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Horse Breeding - Newborn Foal Care
What to do once your foal is on the ground.

Horse Breeding - The Bond Between Mare and Foal
A look at what happens between mom and baby during those critical first days of a foal's life.

Equestrian Life - Breeding Contracts
A breeding contract spelling out all the details of the arrangement between mare and stallion owner is essential.

Horse Life Calendar
Find out what your horse needs during every phase of life.

Horse Nutrition - Feeding Broodmares and Foals
Making sure your foal gets all the nutrients he needs right from the start will help ensure he reaches his full potential as an adult.

Horse Nutrition - Milk Alternatives for Foals
A mare's failure to produce milk can be devastating, but alternatives are available to help your newborn thrive.

Managing Parasites in Your Foal
Ensure your foal's health with the right parasite control program.

Hoof Care for Foals
Proper hoof care from a young age will help your foal maintain lifetime soundness.

Horse Disease - Mosquito-Borne Diseases
Because a number of factors can affect the risks of falling victim to potentially deadly brain-swelling diseases carried by mosquitoes, Purdue University experts recommend that all horses be vaccinated.

Raising the Orphan Foal
With the right information, you can successfully raise an orphan foal into a happy, healthy horse.

Horse Health - Red Bag Delivery
A Doctor of Veterinary Medicine explains this rare foaling complication.

Respiratory Disease in Young Horses
Young horses are at higher risk for equine infectious upper respiratory disease.

Vaccinating Foals: Make Sure Young Horses Have Vital Protection
Find out how to create the optimal vaccination program for your new foal.

Pneumonia is major killer of foals
Researchers are collaborating to find cures for foal pneumonia.

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