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Reader Comments

Nicole    Grantville, GA

9/21/2015 8:54:03 PM

I have a 11 year Appaloosa Mare. We got her about 8 months ago. We found out that she used to be a rodeo bucking horse. She goes crazy when you try to put a saddle pad on her. When you finally get the pad and saddle on her she dances around when you try to mount her. How do you show her that everything is ok? She is also terrified of spray bottles. I'm new with all of thi's but I love this horse and want her to be comfortable with everything. Can you help?

Brittany    Rinwood, IL

4/15/2015 8:57:21 AM

I have a 7 year old Tennessee walker mare. I got her a few months ago. Her other owner gave her up because she was to dominate. She pushes on you when you walk, she gets into your space. I've been working with her on that but now every time I put her in the arena to lunge her she doesn't listen and now she's starting to come at me. I don't know what to do.

Jasmine    Dundee, PE

11/28/2014 2:27:37 PM

I am a 5'1 14 year old girl (7stone) and I'm looking to buy a horse, I've been looking at heights between 14.2hh to 15.3hh. I've seen a lovely 15.3hh gelding and wondering if he will be too big for me. I don't mind being a little small, I just don't want to look tiny.

Wild heart    somewhere, ID

6/29/2014 9:59:10 PM

hey JESS,
read you comment, hope you see this!
1. horses are social animals but many horses have only one pasture mate and are fine, however if you are worried some people buy a cat, goat, mini horse, even a chicken to keep there horses happy try and see what works for your horse
2. fights DO break out with horses, especially when introducing a horse to a new herd. what probably happened was the older mare was used to being the boss mare, and from what I read the gelding was used to being the boss as well. when the gelding came into the mares turf a fight may have began to determine the new pecking order. The mare was 35 and had experience but the gelding, I am betting, was stronger and more agile. The fight may have gotten too intense and the mare would not back down and the gelding would not either.
Most fights, even in the wild, do not end in death, one horse usually realizes who is stronger and backs off. I do NOT believe the horse should be put down and I also believe this was a rare occurrence.
I am not a Professional, but I know my fair share of horses, I hope my suggestions help you and I am sorry you were placed in this predicament.

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