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Curious about your fellow equestrians? Get to know more as we ask a new question each month and visitors respond. You might see some of your answers published in Horse Illustrated Magazine.

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HI Spy is now called Rider Insider! See the latest question and share your stories at

HI Spy: Favorite Breed
Which breed of horse is your favorite, and why?

HI Spy: Favorite Things
Do you have one special piece of tack or horse equipment that you really love?

HI Spy: Advice for Newbies
What advice would you give someone who is new to horses?

HI Spy: Lessons Learned
What is the most important thing you’ve learned from horses?

HI Spy: Your Equestrian Splurge
If you could have one horsey purchase given to you for free, what would it be?

HI Spy: Time out of the Saddle
How do you spend time with your horse when you're not riding?

HI Spy: Your Favorite Place
Tell us about your favorite location to ride.

HI Spy: Embarrassing Moments
What was your most embarrassing moment as an equestrian?

HI Spy: What will your equestrian life be like in ten years?
Can you predict the future? What will you be doing with horses a decade from now?

HI Spy: Superstitions
Do you have any horse-related superstitions?

HI Spy: What’s the biggest challenge that you and your horse have overcome?
Tell us how you and your horse got through a difficult obstacle.

HI Spy: What makes your horse unique?
Tell us about the idiosyncrasies that make your horse who he is.

HI Spy: What item of tack or barn gear would you invent?
What item do you wish actually existed to make your horsey life better?

HI Spy: What's on your equestrian bucket list?
What horsey adventures do you hope to have during your life as a rider?

HI Spy: How do you further your equestrian education?
Share what you do to keep improving as a rider and horsekeeper.

HI Spy: Do you ever experience fear while riding?
Have you found a way to work through your anxiety?

HI Spy: If you could ask your horse one question, what would it be?
And would you really want to know the honest answer?

HI Spy: What are your competitive goals?
What are you and your horse working toward this show season?

HI Spy: What Horsey Items Can You Not Resist?
What's most likely to be your impulse buy at the tack shop?

HI Spy: What's Your Dream Equestrian Vacation?
If time and money were no object, what kind of horsey holiday would you take?

HI Spy:  What's the Best Horse-Related Advice You've Received?
Pass along a piece of wisdom that has helped you in your equestrian life.

HI Spy: Describe Your Dream Horse
If you could design the perfect horse for you, what would it be?

HI Spy: What is Your Favorite Thing about Winter?
Think positive! What do you like about this oft dreaded time of year?

HI Spy: What sacrifices have you made in order to have horses in your life?
Have you had to give up anything to ride or own horses, and what made you decide it was worth it?

HI Spy: What's Your Horsey Dream Job?
If you could have any job, real or imagined, in the horse industry, what would it be?

HI Spy: Who is your equestrian hero?
Tell us about the person who inspires you in your equestrian life.

HI Spy: Share Your Tips for Saving Money with Horses
How do you afford your equestrian lifestyle?

HI Spy: Tell Us about Your First Horse
Share the story of the horse who taught you to ride.

HI Spy: How Do You Beat the Heat at the Barn?
Share your tips for staying cool in the barn, on the trail and at shows.

HI Spy: What Equestrian Discipline Would You Most Like to Try?
If you could try out a new horse sport, what would it be?

HI Spy: How Do You Stay in Shape for Riding?
Share your secrets for staying in top form as an equestrian athlete.

HI Spy: Give Us Your Barn Organization Tips
How do you keep your tack room, trailer or barn neat and organized?

HI Spy: What do you Dread Most about Winter?
Share the one chilly chore or consequence of wintertime that makes you long for spring.

HI Spy: Are You Color Blind? 
The horse world is a colorful one. In your view, how important is coat color?

HI Spy: What Are Your Riding Goals?
What's the one thing you want to achieve as a rider?

HI Spy: Share Your Senior Horse Stories
Older horses have a great deal to offer. Tell us how an equine senior citizen has enhanced your life in the saddle.

HI Spy: How do you Deal with the Local Know-it-All?
The horse world is full of people who think they know everything about horses and horsemanship. What’s your strategy when you’re bothered by busybodies?

HI Spy: Who’s Your Most Memorable Barn Buddy?
Tell us about your best equestrian pals.

HI Spy: What Would be Included in Your Dream Barn?
Tell us about the features and amenities you'd love to have in your barn.

HI Spy: A Bunch about Bits
Tell us what bits you choose for your horse.

HI Spy: Does Your Horse See a Boogeyman on the Bridle Path?
Share the stuff that makes your horse timid on the trails

HI Spy: Why Do You Compete?
Tell us why you show despite the costs and challenges.

HI Spy: Share Your Grooming Secrets
How do you deal with day-to-day grooming dilemmas?

HI Spy: Let's Hear it for the Ever-Faithful Barn Dogs! 
No barn is complete without a canine companion or two. Tell us your favorite barn dog stories.

HI Spy: Share Your Pony Tales
Small in stature but big in personality, there's never a dull moment with these diminutive equines.

HI Spy: Do You Drive a Horsemobile?
How does your vehicle tell the world that there's an Equestrian on Board?

HI Spy: What's Your Horse's Nickname?
Your horse may be known by an impressive name in the show ring, but what do you call him when you're home at the barn?

HI Spy: What’s One Thing about Your Horse that you’d like to Change?
You love your horse, but maybe he's got some room for improvement. If you could change one thing about him, what would it be?

HI Spy: What's on Your Holiday Wish List?
The holiday season is on its way. What are you hoping to unwrap this year?

HI Spy: What's the Best Part of Being a Horse Lover?
You're horse crazy and proud of it!  Tell us why you love the equestrian life.

HI Spy: Share Your Favorite Horsey Item for Under $20
If rising prices are getting you down, see how others are keeping costs low and share your favorite tips.

HI Spy: Did Your Mom Support Your Horse Habit?
How much was your mom involved in your horse life growing up?

HI Spy: Did Your Dad Support Your Horse Habit?
How was your dad involved in your horse life growing up?

HI Spy: Tell Us Your Trail Riding Tales
Read some tales from out on the trail and share your own!

HI Spy: Share Your Horse Show Memories
What’s your special horse show memory?

HI Spy: What's at the Bottom of Your Tack Box? 

See what surprises we found, and tell us yours.

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Kelcie    Salisbury, NC

3/19/2015 7:03:41 AM

Horse Entusist, go to horse It will take you to categories. Click on one and type then submit your answer!:)


9/17/2012 1:15:56 PM


PKL    Somewhere, WY

9/4/2012 7:07:59 AM

I love reading a lot of the questions and replys.

Horse Entusist    :), WI

4/16/2012 7:53:01 PM

Here's a question I wish to be answered: How do you enter in an HI Spy question so you can try and be in Horse Illustrated? Does anyone know how? Or is it all guess? Thanks in advance!

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