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Newfoundland Pony HORSE STATS

Country of Origin: Canada
Use today: The Newfoundland Pony is used for riding, driving and light draft work.
Color: Bay, black, brown, chestnut, dun, gray, roan and white (pink skin). Pintos are not accepted.
Height: 11 to 14.2 hands

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Newfoundland Pony HORSE PROFILE

Profile: The Newfoundland Pony is a descendant of British breeds that were brought to the New Founde Land by English settlers in the 17th and 18th centuries and used for heavy work on the harsh terrain. The introduction of machinery in the 20th century, new laws limiting breeding, and the demand for horse meat for human consumption in Europe led to the near extinction of the Newfoundland Pony. However, the 1997 Heritage Animals Act of Newfoundland and Labrador protected the ponies by making it illegal to export them without a permit. Those that did leave the island went only to breeders and pony enthusiasts. The act also gave the Newfoundland Pony Society the responsibility of registering, promoting and protecting the ponies. Today, the Newfoundland Pony can be found throughout Canada and the United States but is critically endangered. It is considered a type of pony and is not an established breed.

Characteristics: The Newfoundland Pony is hardy, adaptable, intelligent and even-tempered. It has a thick mane and tail, a heavy coat and feathers at the fetlocks. It varies in body type from light-boned to stocky.

For more informationt The Newfoundland Pony Society

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