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HorseChannel's Online Bit Guide: Loose Ring or O-Ring Snaffle

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O-Ring or Loose Ring Snaffle
Loose-ring snaffle pictured on top
O-Ring or Loose Ring Snaffle: One of the mildest bits, the plain snaffle features a smooth, simple mouthpiece and round bit rings which may be highly decorated for use on young western performance horses. The plain snaffle is often of loose ring design, meaning that the bit rings move freely through the mouthpiece.

  • Loose ring snaffles help prevent a horse from pulling and leaning on the bit for support.
  • If an O-ring snaffle begins to chafe the corners of a horse’s mouth, use rubber bit guards or switch to a smooth D-ring or eggbutt snaffle.
  • When an O-ring snaffle is used on a young western horse, a leather curb strap is often used to prevent the rings of the bit from sliding into the horse’s mouth.

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HorseChannel's Online Bit Guide: Loose Ring or O-Ring Snaffle

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Reader Comments

Samantha    Mission Viejo, CA

3/18/2010 12:35:58 AM

The second bit in the picture isn't a loose ring snaffle, it's an offset western dee. Also, in the vast majority of cases, loose ring bits only chafe the horses mouth and requiring bit guards, if the bit is 1. incorrectly fitted 2. incorrectly adjusted 3. the rider is see-sawing or otherwise being heavy-handed.

Brianna    Huntigton Beach, CA

11/14/2009 6:40:56 PM

The O-Ring isn't a very good bit unless you have bit guards. Loose ring snaffles are great though!

Galadriel    Lothlorien, ME

7/8/2009 11:36:36 PM

My favourite bits.

Katie    Clarington, OH

6/25/2009 6:29:25 PM

I used one once their great

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