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Video: Gaits of the Icelandic Horse

Watch a demonstration of the gaits of the Icelandic Horse.

July 2011 Extra

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The Icelandic Horse is a unique, hardy breed known for the natural, smooth gaits it possesses in addition to the walk, trot and canter. Horse Illustrated Sr. Associate Editor Kim Abbott had the chance to test ride an Icelandic Horse named Vidur at Gudmar Peturrson Icelandic Horses in Prospect, Ky.

The Tolt is a lateral, four-beat, single-foot gait that comes naturally to Icelandic Horses.

The Flying Pace is a fast, lateral gait that can reach speeds up to 40 mph. The flying pace comes naturally to some Icelandics, but not all individuals possess that fifth gait.


Special thanks to Gudmar Peturrson. Learn more about his farm and horses at

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Video: Gaits of the Icelandic Horse

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Marion    Sussex, NJ

10/14/2014 3:45:06 AM

Looks like the tolt is more of a running walk than a reagular walk? 40MPH??

Lauren    Knoxville, TN

8/19/2011 4:13:14 PM

Awesome! Is it just me, or does the Tolt look really similar to a Running Walk?

Mike    Columbia, TN

6/8/2011 4:26:19 PM

Interesting video! I hope that everyone had a great weekend,is having a great week,had a nice Memorial Day and I hope that they have another great weekend!

Jill    Prospect, TN

6/8/2011 2:13:41 PM

Thoroughbreds run at 30 MPH how can you believe ponies run 40 MPH

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