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Chloe    International

6/12/2017 1:35:07 PM

Hi I have recently brought a 13 thoroughbred, who had been turned out as a broodmare for two years. I have been lunging her and I just started her with a pessoea, which she had a tiny little buck with in canter but apart from that she was fine with it. Generally I have just trotted her so far, but yesterday I got her to do a couple circles of canter on each reign. Most of what I have read has said keep your horse in walk for every month they have been turned away and match it to your horses fitness. I just want to make sure I am doing right by her. I started only lunging her for a few minutes on each reign, yeasterday I did around 15 minuets. But she isn't breathing rapidly or breaking a single sweat. I do not lunge her everyday, as I don't want her to get achy or tired. I am planning to get on her for the first time since I have brought her at the beginning of July, just for a five minute walk around. I just wanted thoughts as to if you think I am bringing her back into work okay?

Marsha    Lake charles, LA

3/29/2017 8:00:39 AM

My husband saved a horse that was going for soap. I am glad but she does not have manners. She is all over you, she nips, turns her back side hasn't kicked but acts like she will run you over. Goes through fences like match sticks. He is determined to work with her and he is novice. I do not like her because she is seems wild. I have always had tame animals. She is about 2 years old. I guess my question is does this character ever change?

Kate    Somewhere, OR

2/4/2017 1:19:06 PM

I consider myself pretty knowledgeable about horses. I train my own. I ride at a high level. And I have been at it for awhile! But I'm not super savvy on the breeding area of horses, or confirmation. I don't care much when I buy horses, because I'm not showing or interested in how their bloodlines are. Weather it is reg or not it's still a good horse. Anyways, my pint-I don't care much for things like that. As long as it's a good horse! I also don't know a whole ton about colors and stuff like that. I know basics, black, grey, bay chestnut, liver chestnut etc. but I had a few questions to clarify some things that I feel clueless about! I currently own 2 horses. One, is a lover chestnut, with brown mane and tail. The other is the same coat color, but with a balck mane and tail, and 3 black socks and one white one. Does that make her a bay? I always think of bays as darker, regardless of mane and tail colors, by my friend keeps calling her a bay and it's very irritating! She looks the same as my other horse who is definitely 100% liver chestnut. But her mane and tail are black. She says that my horse is bay, the same as hers, but he rhorse is insanely dark, almost black. So is she considered a bay, even though her coat is liver chestnut?? Also. Also What is considered sorrel? I have seen people who call their buckskins sorrel, and people who call their bay horses sorrel. Are they confused? What is sorrel/ what makes a horse sorrel?

Paige    Floral city, FL

1/14/2017 8:08:28 AM

I have a mustang mare I rescued about a year and a half ago. She was 14 when we got her. I can't tell you her full story because I don't know but what I do know is she was under weight, scared of everyone and everything except for the other 2 horses she came with. We couldn't catch her or even get close to her for the first month but after the first time we were able to catch her it only took us 8 months to break her and have her rideable. We hit a spot where I could no longer work with her everyday like she needed to be with school and work so we gave her to a guy we know along with another horse we had rescued a few months back. She went to 4 different people in less then 2 weeks that we found her. Now that we have her back she is worse than before. She has been home for almost 2 months and the only way we can catch her is if we have food but if we try to catch other without it she will turn her butt towards us and try to kick us or if you do manage to catch her and say infront of her she will try to bite you or kick you with her front feet. She has come to the point she is dangerous and I refuse to give her away again because of what happened the last time and I don't want to put whoever takes her in harms way. Is their any advice what's so ever that you can give me to be able to work with her again please

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