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 Control Barrel Turns
I always have trouble knocking over barrels. What am I doing wrong?

Marlene McRae, Champion barrel racer, advises how to control barrel turns. Click Here

Question of the Week: Soured on Arena Work
My horse refuses to move in the arena. What do I do?

Arena Sour Horse
My horse hates the arena. How do I help him get over it?

Question of the Week: Finding a Trainer
How do I find a good horse trainer without going broke?

Finding the Right Helmet
How do I make sure my helmet fits correctly?

Question of the Week: Accepting the Back Cinch
My horse bucks when I fasten the back cinch. What can I do?

Bit by Bit
I see bits in catalogs called ??reining bits.?g Is that what I should ride my reining horse in?

Question of the Week: Brake Failure
How do I get my horse to slow down on trail rides?

Western Horse Training - Competitive Trail Riding
How do I get started in the sport of competitive trail riding?

Cue Speed Between Barrels
What can I do to get my horse to pick up the pace between barrels?

Breed Specific
What tips do you have regarding the differences I might encounter between open and breed shows?

Downhill Dilemma
My mare kicks out and bucks while going downhill on trail rides. How can I correct this dangerous behavior?

The Great Draw Rein Debate
What are the pros and cons of using draw reins?

Ending Codependence
When I try to ride my mare away from my gelding, she throws a huge fit. How can I get her to calm down?

Build Speed for a Faster Barrel Racing Time
Champion barrel racer Marlene McRae advises how to condition for a faster barrel racing time.

Moving Forward
My mare keeps switching gaits. How can I train her out of this?

Question of the Week: Grazing During Trail Rides
How do I stop my horse from trying to eat while we're trail riding?

Question of the Week: Head Tossing
Why does my horse toss his head?

Herd-Bound Help
Can you give me some pointers on how to make my horse less herd bound during trail rides?

Ask the Expert: My Horse Spooks at Ropes
Clinton Anderson helps a rider whose horse spooks whenever he sees a rope.

Increase Barrel Racing Flexibility
Champion barrel racer Marlene McRae advises how to increase barrel racing flexibility.

Knocking Over Barrels
Champion barrel racer Marlene McRae advises how to control barrel turns.

Question of the Week: Lope Leads
How do I get my horse to consistently pick up the correct lead?

Question of the Week: Nervous Trail Horse
How can I help my horse gain confidence on the trail?

Set to Spin
How do you train a horse to spin?

Ask the Expert: Shifting Weight in Barrel Racing
How should I shift my weight to help my horse around the barrels?

Ask the Expert: Smoothing out the Lope
My horse's lope is rough and very hard to sit. How can I fix this?

Don't Dis the Snaffle
Do I need to put my horse in a curb bit for trail riding?

Stop on Whoa
How do I get my horse to respond when I ask him to stop?

Trail Runaway
My horse, Duke, is generally well behaved, but some days all he wants to do is run when we get on the trails. How can I stop him from running on the trail?

Trail Tune-up
My 9-year-old Quarter Horse is perfect for trail rides, but sometimes he???ll lie down and roll when we???re crossing water. Can you help me fix this problem?

Working in the Bosal
How do I get my horse to give to the bosal (hackamore) and come on the bit as he would with a snaffle?

Lengthening Your Horse’s Gaits
Allow your horse to use his full range of motion for better training and conditioning. Here's how.

Ask the Expert: Teach the Sidestep
How do I teach my horse to step to the side instead of turning?

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