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nutrition What’s in your horse’s feed bucket? Good nutrition is the key to a healthy horse. Learn all about feeding a horse and meeting his nutritional needs.

Equestrian Life - Expense Report
HI talks to horse owners across the nation to compare horsekeeping expenses.

Equestrian Life - A Thanksgiving Treat
You can still treat your horse to a special snack while looking after his nutritional needs.

30 Nutrition Tips
Keep your horse in shape with 30 top feeding tips.

Avoiding Equine Dental Problems
Routine dental care is essential to keeping your horse healthy.

HorseChannel's Guide to Supplements
Do the ingredients in equine supplements read like a foreign language? Learn the lingo with our alphabetical guide.

Downloadable Stall Card
Download a free stall card to display your horse's daily menu.

Storing Bagged Horse Feed
Don't let good feed go bad. Keep it from spoiling with expert tips for proper storage.

Ask the Vet: Nutrition Changes for Horse Show Season
Should I change my horse's diet when he's more active during the summer season?

Question of the Week: Alfalfa for Arabians
Is it safe to feed straight alfalfa to help my horse gain weight?

Cushing's Disease
What is safe to feed a horse with Cushing's Disease?

Ask the Vet: Forage for Senior Horses
What forage options are available for hard-to-keep senior horses?

Question of the Week: My horse is eating tree bark
My horse has eaten the bark off the trees in his field. Should I be concerned?

How to Change a Horse's Feed
Can you give me a general rule to follow when making a feed change?

Question of the Week: Help for an overweight horse
How can I get my horse to a healthy weight without compromising nutrition?

Ask the Vet: Could my horse's restricted diet cause a vitamin deficiency?
Dr. Lydia Gray explains how to make sure an easy keeper is getting the nutrition he needs.

Question of the Week: Skinny Lesson Horse
Why won't my horse gain weight?

Question of the Week: Spring Grass Safety
How much spring grass is safe for my miniature horses?

Too Many Treats
How do I know if I'm feeding my horse too many treats?

Question of the Week: Vitamins for Horses
How do I know if my horses are getting the right vitamins in their diet?

Horse Nutrition - Seven Feeding Myths Shattered
A surprising number of us are baffled by the basic principles of equine nutrition.

Horse Nutrition - All About Hay
Hay is the basis of virtually every horse's diet, but all hays aren't created equal.

Horse Disease - Blister Beetles
Late summer is the time of year when alfalfa hay is prone to infestation by the blister beetle.

Video: Horse Body Condition Scoring
Learn how to assess a horse's body condition.

Choosing Good Hay
How to tell if the hay you have is good enough for your horse.

Horse Nutrition - Complete Feeds for Horses
If you feed a complete feed, will your horse blimp out? Here's how to incorporate these handy feeds into your program safely.

Design a Healthy Diet for Your Horse
These key points are essential for creating the right feeding plan for any horse.

Digestive Supplements for Horses
Changes to a horse's diet could help reduce the risk of colic, ulcers, and other digestive problems.

Does Your Horse Need Grain?
Not every horse needs grain in his diet. Here’s how to determine if your horse is better off with or without it.

Horse Colic - Electrolyte Essentials
Find out how to replenish these vital minerals in your horse's body.

Equine Nutrition FAQ
The industry’s top experts answer your most common equine nutrition questions.

Video: Feed Your Horse by Weight
Find out how to correctly measure your horse's hay and grain for a balanced diet.

Horse Nutrition - Feeding Bran
Offering your horse a lovingly prepared bran mash may seem like a good way to warm him up on a cold morning, but it may be doing him more harm than good.

Horse Nutrition - Feeding Broodmares and Foals
Making sure your foal gets all the nutrients he needs right from the start will help ensure he reaches his full potential as an adult.

Feeding the Easy Keeper
If your horse gains weight a little too easily, here's how to manage his diet.

Feeding the Hard Keeper
Management advice from a vet for horses who don't gain weight.

Feeding the Hot Horse
The truth about nutrition and high-energy equines.

Horse Nutrition - Milk Alternatives for Foals
A mare's failure to produce milk can be devastating, but alternatives are available to help your newborn thrive.

Forage for Senior Horses
What are the options for feeding older horses who can't chew hay?

Fueling High Performance
Learn what it takes to feed a horse for top competitive performance.

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