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Rider Insider: Your Horse’s Favorite Thing

What one little thing makes your horse’s heart happy?

By Horse Illustrated staff - @HI_mag | June 30, 2014

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Dew drops on roses and whiskers on kittens are nice, but your horse probably doesn’t give them much thought. He undoubtedly has his own ideas about what the finer things in life truly are.

Does he eagerly anticipate the moment he is brought out to the pasture after breakfast in the morning? Does he live for the moment his best equine buddy returns to the field after being out on a ride? Is he obsessed with those fancy pink salt blocks? Would he trade his carrots for a few minutes of scratching behind his withers?

Of course every horse wants the basics: food, water and companionship. But we want to know about those quirky loves that make your horse unique. Tell us about them in the comments below. Some of the best responses could be included in an upcoming issue of Horse Illustrated!

This month, Noble Outfitters is sponsoring the Rider Insider column in Horse Illustrated with a prize for the selected featured response. If you'd like to be considered for a prize, make sure to include your contact info in the email field of the comment form (emails will not be publicly displayed.)

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Rider Insider: Your Horse’s Favorite Thing

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Reader Comments

paula    Huntington Beach, CA

7/28/2014 2:52:59 PM

I have the fork part of a broken rake in my tack box.
He nudges it with his nose so I will take it out and scratch him with it.
Dereks head goes all the way up, nose and top lip all the way out and almost falls over when I get "right there thats the spot!"

Ashley    Moss Point, MS

7/27/2014 8:41:23 PM

Carrots! They make my Paint's little heart sing. He will do almost anything (including let about 50 children get on and off of him) for a piece of carrot. I honestly think if we held a carrot up high enough, he would stand on his hind legs for it.

Chloe    Sequim, WA

7/26/2014 3:59:03 PM

I think we both make each other very happy. Every time I see him he nickers, and every time I see him I feel a happy feeling seep through me. Plus he also really loves his itchy spot being scratched, and every once in a while he looks at me with big brown eyes and weakens me into some sort of sweet delight.

angie    santa rosa, CA

7/25/2014 4:38:14 PM

My mare loves to get in the water tub and paw inside it so it splashes her everywhere. she gets in it so often we had to get two water tubs, one for drinking and one for her cold foot water for her to get in, and my gelding gets right next to her while she does it so he can be splashed off too.

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