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Finding Your Lost Horse

It's important to recover your wandering horse as soon as possible. He could be a danger to himself or others.


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By Marcia King

Not every missing horse falls afoul of crime. Some horses decide to leave on their own. Even so, it's important to recover your wandering horse as soon as possible. He could be a danger to himself or others.

To round up a wandering horse, Robin Lohnes, executive director of the American Horse Protection Association, advises launching a search party on foot or in a vehicle. "Make sure you take a halter, lead rope and a pail of grain to entice him," she says. "Bring a flashlight if you go at night.

"Horses usually seek out other horses, so alert your neighbors and ask if he's in their pasture. If you're along an interstate or main road, alert the state police and animal control.

"Check wooded areas where he might not be in plain view," she adds. "Make sure he hasn't fallen through the ice in a pond. Horses are really curious and they think they can fit in areas where they really can't, especially youngsters, so they might wander into a machine shed and get accidentally caught behind a tractor." Usually horses that get out on their own don't go far, so concentrate your first efforts in areas close to home.

Having identification tags for your horse at all times will help to speed up the recovery should it wander astray. Small, circular pet ID tags with your name, address and phone number can either be braided or banded into your horse's mane.

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Finding Your Lost Horse

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Reader Comments

Ashli    International

5/30/2015 9:56:58 AM

I gave my 10 year old Quarter Horse mare, Dylan, to a couple back in October of 2014, who live in Pensacola, Florida, and told them that if they didn't want her, to call me and I would gladly take her back. Well, I can no longer get a hold of them to see how she is doing, and this is worrying me. Will someone please help me? She's a sorrel with a bird spot on her left hip and a star that almost resembles a downward arrow.

susan greene    Bothell, WA

2/4/2015 7:20:31 AM

I am trying to find a morgan gelding named "Peters Pride". Nicknamed pepper. I was cheated out of him. He was sold I believe to a laine volkman in wenatchee. I would love very to see if he is ok. Please call
Susan 4253019593

Patricia    Jacksonville, FL

12/15/2014 7:20:53 AM

Recently I gave my horses away because I traveled so much for work that they were not getting enough attention. I thought I had given them to someone who would love them. As a part of the 'deal', I was to have the first right of refusal should the new owner not be able to care for them any longer. After only five months she gave them away and does not know to who and never notified me.
The horse where in Keystone Heights FL. She beleives the horse went south; approximately a month ago
Tuff is a 17 y/o TB, dark bay 17'2 HH
Star is 4 y/o Quarter/App approx 14HH, slight build
The women also gave her to paints away.
If you know where my horses are please let me know. I want to ensure they are ok.
Thank you

samantha    killeen, TX

6/1/2014 10:13:04 AM

I'm searching for 3 horses.

One was sold in 2010 his registered name is justa bit of midas he's resisted apha and Palomino

Second was sold in 95 her name is Gray Destiny AHR#375887 May14, 1986 she was smokey Joe's mom

Thit'd horse is smokey joe he's not registered I've looking for 8 going on 9 years. My folks sold him thinking it was best for him but it wasn't. They also lied to my folks they said I Could see him any time
It wasn't tI'll 2010 I learned he was sold to 3 pal within a year
His page is

Midas page is

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