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A Bit of Advice from Gina Miles
Olympic three-day eventer Gina Miles shares 10 tips for selecting an appropriate bit.

English Horse Training - Canter Transition Troubleshooting
Five exercises to develop your green horse's balance in the canter.

Hunter-Jumper - After-the-Fence Fix
An exercise for horses that get off-balance after a jump.

English Horse Training - Entry-Level Eventing
New to eventing? Beginner Novice is the place to get started in recognized competition.

Bits for English Riding
Find out how different bits work for your horse.

Bounce Back to Fitness
Recondition your horse safely and gradually this spring.

Cross-Country Concepts
Olympic eventer Phillip Dutton offers arena exercises to improve your cross-country jumping.

English Horse Training - Jumping Cross-Country Obstacles
These three cross-country obstacles aren't so scary with advice from an Advanced-level eventer.

Outside In
Practice the challenges of cross-country jumps in the arena.

Safe Cross-Country Gear
2009 Rolex champion Lucinda Fredericks offers her advice for finding the right cross-country gear.

Dressage Test Secrets
Olympic medalist Gina Miles shares tips for improving your dressage score.

Fear of Ditches on Cross-Country
Eventer Phillip Dutton explains how he helps his horses overcome fear of ditches.

Ask the Expert: Finding the Right Distance
A hunter judge and equestrian coach explains how to get the right distance when jumping your horse.

How Do I Find the Right Distance to the Jump?
These six exercises will help you develop your eye for distances.

Fix Your Leg Position over Fences
Increase your lower leg stability while jumping with these four exercises.

Follow the Leader
Help your horse get started jumping by leading him over from the ground.

Fresh Fences
If your horse???s jumping efforts are getting dull from the same old routine, give these five exercises a try.

Better Jumping with Ground Pole Exercises
Liven up your flatwork with these ground pole exercises.

English Horse Training - Perfect Your Haunches-In
Attention to your position, your horse's position and correcting common mistakes can make a difference.

English Horse Training - 9 Tips for Better Jumping with Your Horse
Common rules the beginning jumper should know.

Leg Yield Troubleshooting
Trainer Jane Savoie explains how to work through leg-yielding challenges.

English Horse Training - Longe Away Tension
If the rider's body is not supple enough to communicate properly with the horse, then it can lead to a reduction in performance.

Rider Reminders for Jumping
Keep these position points in mind when working with a green jumper.

English Horse Training - Rolex
Each year, top horse and rider combinations meet in Kentucky for the annual Rolex Three-Day Event.

Ask the Expert: Stirrup Length for Flatwork and Jumping
How do I adjust my stirrups correctly for English riding?

English Horse Training - Stop Jumping Refusals
How to remedy refusals and run-outs.

Teach Your Horse to Jump in Five Simple Steps
Schooling a green horse over fences with this step-by-step approach will teach him the fundamentals of jumping.

Teach Your Horse to Jump
Get started over fences using step-by-step progression.

Teach Your Horse to Tackle Ditches, Banks and Water
Boyd Martin's advice on introducing your horse to the top three types of cross-country obstacles.

Dynamic Duo: Boyd and Silva Martin
The top eventer and dressage rider come from different worlds, but make a great team.

From Investment Banker to Pro Rider
Three-day eventer Leah Lang-Gluscic and her $750 off-track Thoroughbred are on their way to the top of the sport

Tales from an Adult Amateur: From Trail Riding to the American Eventing Championships
She didn’t own her first horse until age 37, but Tess Utterback is wasting no time in achieving her equestrian goals—and having fun in the process.

Slideshow: 2009 Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event
View exclusive photo coverage of the 2009 Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event.

2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games Eventing News
Keep up with the latest eventing news from the World Equestrian Games.

Make Your Own Cross-Country Jumps
Schooling cross-country is possible when you build a few basic jumps.

HorseChannel - Ride to the Jump: Exercise Your Way to an Effective Approach
Having problems putting a great round over jumps? Improve your approach with flatwork training advice.

The Long Shot
Despite numerous deterrents, 20-year-old Hannah Burnett and her Thoroughbred, Ben, are stopping at nothing on their pursuit to Rolex.

The Shoulder-Fore: Shoulder-in Training Wheels
This precursor to the shoulder-in is an excellent movement to help with everyday training issues.

World Equestrian Games Rider Profile: Phillip Dutton
The Aussie native is now one of the best hopes for a United States eventing medal.

Body Protectors for Eventing
How do I find the best safety vest to wear while jumping cross-country?

Ask the Expert: Saddle Up for Eventing
Do I really need two or three different saddles for eventing, or can I get by with one for now?

Flatwork Before Fences
How do I teach my horse to become more consistent in jumping fences?

Question of the Week: Going to Rolex
What do I need to know for my first trip to the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event?

Question of the Week: Fighting the Flatwork
Why does my mare resent working on the flat?

FEI Launches Eventing Risk Management Policy and Action Plan
The Federation hopes to reduce horse and rider falls in all levels of eventing.

FEI Releases its First iPhone Applications
Several equestrian-themed apps are now available for download.

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