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Equestrian Life - Careers in the Equine Industry: Artistic Impression
MacIntyre has, with her skillful brush, depicted equines in a beautiful manner that has made her an award-winning artist.

Equestrian Life - Equestrian Careers
Explore the latest opportunities for a career with horses.

Equestrian Life - Careers in the Equine Industry: Entrepreneurial Excellence
Elizabeth Cross and Pamela Parker, co-founders of Ariat International Inc., have revolutionized equestrian footwear.

Equestrian Life - The Equine Apprentice
Before you dive headfirst into the horseworld, consider testing the waters with an equine professional first.

I go to Jockey School!
The North American Racing Academy gives students the opportunity to learn everything they need to know about Thoroughbred racing.

Equine Photography Tips from the Pros
Want to capture great equine images? We went straight to the source--some of the top professional horse photographers--and asked for their advice.

Equestrian Life - Horses That Heal
Horse-assisted therapy is becoming more accepted each year by physicians, therapists, psychologists and teachers as an alternative form of therapy.

Equestrian Life - Preparing for Vet School
Experience is key to acceptance.

Teaching Credentials
Do riding instructors have the education and experience needed to teach you?

Equestrian Life - My Experience With Equine-Assisted Therapy
When I rode for the first time in 12 years, with the assistance of sidewalkers and a leader, I felt complete once again.

Barn Basics
Bolster Your Budget by Being a Part-time Groom

Equestrian Life - Military Mounts at Fort Bragg
From equine ambassadors to military trainers, the horses of Fort Bragg serve important jobs for our country.

International Riding Instructor Certification
Europe provides model for riding instructor certification and licensing programs.

Question of the Week: Riding Instructor Certification
I want to become a professional riding instructor. How do I get certified?

Question of the Week: Farrier School
How can I find an apprenticeship or trade school for farriers?

Question of the Week: Starting a Horse Boarding Business
What do I need to know before starting my horse business?

Question of the Week: Becoming an Equine Vet
I'm interested in becoming a vet. What do I need to do to get started?

Horse Photographer Christina Handley Launches Online Photography School
Aspiring equine photographers can learn from a professional.

Equimax Career Game Now Available Online for Free
Those interested in pursuing a career in the horse industry can gain valuable information from the game.

College-Level Equine Science Programs Unite in the National Association of Equine Affiliated Academics
The new organization aims to increase cooperation between college equine programs to improve the field of study.

Tax Issues for Equestrians
Can you write off your horse-related expenses?

Summer Jobs with Horses
Want to work with horses this summer? Here are some jobs to consider.

So You Want to Be a Pro Equine Photographer
Professional horse photographers share their insights into what it takes to succeed in this field.

A True Cowgirl Artist
A horse crazy girl follows her passion for art.

Scholarship Available for Equine Vet Students
The Winner???s Circle Scholarship provides financial aid to students in their fourth year.

College and University Equine Studies Programs
Take your passion for all things equestrian to the next level.

Interview with Chris McCarron
The former champion jockey now runs a college program for aspiring jockeys, trainers, and Thoroughbred managers.

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