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HI Spy: Favorite Things
Do you have one special piece of tack or horse equipment that you really love?

HI Spy: Your Favorite Breed
Do you have a favorite breed of horse, and why?

Celebrating the Season
Host a holiday party for your barn buddies.

A Happy Horsey Holiday
Get inspired to find the right gifts for your equestrian friends.

HorseChannel Blogs
Keep up with our horse community blogs.

Best Horse Breeds for Kids
How to find the perfect horse for a young child

I go to Jockey School!
The North American Racing Academy gives students the opportunity to learn everything they need to know about Thoroughbred racing.

Equestrian Life - Horse and Rider Spa Treatments
Do-it-Yourself Spa Treatments for You and Your Horse

Equestrian Life - How to be a Horseless Rider
When you love horses, but can't have one of your own, they can still be part of your life.

You Know You're a Horse Lover When...
Check out these funny one-liners to determine if you're a horse lover.

Horse Community - Dealing with the Loss of a Horse
Coping with the loss of a horse can be a difficult journey.

Equestrian Life - Resolving Conflicts with a Non-horsey Partner
Advice on keeping the peace when your riding comes between you and your partner.

Equine Photography Tips from the Pros
Want to capture great equine images? We went straight to the source--some of the top professional horse photographers--and asked for their advice.

Equestrian Life - Get the Most From Your Riding Lessons
Three ways to get the most from your riding lessons.

Equestrian Life - Selecting the Right Riding Vacation
How much riding are you up for? Find out before you go.

Horse Community - Making A Scrapbook
Cherish your memories with a horse scrapbook.

Equestrian Life - Horses That Heal
Horse-assisted therapy is becoming more accepted each year by physicians, therapists, psychologists and teachers as an alternative form of therapy.

15 Steps to Ride in an Hour
Short on time? All you need is an hour and these steps to fitting in a quick ride.

In Loving Memory
Here are some ways to memorialize a beloved horse in a way that will (one day) make you smile.

Equestrian Life - Is Your Horse College Bound?
What you need to know about taking your horse to college.

"I Was Born For This”
A new colt reveals the quirks he inherited from his parents.

Mares vs. Geldings
Everyone has their preference, and if you've ridden enough horses, you start to notice the differences between mares and geldings.

Meet Metro the Painting Thoroughbred
An off-track Thoroughbred is splashing some color into his new career.

Equestrian Life - Evaluating Your Instructor
If your goals as a rider are different than your instructor's, it may be time to reevaluate the partnership.

Not Quite out to Pasture
One rider’s musings on growing older around horses.

Overcoming Rider’s Block
Find your motivation and get back in the saddle this spring with these 10 tips.

Equestrian Life - Cut Horse Costs
Save money simply by avoiding these expensive mistakes.

Photo Tips: Shooting Close-ups
When shooting conditions are less than ideal, try capturing some interesting close ups.

Photo Tips: Lens Selection and Composition
Different lenses offer different results when photographing horses and equestrian scenes.

Photo Tips: Capturing Jumping Action
Plan ahead to get beautiful jumping shots.

Photo Tips: The Horse at Liberty
Liberty shots require a lot of preparation, but the results can be stunning.

Photo Tips: A Creative Action Technique called Panning
Panning can be a useful and creative photographic tool for capturing action.

Photo Tips: Horses at Play
Capturing horses at play can create some of the most interesting and fun action shots.

Photo Tips: Taking Show Photos
Taking show photos from outside the ring is challenging, but the results can be well worth it.

Photo Tips: Capturing Western Action
Create a story with your western action shots.

Pop Quiz for Friends and Family of Horse Lovers
Do your loved ones understand your equine obsession? Find out.

Equestrian Life - Preparing for Vet School
Experience is key to acceptance.

Meet the Staff
Barn Manager Jennifer Tosch

Horse of the Week
Meet Gator, the current Horse of the Week

Meet the Staff
Executive Director Lori Neagle

Horse of the Week
Meet Molly, the new Horse of the Week

Horse of the Week
Meet Lotawana, the current Horse of the Week

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