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 from Annandale, MN

Calendar of Agendas*Congrats Danya& Koot Oct HOTM!

About Me

Active within 20 Days

I am from Annandale, MN and I've been a Club Horse member for 10 months and 10 days

Nicknames: HOTD - Horse of the Day
HOTM - Horse of the Month

Calendar of Agendas - C.O.A

HOTD/HOTM Team Include:

Sherry & Whiskey (237221)

Maria & Dakota (240582)

Rose & Herd (252606)

Age: Less than a year old

Gender: Gelding



Color: This page is to help all deserving horses win their HOTD badge. Anyone can run for HOTD or HOTM. You don't need our permission, we are here to support and help active members who want to see their horse in the spotlight. We appreciate all nominations.

Type of Riding: NOTE: On the HOTD calendar, the day they are put on is the day they should start their campaign!
NOTE: On the HOTM calendar, the month they are put on is the month they want to BE SHOWN as Top Horse!

My Horse's Achievements: ***NOTE*** PLEASE MAKE SURE TO STAY ACTIVE ON HC, or (HOTM, HOTD) we will not continue with your horse's campaign.

My Horse's Favorite Treat: If you would like to reserve a HOTD date, please post when and your horse's ID number in a blog for us to see :) Thank you!

My Horse's Favorite Things To Do: We try to get a newsletter sent out everyday so we can to help the HOTD/HOTM candidates with their campaigns.

Pet Peeves: You can only get HOTD/HOTM once a year from the last time you received your badge for it, this is Horsechannel's rule, not ours.

Please watch out for fake horse profiles. HC is like infested (somehow) with them. Please be aware of:
~If you have seen this picture in a magazine
~If the info isn't filled out all the way..I mean, you have to know your horse...
~We ask that you review the profile before you vote. Just to make sure. For they do not deserve to win HOTD, it isn't fair to the honest members on HC.

My Horse's motto:

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How We Met

- HOTD Requirements -

-Over/Around 20 votes
-Be active (even when you do your campaign)
-You MUST have photos of the same horse in the gallery and the main picture!

When someone nominates a horse for HOTD, we will give the horse nominated a date to campaign. If the date we give them does NOT work, we will gladly find another!!

Also, if a horse does NOT win HOTD we will schedule them for the next date possible.

You can view the candidates in the blog below. We are thankful for your nominations and YOUR help!

- HOTM Requirements -

-Over/Around 600 votes
-You MUST be on daily the month you campaign and the month before.
-You MUST vote and thank everyone who visits you when campaigning
-You need to have your HOTD badge (we can help you with that, so please leave a comment)
-We will only take 1-2 runners every campaigning month
-You must vote for HOTM/HOTD candidates

These requirements are to make sure you are dedicated and that you WILL BE on Horsechannel.

As said in 'HOTM Requirements' we only accept 1-2 runners every campaigning month.

You can nominate a friend for HOTMonth as well! But they need to accept and have the requirements!

running for HOTM takes a lot of time and effort. Please be sure the horse you nominate is able to put in the time to campaign.

~*~*~*~* Newsletters *~*~*~*~

Will be posted is the very first blog below. We will change them every night to get ready for the next day!

Team schedule:

*Sherry & Whiskey 2 weekends a month everyother Friday

*Maria & Dakota Monday, Tuesday and 2 weekends a month.

*Rose Thursdays and will be helping out whenever she can, and will post newsletters when she is able.

***If anyone would like to help with newsletters please let us know. Thanks.

My Horse Stats

I've had 9188 friends visit me.

I'm the 42,696th member on

912 friends have voted for me since I joined Club Horse!

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My Horse Blog

I put Sadie's fly spray in a different bottle, because the original bottle broke. For some reason, she didn't mind being sprayed. It's smells strong. hoping it'll last on her through tomorrow. Lots of love always and a vote.

Come visit me, SADIE *Voting Azteca 267836 Nov. HOTM*.

10/21/2014 02:36.00 AM Report This Comment
Good morning, I worked 5 hours of OT yesterday. I feel like this cold is coming back, it has settled on my chest, I'm actually my Charlie will be the *STAR* the man I bought him from 6 years ago is going to come over for a visit. He loved Charlie as much as me, and when I bought him, he said, "I know Charlie is going to a home where he will be loved, that is all I want for him" I got him all buffed up last night, what do you bet he rolls in the mud before he gets here....Love that horse, have a great day, Love & votes Donna Lee

Come visit me, Sterl May, Angel Sassy Mac Mar 8/95-Aug 8/07 & Royal Mes.

10/19/2014 03:13.47 AM Report This Comment
God gave me Teca!
I think God must have had fun when he made Teca. I can picture him piecing her together, thoughtfully saying, “Okay, let’s see now, we have that beautiful Quarter Horse body, a plain yet gorgeous golden brown coat, and black almost all the way up her legs. And we have a long, thick, frizzy mane and tail and those big, soft, brown eyes on a fine, expressive face. Now, whose horse should she be? Ah! Yes, that lonely little girl down there in Tennessee! Perfect! So I guess I’ll make her with a slightly quirky, yet very sweet and understanding character. And she’ll need a sharp sense of humor! (chuckles) And I need her to be very intelligent. There! Awesome! This one will make a big hit!”
That is probably not exactly how it happened but I’m guessing it's close! I know Teca was made especially for me, because she compliments me so perfectly! I think every horse was created with a certain person in mind so if I ever have a horse that isn’t right for me, I will do my best to find the person it belongs with! Thanks for your votes! -Teca and her girl

Come visit me, Prince Teton, Cocoa & Azteca- please vote for me for HOTM!.

10/15/2014 07:30.31 AM Report This Comment
In Defense of Rescues
The other day I spent a couple of hours at a horse show. I made a lap through the barns to look at the horses and was stopped by a girl and her groom, grooming their horse in the crossties. We made friendly conversation about Saddlebreds for a while, and then they asked me about my horses. “Well,” I said, “I have a Quarter horse and a Thoroughbred and a miniature racking horse.”
Of course they were intrigued about the mini. “They make miniature racking horses?” asked the girl incredulously. “Evidently,” I grinned, thinking about my rough little horse at home. They definitely didn’t have the right mental picture! “Where did you get her?” asked Groom. “The horse rescue,” I said brightly.
Oh. What a shock for girl and groom. They looked mildly disgusted so I wrapped the conversation up and left the show.
Now for the rant. There is NOTHING wrong with rescues! All three of my horses are rescues and I know I lead a more fulfilled life than that girl with her fancy Saddlebreds. And I know my horses love me more than those Saddlebreds love that girl. I absolutely love to pour love into those sweet, neglected horses, and heal their broken, neglected bodies. I honestly think I won’t ever have any horses other than rescues. And here’s another thing. Rescues are every bit as lovely as non-rescues. Cocoa is a little rough because she was so abused into her senior years (she still is lovely, though) but Teca and Teton are GORGEOUS! And Teton is doing well in dressage and jumping! He is as valuable as any fancy horse.
I’m not degrading non-rescues, but I do think that anyone who can, should take a horse that needs help and they are definitely not of less value! So there! I guess that wasn’t a blog completely about Teca, but this is what I needed to write! Thanks for your votes!- Teca and her girl

Come visit me, Prince Teton, Cocoa & Azteca- please vote for me for HOTM!.

10/13/2014 06:15.42 AM Report This Comment
I agree, I don't know what this is, but it is nasty, I just can't seem to shake it. We have had 3 lovely fall days and NO RIDING for me, I just don't have enough strength to pick myself up, the body aches and headache are the worst of it. I can deal with a head cold, but these flu symptoms are just the pits....
We are off to Trevor and Jenn's today, I must be careful to keep my germs to myself, but it is important to them and David that we all be together today. We left votes, talk soon, Love Donna Lee

Come visit me, Sterl May, Angel Sassy Mac Mar 8/95-Aug 8/07 & Royal Mes.

10/13/2014 03:16.54 AM Report This Comment
So nice to be able to send a hug and leave a vote.

Come visit me, SADIE *Voting Azteca 267836 Nov. HOTM*.

10/12/2014 04:00.29 AM Report This Comment
Still fighting this bug, I NEVER gt sick, I have a very strong immune system, but when I do get something, look out, it will be a big one...yesterday looked like a beautiful day, but it was still cold and raw, and I just did not have energy enough to ride, hopefully today is better, I slept good, so maybe I'm on the mend. Left votes, Love to all Donna Lee

Come visit me, Sterl May, Angel Sassy Mac Mar 8/95-Aug 8/07 & Royal Mes.

10/12/2014 03:20.49 AM Report This Comment
Teca's favorite discipline
Dressage! As soon as Teca realizes I'm going to do dressage with her, she's all business. I have never seen a horse that caught on to something so fast! But I guess it's part of Teca's personality to show off, and she does it well!It's kind of funny to see a fat QH with a long mane doing dressage, but she 's so beautiful that no one remembers that she should be sorting cattle! I'm teaching her to piaffe and passage and she caught on to the basic passage in about ten minutes! The piaffe is a little bit harder for her, she gets frustrated easily. But she is learning. Her very favorite dressage "gait" is the extended trot. She snaps her legs out so far and covers so much ground that we're actually going about as fast as a medium canter! But she puts her feet down so carefully that the ride is very smooth. When we've worked through her gaits, I take her back to the barn and untack and cool her. She is all sweaty but always in the jolliest mood ever!I've never seen a horse that takes such a shine to a certain discipline like Teca does!

Come visit me, Prince Teton, Cocoa & Azteca- please vote for me for HOTM!.

10/11/2014 09:29.11 AM Report This Comment
Yay, and finally able to leave votes! I've missed you all. Leaving lots of love and thankful to be able to leave a vote.

Come visit me, SADIE *Voting Azteca 267836 Nov. HOTM*.

10/11/2014 03:10.39 AM Report This Comment
My mom has taken over working Spangle(Mostly)
I have been riding Rose consistently.
We had our last show this past Saturday. We really well in all, but cloverleaf barrels. Rose tried to run over 2 of the barrels.:( Overall it was a really good day. It also had a dress-up contest.
We got 1st! We were Kristof and Sven from Frozen.
I also decided to change Rose to English. We did dressage in our last lesson and she did really well.
My riding instructor asked me to start working with one of her horses named Uno.

Come visit me, Spangle, Zilker & Rose.

10/10/2014 03:38.01 PM Report This Comment
Leavng a vote. I'll be taking some time off of Horsechannel, maybe a year or two. I am just too bust to get on anymore. Love to all!

Come visit me, Darby *Please vote Aztec November HOTM! & Dolly--Congrats to Koot October HOTM!.

10/03/2014 07:09.29 AM Report This Comment
Leaving you a vote!

Come visit me, **Copper** Vote Azteca November HOTM** & **Flicka** Congrats Koot October HOTM**.

09/26/2014 01:25.19 PM Report This Comment
•°° 2014 HOTDay CALENDAR °°•
. . . • . . . • . . . • . . . • . . . • . .

~~~~September 2014 HOTD~~~~

26.Buster Shine On 271682
27.Chance 272646
28.Shooter 271978

~~~~October 2014 HOTD~~~~

24.Royal Mes 220108
30.Sterl May 220509

Reserved dates for HOTD

24. Royal Mes 220108
30. Sterl May 220509

23. Angels Joanna & Pixie Dust 101958
25. Angel Mackie 248482

Come visit me, Calendar of Agendas*Congrats Danya& Koot Oct HOTM!.

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~~•° 2014 HOTMonth CALENDAR °•~~

October 2014
1. Kootenai 161648

November 2014
1. Azteca 267836

December 2014
1. Spangle 260838

~~* Winners of 2009 *~~
Colette 103074 (January 2009)
Zorro 116699 (February 2009)
Rocki 116236 (April 2009)
Cheyenne 82112 (July 2009)
*Angel* Petite Fleur 216601 (October 2009)
Fancy 153565 (November 2009)
Lightning 137616 (December 2009)

~~* Winners of 2010 *~~
Zuma 83838 (January 2010)
Ferina 101667 (February 2010)
Stormy 165380 (March 2010)
Indy 124015 (April 2010)
Maybel 61245 (May 2010)
*Angel* Shawnie 121783 (June 2010)
Toby 86542 (July 2010)
*Angel* Betsy 156442 (August 2010)
Sing 91397 (September 2010)
Hollywood 157076 (October 2010)
Fancy 153565 (November 2010)
Navajo 119353 (December 2010)

~~* Winners of 2011 *~~
Quincy 157057 (January 2011)
Pippin 11626 (February 2011)
Beauty 181026 (March 2011)
Kootenai 161648 (April 2011)
Pixie Dust 101958 (May 2011)
Mahogany Mac 164512 (June 2011)
Pony Jack 206467 (July 2011)
Ginger 156440 (August 2011)
Cross Creek Horses 91397 (September 2011)
Sadie 193983 (October 2011)
*Angel* HT 40041 (November 2011)
Cocoa 202048 (December 2011)

~~*Winners of 2012*~~
Quincy 157076 (January 2012)
Fancy 153565 (February 2012)
Ginger 210509 (March 2012)
Royal Mes 220108 (April 2012)
Angel Pixie Dust 101958 (May 2012)
Shadowfax 49806 (June 2012)
Nuttin But Good *Paige* 235211 (July 2012)
Daisy & Levy 159120 (August 2012)
Beauty 181026 (September 2012)
Angel Petite Fleur 216601 (October 2012)
Dakota 240582 (November 2012)
Logan 238276 (December 2012)

~~*Winners 2013*~~
Cowboy & Trigger 227894 (January 2013)
Smooch 91397 (February 2013)
Twilight 242851 (March 2013)
Hi Tech Image 40041 (April 2013)
Fancy Walk N That Way 153565 (May 2013)
Sterl May (220509) June 2013
Sadie (193983) July 2013
Darling (252226) August 2013
Cherokee (253495) September 2013
Eddie (49022) October 2013
Rose (252606) November 2013
Amber (256716) December 2013

~~*Winners 2014*~~
Angel Sassy Mac (248482) January 2014
Cisco (250327) February 2014
Buddy (40019) March 2014
Nuttin But Good (Paige) 235211 April 2014
Whiskey (237221) May 2014
Sierra (240625) June 2014
Darby (264311) July 2014
Sadie (193983) August 2014

Come visit me, Calendar of Agendas*Congrats Danya& Koot Oct HOTM!.

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