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Safety on the Trail
Trail riding is a fun way to keep your riding routine interesting. Keep these safety tips in mind before heading out of the arena.

English Horse Training - The Tevis Cup
The Western States Trail Ride, commonly called the Tevis Cup Ride, is the oldest modern-day endurance ride.

Horse Buying Tips - Horse Buying Checklist
Print out our shopping checklist and take it with you.

Horse Buying Tips - Hot or Cold: Which Temperament is Best for You?
Select the horse whose thermostat" is set in your comfort zone.

The Paso Fino Smile
Watch as one of Horse Illustrated's editors test rides a Paso Fino

10 Reasons Why It's Good to Have a Horse-Crazy Kid
Embrace your child's love of horses, and you'll both reap the benefits.

16 Memories of a Horse Camp Counselor
Anyone who has worked at a summer horse camp will relate to these moments.

2011: The Year in Horses
Take a look at some of the moments visitors shared with their horses in 2011.

Equestrian Life - 30 Time and Money Saving Tips
We've come up with some ways to increase efficiency at the barn. Share your ideas here!

4 Horse-World Inventions to be Thankful For
We take these things for granted, but without them, our horsekeeping lives would be much more challenging.

4 Reasons to be Thankful for Feed Buckets
Let's take a moment to express our gratitude for these simple-yet-versatile tools of barn life.

4 Reasons We Love Corgis
Corgis are popular among horse people. Here's why we love having them in our lives.

4 Things Your Non-Horsey Friends Don’t Understand
Those without horses in their lives can't appreciate these everyday sources of joy at the barn.

5 Reasons to Love Chestnut Mares
They get a bad rap, but there's a lot to love about chestnut mares.

5 Tips for Returning to Riding as an Adult
Lots of grown-ups are finding the joy in learning how to ride or returning to horses after an absence. You can too!

5 Tips to Be Your Vet's Favorite Client
A good working relationship with your vet is essential for your horse’s well-being. Here’s how to make it happen.

5 Ways to Build Your Child's Confidence Around Horses
How to introduce your kids to horses in a positive, non-intimidating way.

6 Reasons Why We Love Our Horses
In the spirit of Valentine's Day, we're counting down a few of the many ways we love horses.

7 Things My Horse Does That Make Me Feel Special
Is there anything better than winning the affection of a horse?

7 Ways to Encourage New Riders
It's hard to get new people into the horse world. Have you ever wondered why?

8 Reasons to Be a Pony Fan
A personal account of what makes ponies so great, even if you've technically outgrown them.

Adventures in Moving Part I: Decision Time for a Senior Horse
When opportunity requires a horse owner to move 1,200 miles away, what's the best option for her 25-year-old horse?

Adventures in Moving Part II: Has Anyone Seen my Horse?
After deciding to make a long-distance move, the next challenge is getting a horse safely to his new home.

Advice for Equestrian Weekend Warriors
How to make sure you and your horse aren't missing out when life prevents you from riding every day.

Age Doesn't Matter at the Barn
A love of horses bridges the gap between different generations of riders.

A Horse for Valentine’s Day
Need a special gift to impress your Valentine this year? Have you considered a horse?

A Horse Owner's Holiday Season Struggles
Three seasonal challenges you might run into at the barn.

A behind-the-scenes look at the America's Favorite Trail Horse competition
Find out what it's like to compete in this equestrian reality TV show.

A Mule at the U.S. Dressage Finals
A dressage rider shares the story of how she made it to the top with an unlikely equine partner.

An Equestrian Vacation in Hawaii
Makani Olu Ranch on Maui offers an idyllic Hawaiian riding experience.

An Equine Vet’s Goals for 2016
Not every goal is realistic, but why not set a high standard for the year ahead?

An Ode to the Majestic Manure Fork
You may not give a lot of thought to this humble barn tool, but can you imagine your horsekeeping life without it?

An Open Letter to A New Ex-Hunter
Follow one rider's harrowing journey from the comfort of the hunter ring to the thrill of the jumpers.

Are You a High-Maintenance Horse Owner
Before pointing a finger at those seemingly crazy horse people, ask yourself, could you be one of them?

A Rider’s Holiday Wish List
Sure, these gifts aren't so easy to find, but we know the equestrian in your life will love them.

A Vet's 5 Favorite Equine Patients
Does your horse fall into one of these categories beloved by equine vets?

A visit to Normandy, France
Get a taste of the horse-friendly region hosting the 2014 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games.

Equestrian Life - Avoid Frostbite
Horseowners, out in all weather to care for their animals, can be prone to frostbite. Here's how to cope.

A Wild Horse in the Dressage Arena
Cobra was wild until age six, but now this remarkable Mustang is winning in both the traditional and western dressage arenas.

Barn Friends are the Best Friends
A look at some of the conversations that you can only have with your fellow equestrians.

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