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Breaks for Jumps
Every once in awhile, my green hunter will suddenly stop before a jump. What am I doing wrong?

Cindy Hale is a champion hunter and equitation rider. She teaches hunt-seat riding at Cornerstone Equestrian Center in California.  Click Here >>

Ask the Expert: Fix Falling In
How do I keep my horse upright in the bend?

My Horse is Afraid of Jump Decorations
Here's how to desensitize your horse to brightly colored and decorated jumps.

Ask the Expert: Smoothing out the Trot
How can I improve my horse's irregular trot?

Ask the Expert: Stirrup Length for Flatwork and Jumping
How do I adjust my stirrups correctly for English riding?

A Hunter Frame
How can I get my horse's headset into that long and low hunter frame?

Balanced Approach
I plan to compete at the Beginner Novice level in eventing this year and hope to move up to Novice and Training. How fast should I go through the water crossing on a Beginner Novice course?

Body Protectors for Eventing
How do I find the best safety vest to wear while jumping cross-country?

Make a Better Dressage Entrance
How do I make a good entrance into the dressage arena and keep my horse straight on the centerline?

Question of the Week: Bolting Jumper
How do I keep my horse calm when jumping verticals?

Breaks for Jumps
Every once in awhile, my green hunter will suddenly stop before a jump. What am I doing wrong?

Positioned for Cross-Country Success
I would like to try some eventing... What sort of position work should I focus on before I try cross-country jumping?

Beat the XC Clock
I am worried about having cross-country time faults at Training. Do you have any advice?

Difference Between a Side Check and an Overcheck
Active driving competitor, judge and clinician Muffy Seaton explains.

Question of the Week: The Long and Short of English Stirrups
My stirrups never feel like they're the right length. How do I fix this?

Ask the Expert: Saddle Up for Eventing
Do I really need two or three different saddles for eventing, or can I get by with one for now?

Question of the Week: Relax the Ex-Racehorse
How do I help my Thoroughbred relax under saddle?

Flatwork Before Fences
How do I teach my horse to become more consistent in jumping fences?

Get Collected
How can I help my gelding collect and round up at the trot and canter without getting heavy on the forehand?

Question of the Week: Breaking the Hackamore Habit
How do I train my horse to accept a snaffle bit?

Question of the Week: Halting on Course
How do I get my horse to stand still in the show ring?

Carriage Driving: Working off the Hind End
Active driving competitor, judge and clinician Muffy Seaton offers exercise tips.

Question of the Week: Help for the High-Headed Horse
Why does my jumper carry his head so high?

Question of the Week: Fighting the Flatwork
Why does my mare resent working on the flat?

Hunt Seat Equitation Challenge
Hunter judge and trainer Patrick Rodes gives advice on this hunt seat equitation challenge.

Introducing a Horse to a Cart
Active driving competitor, judge and clinician Muffy Seaton advises.

The Lazy Jumper
How do I get my seasoned jumper to pay more attention to the jumps?

Horse Experts - Leads in the Lines
Fran Dotoli, a recognized United States Equestrian Federation judge and clinician, offers tips for overcoming this common training problem.

Question of the Week: Long take-off spot
How do I get my horse to take off from a safe spot?

Question of the Week: Beware the Blast-Off
My horse's jump seems overpowering. Is something wrong?

Find the Perfect Square
I ride lower-level dressage and am having trouble getting my horse to halt square. Can you give some pointers? How can I feel the square halt?

Question of the Week: Pony in the Hunter Ring
Can my pony be competitive against horses in hunter classes?

Rushing the Jumps
How can I slow down my horse's approach to jumps without affecting his performance?

Secure your Slipping Leg
My horse often gallops off after a jump. My trainer said my lower legs are slipping back and I???m catching my horse in the sides with my heels. Can you recommend any exercises for me to fix this problem?

Hard-Mouthed Horse
How do I teach my tough-mouthed horse to supple and go on the bit?

Question of the Week: From western pleasure to jumping
How do I train my ex-western pleasure horse to canter and jump?

Transitioning from Western to English
I need help retraining my western horse for English riding.

Question of the Week: My horse won't jump in both directions
Why does my horse always refuse jumps in one direction?

Question of the Week: Soured on Arena Work
My horse refuses to move in the arena. What do I do?

Arena Sour Horse
My horse hates the arena. How do I help him get over it?

Question of the Week: Finding a Trainer
How do I find a good horse trainer without going broke?

Question of the Week: Grumpy with the Girth
My horse bites when I tighten his girth. What can I do?

Finding the Right Helmet
How do I make sure my helmet fits correctly?

Ask the Expert: Mane Pulling Problems
My horse hates having his mane pulled. What can I do?

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