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Too Many Treats I have a tendency to spoil my horse with treats (carrots, apples, cookies, peppermints, et cetera). My friends tease me about it and say it’s not good for my horse’s health. Do you have general advice about feeding treats?

Nancy S. Loving, DVM, discusses how to balance good health with treats. Click Here >>

Ammonia Fumes in a Horse's Stall
My horse's stall smells like ammonia. I feed my horse alfalfa hay, and my barn friends tell me that the high-protein content of this hay is causing the ammonia smell. Is this true? Is it a bad thing?

Prognosis for Cow Hocks
Should I be concerned about athletic pursuits with a young horse that is cow-hocked?

Cushing's Disease
What is safe to feed a horse with Cushing's Disease?

Ask the Expert: Equine Sleeping Habits
Should I be concerned about my horse's deep sleeping habits, and do you know whether horses really do dream?

Equine Viral Arteritis-Free Breeding
How can I ensure that the semen I use for artificial insemination is free of EVA?

Question of the Week: Floating Patella
My horse has been diagnosed with a floating patella. What does that mean?

Question of the Week: Gas colic or ulcers?
My horse often seems to have built-up gas and stomach pain. What's causing it?

Ask the Expert: Administering Your Horse's Vaccinations
What's your opinion on whether horse owners should administer their own vaccines?

When Can a Young Horse Start Jumping?
How does a vet determine if a horse's bones are mature enough to start jumping?

Question of the Week: My Horse Has Hives
My horse gets hives whenever she sweats. What should I do?

Horse Health Advice - Hoof Abscess
Christoph Koch, DMV, advises what to do while waiting for the vet to arrive.

Twister Warning
It seems that trailers have gone out of fashion with farriers. What are your thoughts?

Horse Health Advice - Horse Choking
Keith P. Poulsen, DVM, University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine, provides simple first-aid guidelines for horse owners.

Question of the Week: Making the euthanasia call
How will I know when it's time to say goodbye to my senior horse?

Question of the Week: Is my horse allergic to vaccines?
What is normal and what is an allergic reaction after a horse receives a vaccine?

Question of the Week: Correctly Cooling Out
Will my horse get sick from drinking cold water while he's still hot?

How to Change a Horse's Feed
Can you give me a general rule to follow when making a feed change?

Question of the Week: Keeping Joints Healthy
What can I do to preserve my horse's joints as he ages?

Question of the Week: Lyme Disease Outbreak
How can I protect my horse from Lyme disease?

Question of the Week: Help for an overweight horse
How can I get my horse to a healthy weight without compromising nutrition?

Question of the Week: How much weight can a horse carry?
How do I know if a rider is too heavy for my horse?

Jumping the Senior Horse
Is it safe to continue jumping an older horse?

Dental Issues of the Senior Horse
My older mare is missing some teeth. What should I feed her to make sure she gets proper nutrition?

Question of the Week: Skinny Lesson Horse
Why won't my horse gain weight?

Question of the Week: Spring Grass Safety
How much spring grass is safe for my miniature horses?

Raising Foals: Stall vs. Pasture
What are the potential effects of raising a young horse in a stall versus letting him grow up on acreage?

Too Many Treats
How do I know if I'm feeding my horse too many treats?

Ask the Vet: Ulcers and the Hard Keeper
Could ulcers be preventing my horse from gaining weight?

Ask the Vet: What kind of exercise is best for managing my horse's weight?
Dr. Lydia Gray explains some research behind exercise programs for horse health.

When Rattlesnakes Strike
What should I expect if one of my horses is bit by a rattlesnake?

Horse Warmth in Winter
Nancy S. Loving, DVM, discusses how to make sure your horse is warm throughout the winter months.

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