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Horse Bathing Basics
Step-by-step instructions to help your horse really shine.

Body Clipping Your Horse
Body clipping is a good option for horses that stay in work all winter. Here's how to do it right.

How to Clean Your Horse's Brushes and Other Grooming Tools
Keep your horse's coat and skin healthy and maximize the life and usefulness of your grooming tools.

Guide to Grooming Tools
A handy chart of essential horse grooming tools.

Horse Grooming Safety
Stay safe (and keep your horse safe) during your pre-ride grooming sessions with these helpful reminders.

Care of Long Manes and Tails
A Friesian horse trainer shares the secrets of maintaining those gorgeous manes and tails.

Are There Poisonous Plants in Your Horse's Pasture?
Here are some of the more common toxic plants found in North American farmland.

Barn Strong
Do barn chores without breaking your back.

Better Homes & Boarding
A home horsekeeper becomes a boarder for the first time in decades.

Equestrian Life - Breeding Contracts
A breeding contract spelling out all the details of the arrangement between mare and stallion owner is essential.

Equestrian Life - Catching a Horse
Determine why your horse runs from you, then work to reestablish your relationship.

Cold Snap Survival Tips for Riders
Here's how to keep riding comfortably when sub-freezing temperatures take over a normally mild climate.

Equestrian Life - Emergency Contact Information
Make sure those who care for your horse have the emergency contact numbers they need.

Equestrian Life - Evaluating Equine Fitness
If you plan to take your horse with you on vacation--camping and trail riding--make sure he's fit to go.

Equestrian Life - Equestrian Related Liabilities
It's a question of liability and what you are willing to risk.

Equestrian Life - Expense Report
HI talks to horse owners across the nation to compare horsekeeping expenses.

Equestrian Life - Horse and Rider Spa Treatments
Do-it-Yourself Spa Treatments for You and Your Horse

Horse Shopping Step-by-Step
Take the difficulty out of finding a horse with five simple steps.

Equestrian Life - A Thanksgiving Treat
You can still treat your horse to a special snack while looking after his nutritional needs.

15 Steps to Ride in an Hour
Short on time? All you need is an hour and these steps to fitting in a quick ride.

Equestrian Life - Is Your Horse College Bound?
What you need to know about taking your horse to college.

Equestrian Life - Cut Horse Costs
Save money simply by avoiding these expensive mistakes.

Horse Rescue - Last Chance at Retraining
Bruce Lachiusa believes that most problem horses are created by riders who don't know how to ride.

Senior Horses Rule
Seven reasons why mature horses are the best.

Summer Riding Problems Solved
Solutions for dealing with bugs, heat, and an overcrowded barn in the summer.

Horse Illustrated/CONAIR Show Prep Tips Contest
Here are the best horse show prep tips selected from Horse Illustrated reader submissions.

Horse Illustrated Grooming Challenge Contest Results
The winner is revealed, plus editors' favorite picks.

Questions to Ask Your Barn Builder
10 things you should know when building your barn

10 Winter Health Care Mistakes to Avoid
Ensure your horse stays healthy all season long by using common sense and avoiding these Top 10 winter horsekeeping mistakes

Slideshow: Horse Blanket Styles
Take a look at the latest blanket styles to keep your horse warm and dry this season.

30 Property Maintenance Tips
Keep your horse property in top shape with these suggestions.

Too Hot to Trot?
Avoid potential heat traps for your horse.

How to Bang a Horse Tail
Tidy your horse's tail for a super sport horse look with step-by-step photos and instructions.

Barn Basics: the benefits of barn cats
As part of good stable management, bring in the kitties.

Barn Basics: Beware of Bees
Encountering bees around the barn or on the trail is a real hazard. Here are some tips to help you and your horse steer clear of stings.

Barn Basics: Take Your Tack from Ick to Slick
Master Mud and Sweat with These Quick Tips

Barn Basics: How to Help the Ex-Racehorse Feel at Home
Retraining an OTTB begins with three simple steps

Barn Basics: Pad Your Way to Perfection
Whether you ride English or western, the right pad can often help alleviate saddle fit problems

Barn Basics: On the Go Shampoo
Swish, Spritz and Sponge Away the Daily Grime

Barn Basics:
Tail Bag Tips

Barn Basics: Five Wet Weather Tips
If you live in a rainy climate, winter weather brings its own set of challenges.

Blueprint for Success: Part One
Planning, budgeting and financing lay the groundwork for a successful barn-building project.

Blueprint For Success: Part Two
Get into the nitty-gritty construction of your barn, from excavating the site to the final details and amenities.

Better, Faster, Smarter Stall Cleaning
Experts share their quick tips to efficient cleaning.

Blanket Central
HorseChannel's guide to outfitting your horse for winter weather.

To Clip or Not to Clip?
Decide on the best way to handle your horse???s winter coat.

Clipping Tools and Essentials
If you want a professional-grade body clip, you'll need the right tools for the job. Here's a list of everything you'll need to take on your horse's winter coat.

Horse Show Makeover
Get your horse show-ring ready in 10 steps.

Make Your Own Cross-Country Jumps
Schooling cross-country is possible when you build a few basic jumps.

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