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Cookies and carrots will bring nickers, but here???s what the research suggests horses love.

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• Cuddling Up. When horses groom each other, studies have found that it lowers their heart rates, indicating the activity has a relaxing, calming effect1.

• Grazing. No surprises here, feral and pastured horses spend 40-60 percent of their time partaking in this activity.

• Water, Please. Horses drink in association with feeding, so they’ll need continuous access to fresh water to wash that forage down.

• Good Company. Social isolation is a disturbing experience for a horse—companionship soothes a lonely heart.

• R & R. When allowed to control their own environment, horses opt out of stall life and instead spend the majority of their time turned out with friends.

• Walking. Feral and pastured horses rarely trot or canter unless startled. Instead, those hooves were made for walkin’.

• A Comfy Bed. Soft bedding is preferred over a bare surface, and straw is often a favorite over wood shavings.

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Reader Comments

Stacey    Central, FL

11/25/2012 11:21:39 AM

These are so cute! And very true. ;D

Diana    Cedarville, NJ

7/16/2010 3:05:41 PM

Well I know my horses are happy!!!

David    ladysmoth, ME

5/13/2010 4:45:26 AM

Every tip will help out someone, even especially. With 10 horses/popnies, you will find each one like different things, but they all love apples.

anonymous    nowhere, YT

7/1/2009 2:10:41 PM

these are kind of obvious...

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