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HI Spy: Advice for Newbies

What advice would you give someone who is new to horses?


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Girl and HorseIt’s finally happened. You’ve finally convinced your friend, coworker or classmate to give horses a try. She’s getting ready for her first riding lesson, or maybe has signed up to volunteer at a therapeutic riding facility to learn more about these magnificent beasts. Before she takes her first trip out to the barn, what advice do you give her to help her in her journey from horse-world newbie to full-fledged equine enthusiast?

Think back to when you first started with horses. While there are some lessons that can’t be learned until they’re experienced firsthand, there is probably a tidbit of wisdom that you wish you’d known back then. Whether it’s practical advice (don’t wear your favorite shirt to the barn, even if you swear you’re just going to pop in and won’t get dirty) or a bit more abstract (prepare to have your life changed in ways you’d never imagined) it can all be helpful to a first-timer.

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HI Spy: Advice for Newbies

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Abbey    Mequon, WI

3/1/2015 5:49:39 PM

Hey guys!! I'm so excited that you decided to put your time and will power into these magnificent animals:) you might be nervous but that's understandable though, everyone has those moments. My first piece of advice would be try not to be nervous your horse or pony will sense it and might act up:) but most of the time that won't happen because the horse or pony you will be put on will have done this a million times before:) so trust your mount!!! If your nervous you should see my horse!!! He's crazy hyper:)

Marina    Ellensburg, WA

5/11/2013 7:29:36 PM

Horses try just as hard as you do. They like being praised and love attention. Relax and don't be afraid, earn each others trust. Horses are amazing and will suprise you. Good Luck:)

Tesla    Western, NC

12/3/2012 5:13:01 PM

Always spend downtime with your horse. The more that you get to see him as his true self then you can understand him better and your bond with him can grow deeper.

Elisabeth    Enid, OK

11/11/2012 10:35:38 AM

Don't be nervous. Your horse can feel it. One you get in that horse, you're putting your life in it's hooves. You must trust it. It trusts you. I promise, horses will change your life. Have fun!

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