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Rider Insider: Telltale Signs of a Rider

How can other people tell that you're a horse person?


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Woman walking horse You’ve just had a great interview for a dream job. You wore your best suit, presented yourself professionally, and you feel optimistic about your chances. That is, until the receptionist whispers to you on your way out, “Ma’am, you have what looks like a piece of hay caught in your hair.”

You’re driving up the highway and pull up to a toll booth. You reach into your pocket to grab some change and instead find two peppermints and some pine shavings.

Your guests from out of town show up several hours early, before you’ve had time to clean out the spare bedroom. When they go in to drop their luggage, they have trouble finding a spot for it among the broken tack and out-of-season blankets you store there.

Face it; no matter how hard you may try to appear to be a normal person at times, you are, in fact, a horse person. Whether it’s the contents of your car (or “mobile tack room” as you lovingly call it) or your altered language (have you ever told your dog to “whoa”?), bits of your equestrian life undoubtedly seep into your real-world life.

How can people tell that you’re a horse person? Click “Submit a Comment” below and share your stories with other visitors. Some of the responses may be selected for a future issue of Horse Illustrated.

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Rider Insider: Telltale Signs of a Rider

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Reader Comments

Marie    International

2/9/2014 11:00:27 AM

I half halt my husband and or daughter if they are walking too fast next to me. If I am holding their hands I will squeeze their hands like I was squeezing the reins with the same feel as if I were riding. Then I tell them,"Half halt." My husband still doesn't understand what I am talking about.

Chelsea    International

1/21/2014 2:35:28 PM

My signs of being a Horse Lover is that if you ask me about Horses, I will give you a detailed explanation of where horses came from starting with the Eohippus all the way until I reach the current horse, Equus ferus Caballus. My thighs and calves are much bigger and stronger than the rest of my body to to having 'Iron Legs' that help me stay on a rampaging horse. I live with hay all over my body from inside my clothing to my nicest clothes, I will smell of fly spray, sweat and manure,that is my perfume. I have all of my achievements and ribbons hung up in my room. My life revolves around horses and it's quite obvious too.

Izzy    Huntersville, NC

11/16/2013 7:07:11 PM

Well...I am constantly in riding boots and shirts with barn logos on them,and I cluck to people all the time to get them to move. I am constantly drawing horses on my paper or talking about horses. I also find random bits of hay and treats in my pockets.

Michaela    Appleton, WI

10/11/2013 1:23:59 PM

My tell tale sign is that I always find myself clucking to my dog when I'm trying to call him! I've gotten the weirdest looks from my neighbors!

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