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7 Under-Saddle Problems and How to Fix Them
Use a little dressage know-how to improve the fast horse, the slow horse, the stiff horse, and others.

Baby Green Blues
Avoid performance pitfalls with your young sporthorse. Top pros reveal their secrets.

English Horse Training - Canter Transition Troubleshooting
Five exercises to develop your green horse's balance in the canter.

Bits for English Riding
Find out how different bits work for your horse.

English Horse Training - Cavalletti for Dressage and Jumping
Your dressage horse, hunter or jumper can reap the benefits of this classic training method with these easy-to-follow exercises.

Circular Logic
These three riding exercises will make you rethink the way you use circles.

Creating Contact for Dressage
How to develop consistent connection for better communication with your horse.

English Horse Training - Don't Cut Corners
Learning to ride corners correctly may not be at the top of every rider's to-do list, but using them properly can pay off in and out of the show ring.

Dressage Arena Diagrams
These diagrams of the small and large dressage court will help you visualize your test.

13 Tips to Ace Your Dressage Test
Some pointers to remember for your next dressage show.

Dressage Arena Exercises
Download this chart of dressage arena exercises to help develop connection with your horse.

Dressage Geometry Guide
A judge explains how to master the geometry of the arena to get an edge at your next dressage show.

Dressage Tips from the Judge's Box
Dressage judges offer advice on improving your training and first level tests.

Mind Your Dressage Manners
Common courtesies that will make your dressage judge smile.

Dressage Mysteries Solved
In part one of this two-part series, learn to get your horse on the bit the right way with Jane Savoie.

Dressage Mysteries Solved Part II
World-renowned dressage instructor Jane Savoie reveals some of the most common rider errors when it comes to getting your horse on the bit.

Dressage Test Secrets
Olympic medalist Gina Miles shares tips for improving your dressage score.

The Dressage Training Scale: Prerequisites
What you need to know about the all-important foundation levels of the dressage training pyramid.

Ask the Expert: Dressage Transition
What's the best way for me and my horse to switch from saddle seat to dressage?

Better Gait Transitions
A dressage expert offers advice to smooth out transition trouble.

Fit Your Horse’s Noseband for Dressage
Whether you use a plain, dropped, flash or figure-eight noseband, here’s how to know if it’s adjusted correctly.

Ask the Expert: Fix Falling In
How do I keep my horse upright in the bend?

English Horse Training - Fixing Falling In
Are you holding your horse up to keep him from falling in? Here's how to re-establish a balanced ride.

Three Exercises to Master the Halt
These exercises will help you achieve a square halt in your next dressage test.

Get Your Horse on the Bit
Dressage trainer Jane Savoie explains what it means when your horse is on the bit.

English Horse Training - What a Half Halt Is (and Isn't)
This essential riding aid can be elusive to learn. Understand first what a half-halt is not in order to master it.

Horsemanship How-to: Hold Reins Correctly
Proper hand position provides more control and better communication between rider and horse.

English Horse Training - Perfect Your Haunches-In
Attention to your position, your horse's position and correcting common mistakes can make a difference.

English Horse Training - Perfecting the Posting Trot
Fine-tune your position at the rising trot, and fix six major flaws for both hunt seat and dressage riders.

Horsemanship How-to: Post the Trot
Develop your seat and strengthen your leg to perfect your posting trot.

Keys to Suppleness
Exercises to help improve your horse's suppleness and his ability to bend comfortably under saddle.

Lazy Dressage Horse
Practice these exercises to get your horse responsive and ready to move forward.

Leg Yield and Turn on the Forehand
Teach your horse these lateral movements with advice from Jane Savoie.

Leg Yield Troubleshooting
Trainer Jane Savoie explains how to work through leg-yielding challenges.

Video: Let the Exercises Work for You
A well-chosen exercise is the best way to bring your horse into balance, rhythm and relaxation.

Lighten Up!
End the tug-of-war with a heavy horse.

English Horse Training - Longe Away Tension
If the rider's body is not supple enough to communicate properly with the horse, then it can lead to a reduction in performance.

My Horse Rushes Through Dressage Tests
Help your horse relax and improve his tempo in the dressage arena.

Posting or Sitting the Trot at Training Level
Dressage experts weigh in on how you should ride the trot in a training level test.

English Horse Training - Reduced Speed Ahead
A respected dressage judge who has trained many riders through Grand Prix gives tips on slowing down a horse that rushes.

English Horse Training - Rolex
Each year, top horse and rider combinations meet in Kentucky for the annual Rolex Three-Day Event.

Score More in the Dressage Arena
A judge gives tips for maximizing points on your lower-level dressage tests.

Horsemanship How-to: Sit the Canter Comfortably
Here are some tips for getting a smooth ride at the canter.

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