked for few days, then one morning I went out to feed and Cali & Cinco were in the neighbor's pasture. Found where they had gone thru the fence, we got that fixed, brought them home, then watched in horror as Cisco went after Cinco and put him through the fence again. Cisco honestly looked like a demon chasing Cinco (Cisco's 15.1, Cinco is around 17hh). Finally got them separated, and put Cali and Cinco in the 5 acre pasture by themselves.

Come visit me, Mystic, Cisco, Angel Meg, Bo (RIP) and Jazz & Angel Nugget.

01/17/2014 07:54.32 AM Report This Comment
Thanks for your votes and support, please leave a blog !!! Cisco had always hated stepping in water or mud, and when the clinician and everyone went down to the tank (pond) to let the horses play, at first he wouldn't even put a hoof in the water. He finally tentively took a few sips of water, and kept watching the other horses paw, play and roll and splash in the water. He finally started pawing at the water, too. Soon he was in, rolling, splashing and just having a great time. By the end of the clinic, he was galloping into the water off of a small bank and doing his version of a cannonball! It was so much fun seeing him have such a good time.

Come visit me, Mystic, Cisco, Angel Meg, Bo (RIP) and Jazz & Angel Nugget.

01/15/2014 07:12.39 AM Report This Comment
Our First Trail Ride
Thanks for your votes and support, please leave a blog !!! A friend had been telling me about how great it was to ride and stay at the Grassland Bed 'n Barn (LBJ Nat'l Grasslands) , and when I saw a 4* Parelli clinician was doing a beginning trail riding clinic there, I decided to go. (Steve was so worried, he gave me a long list of do's and don'ts, and I was surprised he didn't tag along). We mostly did fine, some crow hopping, but nothing too bad. I was one of only 2 other ladies that at some point didn't have to dismount and lead my horse, although there was one time I would have, but was unable to. Cisco "balled up" (literally) when asked to walk thru a muddy spot, but backed up nicely (couldn't dismount - trees on one side, small drop off on the other). We went around up and down a steep slope. This was also Mother's Day weekend, and I think it did me good to get away from home.

Come visit me, Mystic, Cisco, Angel Meg, Bo (RIP) and Jazz & Angel Nugget.

01/14/2014 08:03.03 AM Report This Comment
Cisco Comes Home
Thanks for your votes, Support and kindness! The first time I went out to see Cisco after John's death, he ran off the other 2 horses; a Belgian cross and a Friesien cross that were in with him and that usually bullied him. He came up to me, and just started flexing his head R & L, over and over. It was like he was saying "I know something's terribly wrong, does this help?" I hugged him and cried - he never liked flexing. Brought him home 2 weeks or so later after doing a 2-day clinic at Steve's. The first time I went to ride him at home - I looked out at my riding area (200x200) and all I could think of was how big it was. But we did fine, mostly, and I finally got brave enough to ride him out in the big pasture, slowly increasing how far we went out. We continued with lessons every couple weeks or so, and also did a couple of clinics Steve put on. And , of course, I rode him every chance I got. Sometimes the rides were a little scary, he can get very tight and nervous, but we just kept yielding HQ and doing circles/serpentines till we worked it through.

Come visit me, Mystic, Cisco, Angel Meg, Bo (RIP) and Jazz & Angel Nugget.

01/13/2014 06:37.16 AM Report This Comment
THANKS! We continued to work hard, with Cisco slated to finally come home Oct 1 of 2011. It would have been earlier, but had hand surgery Aug 1st, and 2 days before I would get the all clear to ride, I severely sprained my ankle (the ER Dr. thought it was fractured, so I had to see a podiatrist). Meanwhile, earlier that spring, Steve had applied for and was accepted for The Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover in Ft. Worth, Tx. I became co-owner of Mystic when they were afraid his auction price would be too high and I offered to split the cost with them. He placed 3rd in the Stars Division. (Stars because that summer, Mystic bucked, head butted Steve while he was riding, and injured him enough that he coudn't continue his training under saddle). I was up there every day to watch their progress. He placed 3rd in the Stars devision. That Saturday night, Sept 17th, we all met to watch the finals. As we were leaving, I received the phone call that would forever change my life - the news our only son was dead. It was a really, really bad time. He would have been 26 in a couple of weeks, and was only 2 classes away from completing his Bachelor's degree in Social Science. He wanted to either work in the prison system or do profiling with the FBI.

Come visit me, Mystic, Cisco, Angel Meg, Bo (RIP) and Jazz & Angel Nugget.

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Leaving warm, sunny votes! After 6 months, Cisco came home for a break, and I was to continue with groundwork only. At this point, I decided to try and find out what kind of horse he was, so I sent hair samples to Cal Davis Vet Lab to be analyzed. The Breed Assignment came back 22% Holstiener, 18% Saddlebred, 12% Morgan, and whatever else he is was not in their data base of over 30 breeds. 3 months later, he went back to Steve's for more intensive training. After a month or so, I was able to ride him in a clinic Steve put on. He put on quite a show once saddled (he's very cold backed, and will kick up a fuss and buck when first lunged under saddle) Steve told me later that one woman had gone up to him and told him "You can't mean to let her RIDE that horse" and Steve said he replied "That's just Cisco, he's fine once the gunk gets worked out". Had a great time, even cantered him for the very first time. It was shortly after this that we tried him in a bosal. He hasn't had a bit in his mouth since. (Steve said bridling him was more my problem than Cisco's, but every time I put the snaffle in his mouth, all I could think of was his tongue).

Come visit me, Mystic, Cisco, Angel Meg, Bo (RIP) and Jazz & Angel Nugget.

01/11/2014 07:24.26 AM Report This Comment
THANKS FOR YOUR VOTES & SUPPORT!!! A couple months into his training, Steve told me that Cisco was just not progressing the way he should be, and wanted to to have his vet check him out. The vet didn't find anything wrong with his back or legs, but when he checked his teeth, discovered that Cisco's tongue had nearly been severed in half at some point, and also that he was 5, not 6 yrs old. Also, Steve said that he believed that Cisco had been encouraged, if not trained, to buck. Steve kept working with him, and one day (about 3 months into his training),Steve dismounted and asked if I wanted to ride him. About all that came out was a squeaky "Me!" I got on, and we walked and trotted in the round pen, and yes, at the trot he just GLIDES! Shortly after,I had Cisco registered as a grade Pinto. Month 4, and Steve told me that I was spending too much money (ever hear a trainer say that?) and maybe I would be better off with riding Meg and Cisco being a pasture pet. I told him that if Cisco came home, at some point I would try and ride him, and asked if we could do a couple of more months, and we did.

Come visit me, Mystic, Cisco, Angel Meg, Bo (RIP) and Jazz & Angel Nugget.

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Appreciate the support! I always vote when I blog. On Sept 1 of 2010, Steve and his wife arrived to pick up Cisco. He had told me that it probably wouldn't be easy to load him and that it might take an hour, the longest it had ever taken him to load a horse. 2 hours later, Cisco was finally loaded and ready to go to the trainer's! Steve told me I didn't want to know what they must have done to him to get him loaded so he could be delivered. I kept going out for lessons on Steve's school horse (and to see Cisco) and was told that Cisco had a LOT of problems/issues, was a VERY dangerous horse, and it would probably take a long time. I told him I was in love with that horse, and ready to spend the time and the money. Steve said the first time he saddled Cisco and turned him out in the arena, he bucked on and off for 3 hours. We kept going, and soon I was working with Cisco on ground work as well as riding the lesson horse and working/riding Meg at home.

Come visit me, Mystic, Cisco, Angel Meg, Bo (RIP) and Jazz & Angel Nugget.

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THANKS FOR YOUR VOTES & SUPPORT!!! I contacted the owners of several horses, only one of whom got back to me. (I had already asked Steve if he knew of one that would suit me, but he didn't). The horse I was interested in had already sold, but they invited me to come out and look at 2 others they had for sale. They explained that the horses had been their kid's mounts, and that they weren't really riding anymore (boys, girls, cars, high school, etc.) I went out, and really liked Meg. I rode her twice that day, including down the service road of a very busy highway. She was so quiet and easy going. They delivered her a few days later. Unfortunately, he had forgotten her papers. I thought she was a QH, and was very surprised when I got her papers to find out she was a Breeding Stock Paint. LOL, I'm the lady that never even thought of having a paint or pinto now had one of each!

Come visit me, Mystic, Cisco, Angel Meg, Bo (RIP) and Jazz & Angel Nugget.

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THANKS FOR YOUR VOTES & SUPPORT!!! Just so everyone doesn't think I'm a total git, we raised Appys for years, and I showed and did competitive trail riding, and trained several youngsters. Finally, I found an ad at the local tack store for a "Natural Horsemanship" trainer. When I asked if he was any good, the owner told me he was very, very good, especially with problem horses. I contacted him, explained my situation, and he said he could help. I went out to his place to meet him (and see what kind of facility he had), then took some lessons from him, both in the saddle and doing groundwork. I loved the way his horses looked and behaved. At this point, I knew I would send Cisco to him, so I started to look for another horse so Nugget wouldn't be alone, and also so I would have something to ride and work with. Found several horses after going on line to go look at. I did look at several in the area, but they were either way out of my price range, or nothing clicked.

Come visit me, Mystic, Cisco, Angel Meg, Bo (RIP) and Jazz & Angel Nugget.

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During this time, while Cisco would stand quietly to be saddled, it was a huge fight to bridle him. Once saddled, he would lead quietly, but when asked to lunge, he would either run madly around bucking and kicking, or just lay down and refuse to get up. He actually broke the rear rigging on my saddle one day, he bucked so hard. This went on for a year. (During his first winter with me, Nugget's half-sister, Sunny, had to be put down due to Cushing's complications). I was also surprised, when he got his winter coat, that he was jet black. Sometimes when he lay down, I would sit on him and just wish I could ride this gorgeous horse. I started looking for training tips on line and began to get interested in Natural Horsemanship. I also started teaching him a few simple tricks: to bow, pick up something off the ground, and to follow me.

Come visit me, Mystic, Cisco, Angel Meg, Bo (RIP) and Jazz & Angel Nugget.

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I started feeding him very slowly, mostly hay to start and increased grain gradually. Within a few days, I was able to catch & halter him without too much trouble, (Yes, treats were involved) and turned him out with my 2 old mares, half sister's by the same stallion. Discovered he adored being groomed, so we did lots of that. What he DIDN'T like, and would NOT tolerate, was anyone handling his feet. Worked and worked with him until I could pick his feet up, then had a farrier out. It was a disaster. After several months, he would allow his front feet to be trimmed, but not his hind feet. We went thru several farrier's (several of whom told me he was nothing but an outlaw and I should either get rid of him or have him put down), before I found one that would work with him, but again, could usually only get the front done. He offered to take him in for training, stating "That horse just needs to be thrown, tied down and shown who's boss". Yeah, like that was gonna happen!

Come visit me, Mystic, Cisco, Angel Meg, Bo (RIP) and Jazz & Angel Nugget.

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He finally arrived (his name was Cochise at this point, but it just didn't suit him, so I renamed him after the best horse I could think of). I shut the gate when they pulled into the yard, and went to get him out of the trailer, only to told "Oh, no, we need to pull into a pen and let him out there" Pointed out he wasn't going to go anywhere with the gate shut, and then I opened the trailer and unloaded him. I led him out to 100x200' pen with a run-in shed, and he went quietly for me. When I went to take his halter off, again I was told "Don't do that, you'll never get it back on". Just smiled and said "I never leave halters on my horses". Cisco was so excited to be in a bigger area with GRASS, he immediately started eating anything that was even remotely green. This was mid August, so there wasn't much.

Come visit me, Mystic, Cisco, Angel Meg, Bo (RIP) and Jazz & Angel Nugget.

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Left a vote
The next week, something made me stop in again. The horses were getting thinner. When I went over to his pen, he came up to me and when I looked into his eyes, it was like being lost. The man at the feed store came out and asked if I was interested, and I told him not really. He said the price was only $800. I asked if he was rideable, and he said sure, when he bucks, just turn him to the right. Said I'm sorry, I need something well broke and gentle. Well, of course, I stopped in the next week, had another look, and he came over to me and put his head on my shoulder and sighed. That was pretty much it. The feedstore owner came out and asked if I thought I might buy him, the price had gone down to $400 and if he didn't sell by the weekend, he was going to a sale. I went in the pen and asked him to move, and he glided around me. Asked if he could be delivered, and was told "Yes". Wrote out a check, and they were supposed to deliver him on Monday. Got a call Monday, was told it would be a couple of more days. And, yes, buying him was stupid and foolish, but I am so glad I did.

Come visit me, Mystic, Cisco, Angel Meg, Bo (RIP) and Jazz & Angel Nugget.

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Left a vote
I hadn't ridden anything but stable hacks since my wonderful mare, Old Nugget, had died over 25 yrs ago. I saw several horses up in very small, makeshift pens at a local feed store while driving by. They were standing in the hot July sun, no shade, with their heads down, except for one, whose head was up, watching the traffic go by. I felt so sorry for all of them. After several weeks of this, the one horse (a bay paint, so I thought) was still always alert, always staring at the road. Something made me stop in to look at him . His coat was staring, his ribs were showing, his hooves looked awful, and his mane and tail were matted. Told him, sorry fella, but you're just in too bad a shape. I could actually feel him staring at my back as I walked to the car and left.

Come visit me, Mystic, Cisco, Angel Meg, Bo (RIP) and Jazz & Angel Nugget.

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voted for hotd!

Come visit me, Sing & herd!.

01/01/2014 07:56.57 PM Report This Comment
Happy New Year! Can't believe it is 2014! Congratulation to Angel Mackie our HOTM! Vote 36!

Come visit me, Zilker, Rose & Spangle.

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Happy New Year
This is our story, the story of the The Old Lady and The "Outlaw":

I wish it wasn't so hot... I wish I had clean water... I wish someone would feed me, oh, I wish someone would get me out of here... I don't understand, what did I do? I remember good times, I remember being fed, and groomed and a pasture to run in and sweet grass to eat instead of being caged up. I remember running flat out with the wind in my mane, I REMEMBER BEING LOVED! I am so miserable, if only there were something to do besides watch the road. The other horses just stand there. Oh, Epona, help me!
I had just turned 60 (4 1/2 yrs ago) when I first saw Cisco...

Come visit me, Mystic, Cisco, Angel Meg, Bo (RIP) and Jazz & Angel Nugget.

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Beautiful horse! I would love to see more pictures of her(I can tell you how to add more if you don't know) Vote 32!

Come visit me, Zilker, Rose & Spangle.

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Left you a vote!!
HI! I'm Lauryn and this is Bart! We are new to horse channel and would appreciate new friends and some votes!!

Come visit me, Lead the Way.

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Stopping by with votes. Apples and carrots in the feed today, and everyone is getting dosed with applesauce daily until next week - my prelude to deworming! Makes it so much easier when they think they're getting something good. Cheryl & Cisco

Come visit me, Mystic, Cisco, Angel Meg, Bo (RIP) and Jazz & Angel Nugget.

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Left a vote
Please vote Joey #266079 on 12/24 for HOTD on Christmas :) His story will be posted later tonight for you to read tomorrow.... (He's 47yrs old)
Love and hugs
Audra and herd

Come visit me, Digit.

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☆ I would like to Welcome the new COA PAGE 266003! There is a **HC Insider’s Message** posted for all to read as well! I want to thank Maria & Dakota for the startup of COA page and say thank you to Rose & Darby for their help as well!!! I had a nice weekend, we have had visitors and they are still there so I have had my hands full. My feeding time with the horses recharges my batteries! I did get the horses out yesterday and cleaned their hoofs out and some tender loving grooming :) Have a wonderful Christmas everyone*Here is a click on your horseshoe with love ☆

Come visit me, ♥ Deacon ♥.

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♫ Neighing sweet Holiday whinny’s your way ♫ I will try to at least get a vote & a hello out to everyone, but, work has been so BUSY that it is hard for me to do. Just know I’m always thinking of my HC friends (human and horse)….love sent your way :)

Come visit me, ♥ Deacon ♥.

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Thanks for the Votes!
Leaving Puff a good morning vote!

Come visit me, Zilker, Rose & Spangle.

12/19/2013 07:51.58 AM Report This Comment
I really, really like that picture! Cheryl & Cisco

Come visit me, Mystic, Cisco, Angel Meg, Bo (RIP) and Jazz & Angel Nugget.

12/18/2013 06:03.23 AM Report This Comment
Thanks for the Vote!
Leaving Puff a quick vote!
I rode Rose last night. We worked on a couple of barrel exercises. Then after that we galloped Cloverleaf. It was fun:) For our cool down we walked down the road and back. It was Rose's first time on that part of the road and she did really well!

Come visit me, Zilker, Rose & Spangle.

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December 18 newsletter
*** HOTD Peppy 265566 nomaniated by rose

Hi,my name is peppy also called dalerose or peppy cat.
I ride hunter/jumper . My favorite things are jumping & just
Being a pony. My favorite treats are a lot of apples.

Please stop by and leave a vote!

HOTM Angel doobie 2011407
DOTM pezz 220047
COTM neelix 245612
BOTM BB 11078

Today's affirmanation : don't look back in the past, push through rough times ,always look forward .

Happy trails: team hotd

Come visit me, Darby- Offline for a few months-.

12/18/2013 04:51.25 AM Report This Comment

Come visit me, Sterl May & Blossom, Angel Royal Mes Apr 16/02-Dec 3/16 & Angel Sassy Mac Mar 8/95-Aug 8/07.

12/18/2013 12:25.26 AM Report This Comment
Thank you. I will be blogging daily starting Jan 1st about our journey together, it's an amazing story about a truly amazing horse. I will add you and the lovely Pixie Dust to my list. It wasn't easy. Cheryl & Cisco

Come visit me, Mystic, Cisco, Angel Meg, Bo (RIP) and Jazz & Angel Nugget.

12/17/2013 01:47.26 PM Report This Comment
She is BEAUTIFUL! I am so sorry to hear what happened to the both of you! :( But I am glad you can still see her! Voted!

Come visit me, Rain & Cody.

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☀ Beautiful sunshine, beautiful moon….what can I say ~ my plan is to ride tomorrow after my hair cut at 11:00 am. I will groom the boys after work today and they can enjoy a little turnout time before supper. Not sure if I will take Deacon or Whiskey for the trail ride. I will decide after my hair cut-thinking I will take Deacon and get a picture of him in a Santa hat :) Whinny’s, love & hugs to all ☾

Come visit me, ♥ Deacon ♥.

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Welcome to Horse Channel!
Beautiful horse! I love your profile picture! Vote 13!

Come visit me, Zilker, Rose & Spangle.

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