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Deworming the Reluctant Horse
Are you constantly at battle with your horse over deworming? Find tips to make this common struggle a breeze!

Equine Economics: Love Him? Then Lease Him
Leasing Might be a Way to Hang on to Your Horse

Fall Riding and Horse Care
Follow these guidelines to keep your horse happy and healthy this fall.

HorseChannel - Fire in the Hills
A sudden fire left Kathy Voyer caught between her three mares and a cloud of blazing embers.

Your First Horse: Grooming and Horse Care
Everything you need to know about grooming and caring for your new horse.

A Fitting Solution
Blanket experts offer advice to get the perfect fit for your horse.

A Foal Safe Plan
Create a hazard-free environment for your foal.

Green Fly Control
Controlling annoying insects isn't an easy task, especially if you are concerned about the environment. Here are some strategies that help minimize threats to our world.

Hay Buying Without the Hassle
Nine tips to take the stress out of forage shopping

Slideshow: At-Home Horse Barns
Whether you're considering building or improving an at-home barn, or just dreaming of the possibilities, check out these barns and accessories from top manufacturers.

Blanket Technology
Check out the latest blanket technology to ensure your horse isn???t left out in the cold this winter.

Horse Cost Calculator
What does it really cost to own a horse?

Fence Maintenance
Keep your horse safe behind all types of fencing with these tips on fence maintenance.

How to Braid a Horse's Mane for Hunter Competition
Beautify your hunter with this step-by-step mane braiding guide.

Tack Fit
Determine whether your horse's tack fits well or makes him fit to be tied.

How to Braid a Horse's Tail for Hunter Competition
Get top tails for show hunters with step-by-step tail braiding tips.

How to Attach a Temporary Tail Extension
Make a wimpy tail stand out with these simple steps to attaching a tail extension.

Keeping Warm During Barn Chores
Dressing for the weather will make daily tasks bearable after the weather turns cold.

Horse Health - First-Aid for Laminitis
Improve your horses' chance of surviving laminitis with these first-aid tips.

Arena Lighting
Having a great new arena is a dream come true, and being able to use it at night is a bonus. But you need to put as much thought into lighting the arena as you did planning it.

Partial Clips: The Best of Both Worlds
Several clipping options allow you to get the best of both worlds'remove hair where your horse sweats the most, but leave enough to provide warmth.

Horse Show Skills and Solutions:
How to Dress Up the Horse in the Plain Brown Wrapper

Pre-Purchase Exam: Better Quality Assurance
Learn about how a pre-purchase exam can help determine if the horse you're interested in buying is sound and healthy.

How to Pull a Loose Shoe
A loose shoe is a danger to your horse. Learn how to take care of it when your farrier isn't around.

Selling Your Horse on the Internet
A broad marketplace exists for those who know the facts about selling a horse online.

Senior Horse Retirement
Learn how to tell when your horse is ready to start slowing down.

Downloadable Stall Card
Download a free stall card to display your horse's daily menu.

Storing Bagged Horse Feed
Don't let good feed go bad. Keep it from spoiling with expert tips for proper storage.

Tips for Thicker Tails
No matter what type of tail your horse was born with, maximize it with these thicker tail tips.

Treating an Abscess
A few simple steps to treat this common ailment will help to bring your horse back to soundness.

Troubleshooting Electric Fences
Find out what???s causing the short in your fence without wasting time.

Utility Vehicle Maintenance
Keep your utility vehicle in good working condition for farm and stable chores.

How to Band a Western Horse's Mane
Outshine the competition in the western show arena by following these simple steps.

Wound Care Chart
When your horse gets a minor cut or scrape, which treatment should you reach for? Find out with our easy-to-read chart.

Very Bad at Bath Time
My horse is terrified of the hose. How do I give him a bath?

Question of the Week: Bored Horse
What can I do to prevent my horse from developing vices?

Question of the Week: A dusty winter coat
How do I prevent my horse's winter coat from collecting dust?

Question of the Week: Fear of Fly Spray
How do I fight flies when my horse won't stand still for fly spray?

Finding a Retirement Home
How do I find the best retirement home for my horse?

Question of the Week: Corral Mud Management
My horse likes to stand in the muddiest part of his corral. What do I do?

Question of the Week: Starting a Horse Boarding Business
What do I need to know before starting my horse business?

Ask the Vet: Adjusting to Pasture
How do I acclimate a new horse to being on pasture 24/7?

Ask the Vet: Clipping a Horse's Whiskers
Is it true that clipping whiskers is harmful to horses?

Ammonia Fumes in a Horse's Stall
My horse's stall smells like ammonia. I feed my horse alfalfa hay, and my barn friends tell me that the high-protein content of this hay is causing the ammonia smell. Is this true? Is it a bad thing?

Question of the Week: Birds in the Barn
Can bird droppings make my horse sick?

Ask the Vet: Blankets and Shelter for Horses in Winter
How do I know when I my horses will need blankets or shelter in the winter?

Question of the Week: Fruit Trees in the Pasture
Is it possible to safely keep a horse in a pasture full of fruit trees?

Question of the Week: Help for a Horse with Heaves
My horse was diagnosed with heaves. What can I do to help her?

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