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A Final Farewell
What to expect and how to prepare for end-of-life decisions for your horse.

Horse Community - Dealing with the Loss of a Horse
Coping with the loss of a horse can be a difficult journey.

Horse Community - Making A Scrapbook
Cherish your memories with a horse scrapbook.

In Loving Memory
Here are some ways to memorialize a beloved horse in a way that will (one day) make you smile.

The Raw Pain of Relief
Saying goodbye to an older horse brings a complex mix of emotions: sadness, relief, and guilt.

HorseChannel - In Memory of Barbaro
A tragic loss inspires new research efforts.

Celebrating the Good Times
Whether you had time to have a party and say goodbye, or your loss was sudden and unexpected it???s not easy to lose a horse you love.

Horse Management - Coping With Loss
Coping with the loss of your horse: 15 ways to honor the bond you shared.

Letting Go
Telling people was one of the hardest things, before and after.

The Humane Society of the United States Releases List of Humane Options for Horses
The list provides alternatives to sending a sick or geriatric horse to auction or slaughter.

Grief counseling for horse and pet owners now available
A new University of Missouri program offers counseling for people who have lost a companion animal.

John Henry is Gone
One of Thoroughbred racing???s greatest stars humanely euthanized.

Memorialize Beloved Horse
Pet Steps offers a unique way to remember an Equine that has passed.

What to Do After Your Horse Dies
Make a plan now for your horse’s remains so that you don’t have to deal with decision making during a stressful, emotional time.

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