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Summer Riding Problems Solved
Solutions for dealing with bugs, heat, and an overcrowded barn in the summer.

Ask the Vet: Help for a Horse with Sweet Itch
My horse is allergic to the bite of midges. What can I do?

Ask the Vet: Keeping Flies out of a Horse's Eyes
My horse won't keep a fly mask on. How else can I protect his eyes from bugs?

Question of the Week: Sensitivity to Gnats
How can I help my horse get some relief from gnats this summer?

Horse Disease - Blister Beetles
Late summer is the time of year when alfalfa hay is prone to infestation by the blister beetle.

Horse Disease - Mosquito-Borne Diseases
Because a number of factors can affect the risks of falling victim to potentially deadly brain-swelling diseases carried by mosquitoes, Purdue University experts recommend that all horses be vaccinated.

Horse Grooming - What's In Natural Grooming Products?
The following plant-derivatives are frequently included in the ingredient lists of many natural products (and even some that are not).

Horse First Aid - Preventing Ticks
Discover tips to rid your horse of those trying ticks.

Horse Grooming - Equine Skin Problems
Recognizing and treating skin disorders on your horse.

10 Ways to Banish Flies from the Barn
A multi-pronged approach will help keep your horse's home fly-free.

7 Fly Control Myths
Horse owners try lots of things to keep bugs away in the summer. Here’s the truth behind some of these unusual tricks.

Be Fly Free
Get the most out of your horse’s fly control program.

Biting flies and other horse-farm pests
Here is a rundown of the common critters that pester horses.

Does Your Horse Need a Fly Mask or Fly Sheet?
If your horse is especially bothered by bugs, outfitting him in anti-fly gear could be the answer.

Field Guide to Flies
Know your enemy. Read up on the pests that might be bugging your horse this summer.

Horsemanship How-to: Soothe the Fly-Sensitive Horse
Here's how to help a horse that is especially bugged by flies.

Horse Management - Horses and Stinging Insects
Coping with Summer's Stingers and Biters

What's Bugging Your Horse?
Set up your best defense against flies to protect your horse against the annoyance and disease that these pests bring.

Tips for a Fly-Free Summer
Here are some steps you can take to bust the bugs at your barn.

Win the War on Flies
Three strategies to battle flies at the barn.

Be on the look out for sweet itch this summer
Learn the signs of this seasonal allergic reaction in horses.

Protect your horse from flies this summer
Good barn management is key to reducing annoying insect populations.

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