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First Aid Kit Learn how to handle an equine emergency. Find out what injuries you can treat yourself and figure out when you need to call a veterinarian.

Equestrian Life - Emergency Contact Information
Make sure those who care for your horse have the emergency contact numbers they need.

Equestrian Life - Evaluating Equine Fitness
If you plan to take your horse with you on vacation--camping and trail riding--make sure he's fit to go.

Equine First Aid Kit
Are you prepared for an emergency?

Horse Survives Loss of an Eye
Owner is thankful she maintained faith in her mare.

Horse Health - First-Aid for Laminitis
Improve your horses' chance of surviving laminitis with these first-aid tips.

Trailer Emergency Kit
When traveling with your horse, be sure you're prepared with this list of emergency essentials.

First Aid Kit for the Trail
From humans to horses, here's what should go into trail riding first aid kits.

Treating an Abscess
A few simple steps to treat this common ailment will help to bring your horse back to soundness.

Wound Care Chart
When your horse gets a minor cut or scrape, which treatment should you reach for? Find out with our easy-to-read chart.

Question of the Week: My Horse Has Hives
My horse gets hives whenever she sweats. What should I do?

Barn Emergency Kit Essentials
Always be prepared with first-aid supplies on hand for your horse.

Horse Colic - Colic Surgery Guide
What happens when your horse needs colic surgery? A vet's advice prepares you for this serious scenario.

Collecting Vital Signs
Your horse's vital signs will give you and your vet a wealth of information in case of a health emergency.

Horse First Aid - Directions to Emergency Responders
If you become incapacitated during an accident, you can make sure your horses will be taken care of by leaving information that will help direct emergency responders.

Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO)
DMSO isn't always the best choice for treating a horse's lameness.

Guide to Horse Hoof Problems
Keeping your horse's feet healthy is key to keeping him sound.

Inside a Lameness Exam
Learn what vets look for in a lameness evaluation.

Horse First Aid - Administering Horse Medication
Tips on administering medication to your horse.

How to Bandage a Horse's Leg
A vet explains how to correctly treat and bandage a lower-leg wound.

Hoof Care and Lameness - Liniments and Poultices for Sore Horses
The hot and cold of liniments and poultices.

Prevent Bee, Wasp and Hornet Stings
Keep yourself and your horse safe from stinging insects.

Horse Health - Red Bag Delivery
A Doctor of Veterinary Medicine explains this rare foaling complication.

Horse Grooming - Equine Skin Problems
Recognizing and treating skin disorders on your horse.

Hoof Care and Lameness - Equine Tendon and Ligament Injuries
A veterinarian discusses common tendon and ligament injuries, and offers advice on recovery.

Trail First-Aid
Be prepared for equine emergencies out on the trail.

Horse First Aid - Trail Riding Injuries
A little first-aid know-how and a cool head will go a long way if your horse sustains an injury on the trail.

Horse Keeping - Horse Trailering Emergency
It is impossible to plan for every potential emergency, but being prepared in advance can make the difference between being helpful and being helpless.

Horse Management - Horses and Stinging Insects
Coping with Summer's Stingers and Biters

ASPCA's Poison Control Hotline Could Save Your Horse's Life
The emergency line is open 24 hours to assist horse and pet owners.

First aid for abrasions, punctures and cuts on your horse
Here are the steps you should take when your horse comes in from the pasture with a wound.

Porcupine Quills and Cactus Spines
What do you do if your horse has a close encounter with a spiny creature? A vet explains.

How to bandage a horse's leg
A leg bandage can provide support and protection, but make sure you're doing it right with these tips.

What To Do When Laminitis Strikes
An extensive article provides first-aid tips for horses suffering from this devastating disease.

First Aid Kits for Horses and Riders
Keep your barn stocked with these basic emergency supplies.

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