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Horse Community - Dealing with the Loss of a Horse
Coping with the loss of a horse can be a difficult journey.

Ask the Vet: Preventing Joint Degeneration
How can horse owners be proactive to reduce the risk of future joint problems?

Horse Disease - Advances Against Cushing's Disease
New therapies, along with improved diagnostic tests, are clearing the way to better care.

Senior Horse - Riding Off Into the Sunset Years
Just because a horse has reached his older years doesn't mean he has to hang up his horseshoes and be content with pasture life.

Horse Health - Drug Warning
If your horse needs pain management, consider the following advice.

Senior Horse - Add Years to Your Senior's Life
10 ways to add years to your senior horse's life.

Horse Dentistry - Telltale Teeth
A horse's teeth reveal his age. If you're going to look a gift horse in the mouth, here's how to learn something from the view.

Senior Horse - Match Feed With Need
Fulfill your horse's energy needs by providing proper nutrition.

Could joint supplements help senior horses?
A Dutch study examined how one combination of ingredients affected movement in older horses.

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