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Paige    Floral city, FL

1/14/2017 8:08:28 AM

I have a mustang mare I rescued about a year and a half ago. She was 14 when we got her. I can't tell you her full story because I don't know but what I do know is she was under weight, scared of everyone and everything except for the other 2 horses she came with. We couldn't catch her or even get close to her for the first month but after the first time we were able to catch her it only took us 8 months to break her and have her rideable. We hit a spot where I could no longer work with her everyday like she needed to be with school and work so we gave her to a guy we know along with another horse we had rescued a few months back. She went to 4 different people in less then 2 weeks that we found her. Now that we have her back she is worse than before. She has been home for almost 2 months and the only way we can catch her is if we have food but if we try to catch other without it she will turn her butt towards us and try to kick us or if you do manage to catch her and say infront of her she will try to bite you or kick you with her front feet. She has come to the point she is dangerous and I refuse to give her away again because of what happened the last time and I don't want to put whoever takes her in harms way. Is their any advice what's so ever that you can give me to be able to work with her again please

Dale    Maple Ridge, BC

1/10/2017 10:46:46 PM

I think I have a mentally retarded horse. I've owned Safina since she was born and she has always been treated with kindness and gentleness, never abused, but after 8 years I'm ready to give up. Nobody can get near her most of the time. You can't touch her, pet her, get her into a barn, and if you do somehow catch her, halter her up and brush her, rub her and love her, when you let her go she won't even let you come close enough to feed her a carrot. The day she was born I was there right away and sat in the stall and talked to her off and on for over two hours. The next day I went in to brush and feed her mother and the foal ran to the back of the stall, slammed into the wall, fell, got up, ran into the manger, out, got tangled into the water bucket, then ran and slammed into the wall again, fell, then got behind her mom. It was like this every day, for months. And she always kept her mom between me and her no matter how long I spent with them, in or out of the stall. At two months old I seriously was considering putting her down, but she was so cute, I thought it would just take time. Things were not too bad when her mom was alive, she stuck to her mother like glue, and in the winter I managed to get her blanket on by easing it over her mom's back onto her, then it took about 1/2 an hour to do the buckles up by reaching under and around her mother, sneaking the buckles closed. Now her mother is gone, put down due to incurable colic. That was just over two months ago and Safina is depressed, standing out in the rain for hours with her head down. I can't get her into the barn even though the stall I have for her is open to a paddock. I put her into a paddock with her brother, who is totally normal, and when I shake the grain pail, he comes running at a gallop, eager to get into his stall and eat, she just stands there then turns and goes to the end of the paddock looking down to the end of the pasture where her mother is buried. I can't catch her, cajole her into the barn, nor herd her into the barn. She won't let anyone near her. The only way I can get near her is to put an electric fenced area up, then just keep making it smaller and smaller until she has no choice but to let me close. I've had many horses born on my farm and all have been gentle and easy to train and a couple of my horses even try to get their heads into a halter when I am trying to halter up another horse, or they come and nudge you wanting to be petted and fussed over. Not Safina. I am thinking of breeding her to one of my stallions because she has good conformation and a very pretty Arabian head, but just wonder if anyone else has had a problem like this.

Letty    Rio rancho, NM

11/5/2016 8:34:46 PM

Hello I'm looking for advice on saddles specifically jumping saddles I have a ottb mare shes extremely high whithers and I'll be getting a interchangeable gullet i need a good brand that will not empty my wallet as I dont even have the money to afford one but I'm going to try. Ive looked at Bates pesoa and stubben but I've never ridden in any of them. Can anyone give me advice what do you recommend I prefer real leather and of coarse a exchangeable gullet please tell me what you think? Thanks

Alana    Hurleyville, NY

11/2/2016 4:55:07 PM

Hi so I took my 13 year old gelding on a trail ride today, and as we headed out for some reason he kept resisting and simply did not want to go on the trail he just wanted to rush back home to the usual spot where I get off and untack him after a ride. . Being that I thought he might just not feel good or something was wrong like he smelled a bear or something I let him go home and as I was taking his saddle off I discovered that his cinch strap had broken. Could it be possible that the reason he wanted to go home and have me get off him so badly was because he could have possibly known it was broken? I know this might be a silly question but please answer if you could.

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