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Video: Fix Head Tossing with John Lyons

Watch John Lyons video to learn his tried and tested method for reforming a head tosser.

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Q: My horse tosses his head constantly. I had the veterinarian out, and she says his teeth are fine. I even asked a trainer to help me find a comfortable bit and adjust my horse’s headstall, but he still tosses his head. Help!

A: Watch John Lyons’ video to learn his tried and tested method for reforming a head tosser.


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Video: Fix Head Tossing with John Lyons

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Layne    Eureka, CA

1/25/2018 9:20:03 PM

Question.. While on the ground weather it be lunging with outside sliding side rein and lung line from saddle threw bit and to me my horse doesn't toss her head nore wile long lining, But only under saddle will she toss her head. She goes from round supple and threw from her haunches and correct liffting her belly and back as well as her forehand and then all the sudden it goes to hell in a handbasket. As quick as it comes it goes. I've been an asistant trainer at a pertformance horse ranch starting both dressage and reiners and from there on to training for myself, i've started many many horses and NEVER had this happen to me. I've tryed all the tricks and still nothing. Her teath, saddle fit, etc... are all good. What might I be missing or is it the horse? She's a hot blooded Arabian Sport Horse that has a big gass pedel and a bit of an issue with fight or flyght. I feed her with praise and reward wile never asking to much of her in fear that i'll reverse my training. I've ran out of ideas from all the above and more even chainging her bit. Can you think of a solution? please respond ide love to resolve this issue

Marion    Sussex, NJ

11/26/2014 6:54:55 AM

My personal experience was a trainer with hard hands! Fired her butt! Horse was fine after that!

Marion    Sussex, NJ

11/7/2014 4:01:59 AM

I would also look into first a tooth problem, bit problem or medical issue!

Liz    Del Rio, TX

7/10/2014 8:49:17 PM

My 5 year old Ten. Walker ha started doing this. However, the other day I tried Calm before I rode him and he started throwing his head anyway. So I had a friend just come and sit in the center of the round pen that I ride in. Well that made a considerable difference and it lessened. He has blue eyes so I though it might be the light but having that person in the pen made the biggest difference. What do you think about that? What advise would you give ?

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