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Equestrian Life - Expense Report
HI talks to horse owners across the nation to compare horsekeeping expenses.

What I Learned from Facing my Fear
Find out how an aspiring equestrian overcame her lifelong fear of horses.

Fear of Falling
How to address fear and start to enjoy riding your horse again.

Video: Fieracavalli in Three Minutes
Can all of the excitement of Italy's historic horse fair be compressed into three minutes? Probably not, but we tried.

Five Types of Horse Owner
Which one of these five categories represents the relationship you have with your horse?

Growing up with Horses
Find out if your child is ready for the responsibility of owning a horse or pony.

Happy, Horsey Campers
Sending horse-crazy kids to camp is a great way to encourage their interest.

HI Spy
Curious about your fellow equestrians? Get to know more as we ask a new question each month and visitors respond. You might see some of your answers published in Horse Illustrated Magazine.

HI Spy: Do you have any horse-related superstitions?
Share your response and read about the horsey folklore that others follow.

HI Spy: What will your equestrian life be like in ten years?
Can you predict the future? What will you be doing horses a decade from now?

HI Spy: Your Equestrian Splurge
If you could have one horsey purchase given to you for free, what would it be?

HI Spy: Lessons Learned
What is the most important thing you???ve learned from horses?

HI Spy: Advice for Newbies
What advice would you give someone who is new to horses?

HI Spy: Favorite Things
Do you have one special piece of tack or horse equipment that you really love?

HI Spy: Your Favorite Breed
Do you have a favorite breed of horse, and why?

Celebrating the Season
Host a holiday party for your barn buddies.

A Happy Horsey Holiday
Get inspired to find the right gifts for your equestrian friends.

HorseChannel Blogs
Keep up with our horse community blogs.

Best Horse Breeds for Kids
How to find the perfect horse for a young child

I go to Jockey School!
The North American Racing Academy gives students the opportunity to learn everything they need to know about Thoroughbred racing.

Equestrian Life - Horse and Rider Spa Treatments
Do-it-Yourself Spa Treatments for You and Your Horse

Careers in the Horse Industry: Equine Masseuse
Like to travel, help horses and meet horse people? Equine massage therapy could be the career for you.

Horse Industry Careers: Saddle Fitter
Find out what it takes to get started and succeed in a career as a saddle fitter.

Equestrian Life - How to be a Horseless Rider
When you love horses, but can't have one of your own, they can still be part of your life.

You Know You're a Horse Lover When...
Check out these funny one-liners to determine if you're a horse lover.

Horse Community - Dealing with the Loss of a Horse
Coping with the loss of a horse can be a difficult journey.

Equestrian Life - Resolving Conflicts with a Non-horsey Partner
Advice on keeping the peace when your riding comes between you and your partner.

Equine Photography Tips from the Pros
Want to capture great equine images? We went straight to the source--some of the top professional horse photographers--and asked for their advice.

Equestrian Life - Get the Most From Your Riding Lessons
Three ways to get the most from your riding lessons.

Equestrian Life - Selecting the Right Riding Vacation
How much riding are you up for? Find out before you go.

Horse Community - Making A Scrapbook
Cherish your memories with a horse scrapbook.

Share horses with your social networks
Share some horsey humor, inspiration, and seasonal celebration with your friends.

Equestrian Life - Horses That Heal
Horse-assisted therapy is becoming more accepted each year by physicians, therapists, psychologists and teachers as an alternative form of therapy.

Horse-Themed Vacations on a Budget
Discover ways to go on a horsey vacay without draining your wallet.

15 Steps to Ride in an Hour
Short on time? All you need is an hour and these steps to fitting in a quick ride.

How I Got My Start: Dressage Rider Adrienne Lyle
From playing with ponies to competing on the world stage, Lyle has become one of America's top dressage stars.

How I Got My Start: Gina Miles
From horse-crazy kid to Olympic medalist, eventer Gina Miles is an inspiration to up-and-coming equestrians.

In Loving Memory
Here are some ways to memorialize a beloved horse in a way that will (one day) make you smile.

Equestrian Life - Is Your Horse College Bound?
What you need to know about taking your horse to college.

"I Was Born For This”
A new colt reveals the quirks he inherited from his parents.

Life is So Short and So is My Horse
Dreams of galloping on a big, powerful horse may fade, but the love of horses never does.

Mares vs. Geldings
Everyone has their preference, and if you've ridden enough horses, you start to notice the differences between mares and geldings.

Meet Metro the Painting Thoroughbred
An off-track Thoroughbred is splashing some color into his new career.

Equestrian Life - Evaluating Your Instructor
If your goals as a rider are different than your instructor's, it may be time to reevaluate the partnership.

Not Quite out to Pasture
One rider’s musings on growing older around horses.

Your Horse Life: Off-Track Thoroughbreds Shine in Barrel Racing
The Ultimate X Showdown featured ex-racehorses in a very non-traditional environment.

On Being the Riding Lesson Role Model
As an adult rider, there are some benefits from sharing a group lesson with kids.

Overcoming Rider’s Block
Find your motivation and get back in the saddle this spring with these 10 tips.

Equestrian Life - Cut Horse Costs
Save money simply by avoiding these expensive mistakes.

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