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The Rare Mare

Create your own funny stories with our horse libs.

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I’d like to introduce you to my new mare, ___________________ (girl’s name). By looking at her you might think I paid _______________ (number) dollars for such a ______________ (adjective) horse, but actually I traded ______________ (number) ____________________s (noun) for her. I’ve been told that’s a real bargain for a horse registered with the ______________________ (type of candy bar) _____________ (item of clothing) Horse Society of ___________________ (country). I feel so honored! Usually these horses are only owned by people who work as a __________________ (occupation). Like most of her breed, my mare is primarily _______________ (color) with a mane that makes her look like ___________________________ (female celebrity). My mare’s tail is mostly _______________ (color).  According to tradition, every ________________________ (holiday) I’m supposed to comb her tail and tie a _____________________ (vegetable) to the end. The rest of the time I keep it neat and tidy by shampooing it with ___________________ (beverage). I use a ________________________ (item of clothing) as a tail bag. My long-term goal is to take my mare to _____________ (city) where there will be a breed inspection. If my mare is good enough, she’ll be awarded a miniature ____________ (noun) to wear around her neck, symbolizing that she’s earned the status of ____________ (adjective) Mare. I will have to wait a while, because I have to save up __________ (number) dollars because the only way to get my mare to the inspection is by _____________ (type of transportation). And I have to pay ___________ (a fairy tale character) to handle her for the jury. I know it’s a lot of trouble, but owning such a rare mare is worth it!
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The Rare Mare

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Reader Comments

Janet    Hazen, ND

6/28/2015 7:41:12 PM

I printed this for my niece to do while she was in the hospital after she fell out of her apple tree trying to get a treat for her pony. She loves them!!!!!!

Jaime    Dayton, OH

7/14/2014 2:21:26 PM

these can get to be too funny!!! gotta love 'em.

sakura    austin, TX

5/13/2014 1:05:49 PM

Olivia, that was

h i l a r i o u s !!!!!
oh may gosh I can't stop laughing! I want Cinderella to take care of MY horse!

Cassidy    Somewhere, SK

10/27/2013 9:16:26 PM

Love these! Make me laugh everytime!

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