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Slideshow: Horse Grooming Products
Check out some products that can help give your horse a healthy glow in his coat, hooves, and mane and tail.

Horse Grooming Tools
A guide to everything you need to keep your horse looking his best

Primp My Ride
Grooming essentials you need to know, from everyday maintenance to horse show preparation.

Speed vs. Spa
Make the most of your grooming time.

Horse Management - Summer Sweat
Now that summer weather is in full force, make sure that you are treating the effects of summer time sweat.

Ten-Step Grooming Makeover
Get your horse looking his best from nose to tail.

Zone Grooming
A head-to-tail guide to grooming basics.

No-Fail Tail Care
Strategies to grow and enhance your horse's tail.

Upgrade Your Horse's Braids
With a little practice, you can learn to create show-worthy yarn braids.

How to Tame Your Horse's Mane
Get a stubborn mane to lie flat by using a towel.

Sunburned Horses
Light-skinned muzzles, don???t forget to slather on the sunscreen!

Doing Battle Against Sarcoids
Find out how to treat the wart-like growths once and for all.

Start Now to Slick Down Winter Fuzz
Follow a few easy tricks to keep your horse???s winter coat glossy.

Horsemanship How-to: Brighten White Stockings
Here's how to get your horse's white leg markings gleaming and show-ready.

Video: English Show Grooming
Here's how to give your horse that professional look for the hunter/jumper show ring.

Prepare Your Horse for a Photo Shoot
Follow these grooming tips from Absorbine to spiff up your horse for Horse Illustrated's 2011 photo contest.

Grooming Show Tails
A beautifully groomed tail can score a rider much-needed brownie points from the judge.

Grooming Tips for Show-ring Shine
Step-by-step instructions for making your horse look his best.

Be a Horse Show Buddy
Here are some tips on how you can help your friends have a successful show.

Horse Training - 30 Blue Ribbon Tips
What rider wouldn't like to add a blue ribbon to their collection? Use these tips to help snag the blue at your next show.

Horse Showing - Grooming for Halter and Showmanship
Grooming and conditioning for halter and showmanship.

Horse Showing - Parade Primping
Add fun and flash to your prancing parade mount with special tack and grooming ideas.

Western Horse Training - Leading Your Halter Horse to Victory
Veteran competitor and judge Bambi Thomas shares her program to lead a halter horse to success.

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