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Age Was Only a Number for John Henry
He was a late bloomer, but when racehorse John Henry hit his stride on the track, he did it in a big way.

A Horseback Trek in Mongolia
Experience Mongolia's horses, culture and endless beauty on a 10-day riding trek.

A Horse for Valentine’s Day
Need a special gift to impress your Valentine this year? Have you considered a horse?

A Horse-Friendly Pub in England
This article will contain no "horse walks into a bar” jokes. That’s our promise to you.

A Horse Lover’s Summer Reading List
From light beach reads to serious equine science study materials, this list will give you plenty of material for your summer vacation and beyond.

A Horse Owner's Holiday Season Struggles
Three seasonal challenges you might run into at the barn.

A Horse's Morning Walk
We can all learn something from the daily exercise philosophy of a Welsh Cob named Orion.

All Gear is Horse Gear
Those clothes and accessories you buy for the "real” world? Yeah, they’re gonna end up at the barn.

Always and Forever
A freak accident didn't deter one rider from her life with horses, but it did make her rethink her choices about safety in the saddle.

A behind-the-scenes look at the America's Favorite Trail Horse competition
Find out what it's like to compete in this equestrian reality TV show.

A Mule at the U.S. Dressage Finals
A dressage rider shares the story of how she made it to the top with an unlikely equine partner.

An Equestrian Escape to…Omaha?
The 2017 Show Jumping and Dressage World Cup Finals will be held in Omaha, Nebraska, and it's the vacation destination you never expected.

An Equestrian Spring Break in Aiken
This charming Southern town is renowned for its horse-related attractions.

An Equestrian Vacation in Hawaii
Makani Olu Ranch on Maui offers an idyllic Hawaiian riding experience.

An Equine Vet’s Goals for 2016
Not every goal is realistic, but why not set a high standard for the year ahead?

An Ode to the Majestic Manure Fork
You may not give a lot of thought to this humble barn tool, but can you imagine your horsekeeping life without it?

An Open Letter to A New Ex-Hunter
Follow one rider's harrowing journey from the comfort of the hunter ring to the thrill of the jumpers.

Are You a High-Maintenance Horse Owner
Before pointing a finger at those seemingly crazy horse people, ask yourself, could you be one of them?

A Rider’s Holiday Wish List
Sure, these gifts aren't so easy to find, but we know the equestrian in your life will love them.

A to Zinta
Polo player and fashion model Zinta Braukis has reached for her dreams.

Autumn Trail Riding in New England
Enjoy peak leaf season on horseback while visiting Mountain Top Inn & Resort in Vermont.

A Vet's 5 Favorite Equine Patients
Does your horse fall into one of these categories beloved by equine vets?

A visit to Normandy, France
Get a taste of the horse-friendly region hosting the 2014 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games.

Equestrian Life - Avoid Frostbite
Horseowners, out in all weather to care for their animals, can be prone to frostbite. Here's how to cope.

A Western Riding Vacation at the Ranch at Rock Creek
This Montana paradise provides plenty of riding, scenery and outdoor fun.

A Wild Horse in the Dressage Arena
Cobra was wild until age six, but now this remarkable Mustang is winning in both the traditional and western dressage arenas.

Barn Friends are the Best Friends
A look at some of the conversations that you can only have with your fellow equestrians.

Equestrian Life - Buckets Full of Holiday Joy
Great gifts for your horse and barn friends.

Becoming Part of a Barn Community
How to make friends when you're new to a boarding or lesson barn.

Befriending Wimpy
Respect and friendship, especially from a pony, are rewards that must be earned.

Behind the Lens with Equine Photographer Tony Stromberg
Find out what it was like to photograph horses in Morocco for the new book, Horses.

Best Friends Share Competitive Trail Championships
Kathie Norman and Susan Wingo have logged countless trail miles together and achieved their shared goal of winning American Competitive Trail Horse Association championships.

Best Horse Tattoo Designs
Everything you need to know about getting a horse-inspired tattoo to show off your equestrian side.

Better Homes & Boarding
A home horsekeeper becomes a boarder for the first time in decades.

Bling it On
Entrepreneur Kim Phillips creates elegant jewelry for both horse and rider.

Buy the Best Western Boot
Find a boot that’s made to last, whether you’re two-stepping on the dance floor or spending hours in the saddle.

Equestrian Life - Careers in the Equine Industry: Artistic Impression
MacIntyre has, with her skillful brush, depicted equines in a beautiful manner that has made her an award-winning artist.

Careers in the Horse Industry
Explore some of these lesser-known jobs working with horses.

Horse Industry Careers: Course Builder
Do you enjoy working with your hands and doing something different every day? Course building might be right up your alley.

Careers in the Horse Industry: Equine Lawyer
You can combine your love of horses with a career in law. An equine attorney shares her story.

Careers in the Horse Industry: Equine Nutritionist
Helping horses, working with horse people, and keeping up with nutrition science are all part of this career path.

Careers in the Horse Industry: Horse Show Judge
Travel the show circuit and find out what it's like to be on the other side of the show ring as a horse show judge.

Careers in the Horse Industry: Horse Show Manager
If you’re organized, enjoy people, have a nomadic spirit and can think on your feet, horse show management might be right up your alley.

Careers in the Horse Industry: University Equine Faculty
Combine horses with academia with an equine faculty position at a college or university.

Equestrian Life - Catching a Horse
Determine why your horse runs from you, then work to reestablish your relationship.

Share horses on Facebook for Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year's Day
Horsey sharables for the holiday season will bring cheer to everyone in your social network.

Christmas Morning in the Barn
Before the festivities get started, Christmas starts with a quiet moment with horses.

Concussion Awareness for Equestrians
Here's the latest on what riders need to know about concussions.

7 Confessions of an Equestrian Oversharer
Who wouldn’t want their social media feeds filled with horses?

Fit Rider: Core Exercises for Equestrians
Developing a strong core is key to becoming a stronger rider.

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