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Get Rid of Mold on Your Tack
Mold a fact of farm life during the summer. Here’s how to rid your tack of mold and prevent it from recurring.

How to Organize Your Tack Trunk
How to invest some time now to make getting ready to ride more efficient in the future.

Horse Keeping - Longeing Gear
Tack up properly for the best longeing results.

Horse Management - Make A Breakaway Halter
A must-have safety measure.

Horse Keeping - Saddle Fit
There are many tried-and-true and innovative ways of making sure your horse is just as happy with your new tack as you are.

Horse Keeping - Selecting Saddle Pads
Choosing the right saddle pad begins by looking at the practical details of fit and intended use.

Horse Management - Get a Grip on Chicago Screws
There isn't a more disconcerting feeling than realizing that your reins have become disengaged from your western bit because the Chicago screws have come undone.

Horse Management - Summer Sweat
Now that summer weather is in full force, make sure that you are treating the effects of summer time sweat.

Horse Keeping - Real Benefits of Synthetic Tack
Available in a wide array of styles, with as many accessories as colors, synthetic tack is long-lasting, low-maintenance and relatively inexpensive.

Active Ingredients
What's in your saddle soap?

Tack Cleaning Tips
Protect your investment. A little maintenance can go a long way to keep your tack in good condition.

How to Break in Your Tall Boots
You got a new pair of riding boots for show season. Great! Now here's how to break them in without damaging them.

How to Fit a Bosal
No bit? No problem. But make sure your bridle fits correctly before riding with a bosal style hackamore.

Find the Right Bit for Your Horse
How do you know if you have the best bit? Here’s what to look for.

Latigo Strings: Tie One On
Add Latigo Strings to Make Your Western Saddle Trail Ready

It's a Cinch
Finding the Right Fit for Your Horse

7 Warning Signs of Poor Saddle Fit
These symptoms could indicate that your saddle isn't right for your horse.

A Guide to English Stirrups
The lowdown on five types of stirrups used in English riding.

Five Tips to Choose a Halter
Find the right halter for training, turnout and transporting your horse.

Find a Saddle That Fits Your Horse
What you need to know to find the perfect saddle fit.

Find the Right Riding Helmet
Shopping tips for purchasing this essential piece of equestrian equipment.

Gear up for Horse Ownership
A guide to the items you and your horse will need to get started together.

Horse Camp Safety
Heading to horse camp this summer? Here are some tips to stay safe and make the most of your time at camp.

HorseChannel's Online Bit Guide: Dexter Ring Bit
What is a Dexter Ring Bit? Find out here

Online Tack and Horse Equipment Guide
Expand your equestrian vocabulary with our dictionary of tack terms.

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