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An Ode to the Majestic Manure Fork
You may not give a lot of thought to this humble barn tool, but can you imagine your horsekeeping life without it?

An Open Letter to A New Ex-Hunter
Follow one rider's harrowing journey from the comfort of the hunter ring to the thrill of the jumpers.

Are You a High-Maintenance Horse Owner
Before pointing a finger at those seemingly crazy horse people, ask yourself, could you be one of them?

A Rider’s Holiday Wish List
Sure, these gifts aren't so easy to find, but we know the equestrian in your life will love them.

A Vet's 5 Favorite Equine Patients
Does your horse fall into one of these categories beloved by equine vets?

A visit to Normandy, France
Get a taste of the horse-friendly region hosting the 2014 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games.

Equestrian Life - Avoid Frostbite
Horseowners, out in all weather to care for their animals, can be prone to frostbite. Here's how to cope.

A Western Riding Vacation at the Ranch at Rock Creek
This Montana paradise provides plenty of riding, scenery and outdoor fun.

A Wild Horse in the Dressage Arena
Cobra was wild until age six, but now this remarkable Mustang is winning in both the traditional and western dressage arenas.

Barn Friends are the Best Friends
A look at some of the conversations that you can only have with your fellow equestrians.

Equestrian Life - Buckets Full of Holiday Joy
Great gifts for your horse and barn friends.

Befriending Wimpy
Respect and friendship, especially from a pony, are rewards that must be earned.

Best Friends Share Competitive Trail Championships
Kathie Norman and Susan Wingo have logged countless trail miles together and achieved their shared goal of winning American Competitive Trail Horse Association championships.

Best Horse Tattoo Designs
Everything you need to know about getting a horse-inspired tattoo to show off your equestrian side.

Bling it On
Entrepreneur Kim Phillips creates elegant jewelry for both horse and rider.

Equestrian Life - Careers in the Equine Industry: Artistic Impression
MacIntyre has, with her skillful brush, depicted equines in a beautiful manner that has made her an award-winning artist.

Careers in the Horse Industry
Explore some of these lesser-known jobs working with horses.

Horse Industry Careers: Course Builder
Do you enjoy working with your hands and doing something different every day? Course building might be right up your alley.

Careers in the Horse Industry: Equine Lawyer
You can combine your love of horses with a career in law. An equine attorney shares her story.

Careers in the Horse Industry: Horse Show Manager
If you’re organized, enjoy people, have a nomadic spirit and can think on your feet, horse show management might be right up your alley.

Careers in the Horse Industry: University Equine Faculty
Combine horses with academia with an equine faculty position at a college or university.

Equestrian Life - Catching a Horse
Determine why your horse runs from you, then work to reestablish your relationship.

Share horses on Facebook for Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year's Day
Horsey sharables for the holiday season will bring cheer to everyone in your social network.

Christmas Morning in the Barn
Before the festivities get started, Christmas starts with a quiet moment with horses.

7 Confessions of an Equestrian Oversharer
Who wouldn’t want their social media feeds filled with horses?

Fit Rider: Core Exercises for Equestrians
Developing a strong core is key to becoming a stronger rider.

Cross-Training for Riders
Three sports you should be doing to improve your riding.

Dogs and Horses
Check out HorseChannel's guide to all things canine.

Don't Disrupt the Barn Routine
Does changing your daily barn habits throw you off your game?

Don’t Leave the Dragon Behind
A seemingly mild-mannered pony reveals the reason behind her ominous moniker.

Driving Lessons from the Show Ring
A horse show mom discovers the ways riding horses helped prepare her daughter for learning to drive.

Photo Tips from Dusty Perin
Our photo contest judge gives advice for creating winning images.

Dynamic Duo: Boyd and Silva Martin
The top eventer and dressage rider come from different worlds, but make a great team.

Equestrian Life - Emergency Contact Information
Make sure those who care for your horse have the emergency contact numbers they need.

Equestrian Life - Equestrian Careers
Explore the latest opportunities for a career with horses.

Equestrian Life - Careers in the Equine Industry: Entrepreneurial Excellence
Elizabeth Cross and Pamela Parker, co-founders of Ariat International Inc., have revolutionized equestrian footwear.

Equestrian Life Then and Now
7 ways being a horse lover changes as we age.

Equestrian Vacations: Don't Leave Home without It
Keep these things in mind when packing for your international equestrian holiday.

Equestrian Life - The Equine Apprentice
Before you dive headfirst into the horseworld, consider testing the waters with an equine professional first.

Equestrian Life - Equestrian Related Liabilities
It's a question of liability and what you are willing to risk.

Equestrian Life - Expense Report
HI talks to horse owners across the nation to compare horsekeeping expenses.

What I Learned from Facing my Fear
Find out how an aspiring equestrian overcame her lifelong fear of horses.

Fear of Falling
How to address fear and start to enjoy riding your horse again.

Video: Fieracavalli in Three Minutes
Can all of the excitement of Italy's historic horse fair be compressed into three minutes? Probably not, but we tried.

Finding Inspiration from Classic Horse Books
Although these characters are fictional, they have inspired young riders to work toward their equestrian goals.

Five Types of Horse Owner
Which one of these five categories represents the relationship you have with your horse?

Fond Memories of the Horses of Little House on the Prairie
Meet some of the horses that played a starring role in this classic TV series.

Fun Gifts for Horse Owners
Horse people love to receive practical stuff, but that doesn't mean we can't have a little fun sometimes.

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