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English Horse Training - Canter Transition Troubleshooting
Five exercises to develop your green horse's balance in the canter.

How to Train Your Saddle Seat Horse at Home
Keep training interesting for you and your saddle seat horse with tips from the pros.

Horsemanship How-to: Post the Trot
Develop your seat and strengthen your leg to perfect your posting trot.

Saddle Seat Divisions Decoded
Selecting the right division can be the difference between getting the blue and getting the gate.

Saddle Seat Equitation: Form to Function
Understand your horse's mechanics to perfect your saddle seat equitation.

Horsemanship How-to: Sit the Canter Comfortably
Here are some tips for getting a smooth ride at the canter.

Three-Gaited and Five-Gaited Saddlebreds
An American Saddlebred trainer explains the ideal qualities of horses in these performance divisions.

The American Saddlebred
Pizazz and personality set the Saddlebred apart in and out of the show ring.

Saddle Seat Myths and Misconceptions
A saddle seat judge clears up four common myths surrounding saddle seat riders and horses.

Saddle seat equitation competitors can ride for charity
The United Professional Horsemen's Association Ribbons of Service Program lets saddle seat equitation riders raise charitable funds when they compete.

Watch the U.S. Saddle Seat Invitational live online
The newly created Saddle Seat Equitation Young Rider Team will compete in its first official event this weekend.

Horse Showing - American Saddlebred Gaits
The American Saddlebred's graceful gaits are a joy to watch, but it's careful training that makes this breed a show stopper.

Horsemanship How-to: Line up Like a Winner
Keep your winning ride going until the end of the class with these tips for mastering the line up.

A Guide to Saddle Seat Divisions
Here's an overview of the saddle seat classes for Morgans, Arabians and American Saddlebreds.

Horse Showing - Show-Ring Turnout
A well-groomed and smartly turned out horse just might give you that extra edge in the show-ring.

Horsemanship How-to: Help Your Horse Hold the Canter
Help your horse stay in the canter with these tips.

Video: Adventures in Saddle Seat
Take a test ride with the Horse Illustrated editorial team.

Let's Talk about Saddle Seat
An overview of the red-headed stepchild of the USEF-recognized disciplines.

Western Horse Training - Riding the Flat and Running Walk
Suppling exercises can improve your Tennessee Walking Horse???s four-beat flat and running walk.

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