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Rider Insider: Stuff Non-Equestrians Say

What's the funniest or strangest thing you've heard a non-equestrian say about horses?

By | December 20, 2012

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Horse Dad "Why are you blindfolding your horse?" your friend asks as you adjust your horse's fly mask.

"Oh my gosh, are that horse's legs broken?" your boyfriend wonders, staring at a horse in standing wraps.

"Why are you dressed like a sparkly cowboy?" your co-worker asks, pointing to the show photo you have proudly displayed on your desk.

As horse lovers, we accept that we can seem a little strange to the outside world, but when outsiders step into our world, they can be downright hilarious.

Have you ever been asked a strange question by a spectator at the county fair, or heard a completely off-the-wall factoid about horses from a relative who hardly knows the front end of a horse from the back?

It can be a challenge to smile and politely correct someone's misguided understanding of our horsey world, but you're among friends here. Tell us about the funniest or weirdest question or comment you've heard from someone who is not equine inclined. Click “Submit a Comment” below and share your story. Some of the responses may be selected for a future issue of Horse Illustrated.

One selected response may be selected by the editors to win a monthly prize! If you would like to be eligible for the prize, please include your email address in the comment form (email addresses are not publicly displayed.)

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Rider Insider: Stuff Non-Equestrians Say

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Reader Comments

Anna    ***********, NJ

5/7/2015 8:14:51 PM

Last night I was reading one of those blogs that is very much like this one and people were talking about how hard riding is since we work with 1200 lb animals, and someone who doesn't know horses said, "You keep talking about how much the horse weighs, like you have to lift it or something. You don't."
I've been riding for eight years and took a lot of offense to some of the other things she posted about how easy riding is, are WE the ones Doing the jumps, etc, so when I went into school, I was just randomly thinking that NOBODY'D better criticize riding.
Somebody did. In all of my eight years of riding, this was the most offensive thing that's ever happened to me in my horse career.
In my school, you spend an hour and a half with your homeroom every morning and forty-five minutes with them at the end of the day, and our teacher is cool and let us use our vocabulary words in a rap and present it for a grade. I promise I'm going somewhere with this. She put us all in groups of four; I was with a jock, a cheerleader, and my friend who rides dressage (I ride jumper). So my one friend and I and the cheerleader were all trying to come up with a rap that we could all relate to. When we finally accepted that that was impossible, we agreed to write a rap about horseback riding. We worked on it for two whole days, then the jock, who was originally gonna do the rapping, tells us at the last second that he doesn't wanna rap about horseback riding because it "isn't a sport." And so my friend and I launched into a rant about how riding IS hard and how it IS a sport, and he just keeps on saying that it isn't. After a few minutes of this, the teacher, who isn't a horse person, says that it is in fact a sport because it's in the Olympics, but that my friend and I were making way too big a deal out of it because apparently it isn't an insult to us personally (just to our hearts and souls) and that he's entitled to an opinion. It's NOT an OPINION! It's FACT! Either something is a sport or it isn't, there's no in between, and horseback riding is DEFINITELY a sport. My friend and I tried to explain to her that it's not just a hobby which is being criticized, it's a lifestyle, but as soon as I said that, she said, as if she has a clue, "No. It's not." What she doesn't understand is that when we ride we develop this unexplainable connection and relationship with the horse that you just don't understand until you develop it with a horse.

Caitlin    Pottstown, PA

5/7/2015 5:03:24 PM

My friends asked me what I wanted for Christmas and i said a horse they said something else so I said a pony and they said that is the same thing!!!!!!

Jade    y'all don't need to know, MO

5/1/2015 7:25:27 PM

My cousin from Alabama came up on vacation and we had her riding double on our senior gelding, she was on the phone with her boyfriend, the horse took two steps forward and she grabs the girl in front of her and yells to her boyfriend, "They've got me on a horse and it's running!!" we wee laughing so hard!

Rheanna    International

3/11/2015 3:15:05 AM

I was talking about showjumping to one of my friend's dads a year or two ago, and the moment I brought up wanting to do showjumping he replied "You'd have to get a pretty tall horse, those horses are all taller than 20 hands!"
Please do not speak to me about horses again.

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