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HI Spy: Do you have any horse-related superstitions?

Share your response and read about the horsey folklore that others follow.


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Akhal TekePlenty of otherwise-rational people find themselves being extra cautious on Friday the 13th or averting their path after a black cat has crossed it. Even pragmatic horse people may find themselves holding on to some seemingly silly superstitions. In fact, horses are at the center of many superstitions.

For example, there is the classic good-luck charm, the horse shoe. Superstition dictates that when you hang a horse shoe, you must put it with the rounded part facing down to prevent the good luck from spilling out.

In some cultures, white or gray horses were considered a bad omen and were avoided at all costs. Dreaming of one meant your death was close at hand. But then, in other cultures, a white horse was good luck and making a wish when you see one was a sure way to make it come true.Tradition is similarly fickle about black horses, so it's hard to know which is your better bet.

And then there's this folkloric bit of horse-shopping advice.

“One white foot, buy him;
Two white feet, try him;
Three white feet, look well about him;
Four white feet, do without him.”

Of course, these days, horse people are far more logical about their horse buying. Or are they? Have you ever been warned against a chestnut mare, or a horse with double whorls?

Even if you are a logical judge of horseflesh without resorting to superstition, do you have a favorite pair of boot socks that you are sure to wear during important shows? Did you consider renaming your horse after you brought him home, but thought better of it because you’d heard it was bad luck to do so? Is there a routine you feel compelled to follow before or after every ride?

‘Fess up. Click submit a comment below and tell us about your horse-related superstitions.Some of the responses may be published in a future issue of Horse Illustrated!

One selected response may be selected by the editors to win a monthly prize! If you would like to be eligible for the prize, please include your email address in the comment form (email addresses are not publicly displayed.)

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HI Spy: Do you have any horse-related superstitions?

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Reader Comments

McKenna    Encinatas, CA

9/25/2013 9:39:38 PM

i aleays tell my horse that if there good they get lots of treats and i grade them like your being a B roght now go to an A really weird but

Lacie    Brookwood, AL

11/17/2012 7:11:46 PM

I always wear a horse bracelet that I got for Christmas and iv'e never been seriously hurt.

Heather    Hamilton, ON

7/30/2012 9:21:48 AM

I have a black long sleeve shirt from freedom for wild horses that I always feel best in for riding. I also won't eat anything starting from about 45 minutes before I tack up, I find everytime I do I'll need to hop off or can't wait to untack to use the bathroom...
I also tell the horse Im riding that if they're good they'll get lots of treats, not sure why it's just something I've always done and probably always will even though the horse gets lots of treats no matter what lol

Lucy    Wrightwood, CA

3/7/2012 12:02:25 AM

A common superstition is to throw salt over your left shoulder - but I still have yet to see an equestrian haul a fifty pound salt lick over their shoulder!!!!

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