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Orlov Trotter HORSE STATS

Country of Origin: Russia
Color: Gray is the most common color. Bays and blacks are also found. Only about 5% of Orlovs are chestnut.
Height: 15.2 to 17 hands

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Profile: The Orlov Trotter was developed in 18th century Russia by Count Alexei Orlov. The breed orignated through the crossing of European mares with Arabian stallions. The foundation sire of the breed was Bars I, a stallion of Arabian, Danish and Dutch breeding, foaled in 1784. Orlovs were originally used by Russian nobility for riding and harness racing. The breed faced extinction when breeders began crossing the faster Standardbreds with Orlovs, and further after the Russian civil war when horse breeding became a luxury few could afford. Today the breed is carefully protected at several Russian and Ukrainian stud farms, but with approximately 800 mares, Orlovs are considered to be in danger.

Characteristics: Orlov Trotters are built to be strong but fast work horses, with substantial bone and broad through the chest. The neck is high and arched thanks to the breed's Arabian influence, but the head is large with prominent, expressive features.

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