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Equestrian Life - Expense Report
HI talks to horse owners across the nation to compare horsekeeping expenses.

Horses in Flight
Horses traveling to the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games fly in comfort and safety.

HorseChannel - Train Your Horse to Unload from the Trailer Safely
Teaching your horse to unload is an important step in trailering. Find out how to master this challenge with tips from clinician Chris Cox.

Towing Capacities
Are your vehicle and trailer safe to pull your horses?

Caring for the Traveling Horse
Five quick tips to keep horses that travel safe and healthy.

Horse First Aid - Directions to Emergency Responders
If you become incapacitated during an accident, you can make sure your horses will be taken care of by leaving information that will help direct emergency responders.

Horse Keeping - 30 Trailering Tips
Master traveling with your horse with these 30 tips.

Healthy Hauling
Steps to a healthy short- or long-distance trailer ride.

Horse Keeping - Horse Trailering Emergency
It is impossible to plan for every potential emergency, but being prepared in advance can make the difference between being helpful and being helpless.

Horse Keeping - Safe Trailering
Follow these expert tips for safer horse trailering.

Safety Checkpoints for Purchasing a Horse Trailer
Whether you buy new or used, here's how to find the right trailer for you and your horse.

Riding in Comfort: 10 Tips to Haul Your Horse First Class
Taking some time to ensure your horse's comfort on the road will pay off when you reach your destination.

Horse Keeping - Horse Trailering Checklist
Check off these emergency essentials before you hit the road with horses in tow.

Horsekeeping - Trailer Tips
Follow these trailer tips to ensure a pleasant journey.

Horse Keeping - Traveling With Your Horse
Every horse traveling is more than likely to be accompanied by a mound of equipment. Be sure to keep these items within easy reach!

ClubEquestrian Introduces Ride Share Program
The service allows riders to network to share trailer space for transportation to equestrian events.

USRider Encourages Use of Pre-Trip Checklist when Trailering Horses
Based on accident research, checklist helps improve trailering safety

Transporting horses safely in hot weather
US Rider offers advice on keeping your horse safe and comfortable during summer travels.

USRider Offers State-by-State Equine Transportation Info
Check the site before you travel with your horse for horse transportation alerts and regulations.

On Board with Clinton Anderson at WEG
Trailer loading technique demonstrated at Clinician???s Corral.

Trailer Safety: Check Your Tires
Keep tabs on your tire pressure, especially during cold weather.

Trailer safety: Carry two spare tires when traveling with your horse
This simple precaution could prevent serious problems on the road.

Conserve gas when trailering your horse
Here are some tips for improving your fuel economy when trailering.

What should you do if you encounter severe weather while trailering your horse?
Plan ahead to avoid dangerous situations on the road with your horse.

Travel safely with your horse this winter
Read on for tips on safelty trailering your horse during winter weather.

What Your Horse Needs to Know Before Getting in a Trailer
Summer adventures await you and your horse, but first you need to be able to get him safely off the farm.

No More Trailer Troubles
Clinton Anderson puts an end to your horse???s trailer loading fears.

Horse Behavior - Trailer Training Psychology
If we contemplate the conflict between the horse's basic nature and what is expected of him for trailering, it's no surprise that problems frequently occur.

Solve Your Horse's Trailer Loading Troubles
Double Dan Horsemanship’s Dan James reveals the truth behind trailer loading troubles.

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