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nutrition What’s in your horse’s feed bucket? Good nutrition is the key to a healthy horse. Learn all about feeding a horse and meeting his nutritional needs.

Horse Nutrition - Milk Alternatives for Foals
A mare's failure to produce milk can be devastating, but alternatives are available to help your newborn thrive.

Forage for Senior Horses
What are the options for feeding older horses who can't chew hay?

Fueling High Performance
Learn what it takes to feed a horse for top competitive performance.

Grazing Dangers
Horses at high risk for laminitis need special care when it comes to grazing.

Horse Health - Feed Labels: Analyzing the Nutritional Guarantee
When buying horse feed, what are you really getting?


Holistic Horse Care - Herbal Remedies for Horse Health
A different type of greenery may be what your horse needs.

Horse Nutrition - Beet Pulp for Horses
Find out if your horse's meal plan should include beet pulp.

Horse Feeding Dos and Don'ts
Optimize your horse's diet and avoid major equine nutrition mistakes.

Horse Nutrition - Meeting Your Horse's Nutritional Needs
Too much, too little or just right-does your horse's diet match his lifestyle? Follow these guidelines to balance his feed bucket.

Horse Health - The Basics of Equine Dentistry
What is floating? Find out why horses' teeth require this care.

Horse Nutrition - Balancing Your Horse's Diet to Achieve an Ideal Weight
Too fat? Too thin? Expert nutrition advice on balancing your horse's diet to achieve an ideal weight.

Insulin Resistance
By Holly Werner Caccamise

Kentucky Bluegrass
By Holly Werner Caccamise

Horse Health - Stall Smorgasbord
If you have a stabled horse with vices, read on.

Equine Nutrition from A to Z
Feeding your horse may seem like a complex task, but it can be simple with our glossary of equine nutrition terms.

Nutrition Tips for Senior Horses
Older horses have unique nutritional needs. Here’s how to design a feeding plan accordingly.

Horse Disease - Most Performance Horses Thought to Have Ulcers
Recently published research has revealed the presence of ulcers in the colons of performance horses.

Does Your Horse Need Prebiotics and Probiotics?
Whether or not these supplements can help your horse depends on his health and lifestyle.

Preventing Grass Founder
Stop metabolic laminitis before it starts.

Selecting the Right Hay for Your Horse
All hays are not created equal. Find out what you should be looking for when purchasing hay for your horse.

Horse Nutrition - Seasonal Feeding
Special considerations for your horse's diet throughout the four seasons.

Should You Soak Your Horse's Hay?
There are pros and cons to soaking hay. Find out if it’s the right treatment for your horse’s diet.

Spring Grazing Safety
What's the best way to allow a horse to enjoy spring grass safely?

Holistic Horse Care - Supplements for Horses
Determine if your horse needs extra supplements for an extra boost of nutrition.

The Amazing — and Troublesome — Equine Digestive System
An overview of the horse's digestive system and where things can go wrong.

The Science Behind Gradual Feed Changes
Find out what's going on in your horse's gut when you make changes to his diet.

The Scoop on Senior Horse Nutrition
Feed your senior horse to keep him looking and feeling his best.

Toxic Horse Treats
Before you share a snack with your horse, find out which ones are truly safe for horses.

What You Need To Know About Choke In Horses
Choking affects horses differently than humans. Learn how to spot a horse that’s choking and what to do.

Vitamin G: What You Need to Know about Grass and Your Horse’s Nutrition
Find out how grass can be the basis of your horse’s diets, as well as its risks and limitations.

Winter Feeding
Six tips for feeding your horse well through winter.

Choose the Right Hay for Your Horse
7 things to look for when selecting hay.

Feeding Horses Without Pasture
How to keep your horse’s diet healthy when grass pasture isn’t available.

Senior Horse - Match Feed With Need
Fulfill your horse's energy needs by providing proper nutrition.

Horsekeeping - Healthy Pastures
Experts give advice on how to make the most out of your pasture.

10 Rules to Feed By
No matter what type of horse you have, proper nutrition is important for keeping him healthy and happy.

Senior Horse Servings
Nutrition strategies for older horses, whether they're hard-keepers, easy-keepers, or just right.

Soil and Hay Tests for Horse Owners
Equine nutritionists recommend testing your horse's pasture and hay. Here's why and how to do it.

Top 10 Winter Feeding Tips
Here are ten tips to feed your horse for a healthy winter.

Equine Nutrition Tip: Grass Clippings are Not Safe for Horses
Find out why it's not safe to feed your horse grass clippings after you've mowed the lawn.

A Better Technique for Measuring Changes in Your Horse's Weight
Taking a weight tape measurement at the heart girth may not be the best method.

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