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HI Spy: What???s the biggest challenge that you and your horse have overcome?

Tell us how you and your horse got through a difficult obstacle.


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Girl and horseThere’s no such thing as a perfect horse just like there is no perfect rider. Part of the appeal of working with horses is getting through those imperfections, building a stronger bond and becoming a better equestrian in the process.

When you look back on your life with horses, what is the greatest challenge that you’ve overcome with your horse (or a horse that you’ve worked with)? For some riders, common training issues such as a fear of water or a tendency to bolt on the trails are the biggest problems. For others, regaining an abused horse’s trust or working through an injury marks the biggest difficulty. In other cases, it is the horse that helps the rider get through fear, injury or trust issues rather than the other way around.

Tell us what your greatest challenge was and how you and your horse got through it by clicking “Submit a Comment” below. Some of the responses may be published in a future issue of Horse Illustrated!

One selected response may be selected by the editors to win a monthly prize! If you would like to be eligible for the prize, please include your email address in the comment form (email addresses are not publicly displayed.)

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HI Spy: What???s the biggest challenge that you and your horse have overcome?

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Reader Comments

Abbey    Mequon, WI

4/19/2015 9:07:11 AM

The biggest challenge my horse and I have over come is getting him on the trail believe it or not!!He's had a very bad lawnmower experience even though he's 17 hands and 2 inches he's still gets really scared! So when I tried to take him on the trail with my friend there was the barn owner mowing the lawn, so even though he's going to be 21 In a few days you would never know it. He started to buck and even rear a bit!! My trainer thought he was 2 when we brought him to the barn and he's was 19 and so she thought well if he's younger then he might relax on the trail:( but through lots of trail rides with my trainer we are able to enjoy the trip!!

Lauren    Quemado, NM

8/20/2012 9:00:53 PM

Probly the biggest challenge my horse and I have overcome is when we got stuck in mud.
I was gathering cows when they crossed a creek,my trustworthy,grey,gelding,started to cross, when we found out there was no floor.My horse,CJ began to sink and thrash.I jumped off,while he struggled to get out.Once he sat still I got his attention.Seeing me he seemed to put all his trust in me.Because of that I was able to pull his reins out of the mud and get him out.
Yet,the most amasing part was a few minutes after I got him out of it,he crossed the creek,wear a cow trail was,without hesitation.

Louise    Carlisle, PA

5/8/2012 9:15:51 PM

I do believe my horse was abused before she came to us. My biggest challenge was overcoming her aggressive attitude towards anything that came within ten feet of her. It took years of patience but I hardly recognize the horse that first came here. We still have a ways to go, but with continued patience and persistence we will work our way to total faith and trust in each other.

Mikayla    Gainsville, MO

4/4/2012 12:06:34 PM

My horse Hannah spooks at everything, in her early training, it was a windy day and a plastic bag came out of no where! She went side ways so fast, I was still in proper riding position in the air right before I hit the ground, over and over, we did this ending up with me on the ground, I started teaching her not to spook, and a week later on our normal riding trail, this huge snake is just lying in the middle of the road! I am braced and scared that when she spooked I would fly of right onto the snake. But hannah just kept walking and walked around it like it wasn't there at all. Way to go Hannah!

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