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January 2015
Horse Illustrated January 2015

Creative Creations
How to Set Effective Goals
How to Choose a Farrier
4 Types of Horse Rescue
Alternative Therapies for Horses

December 2014
Horse Illustrated December 2014

Night Riding
Find the Right Boarding Stable
7 Ways to Save Money on Horse Expenses
2014 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games
DIY Holiday Crafts
New Horizons in Arthritis Treatment
Take Great Sales Photos of Your Horse

November 2014
Horse Illustrated November 2014

Better Stall Cleaning
Choose the Right Equestrian College
Fall Riding and Horse Care
30 Best Horse Movies
The Black Stallion 35th Anniversary
Blanket Central
Showmanship Resources
Cross-Country Obstacles
4 Tips for Naming Your New Horse
A Horse Owner's Survival Guide to Fall and Winter

October 2014
Horse Illustrated October 2014

Carve Perfect Horse Jack-O-Lanterns
Choose the Right Fencing
Jumping Exercises for Small Arenas
HorseChannel's Costume Contest
A Horse Owner's Guide to Paying Vet Bills

September 2014
Horse Illustrated September 2014

Trail Riding Goes Competitive
Stay Fit in Between Rides
2014 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games in Normandy

August 2014
Horse Illustrated August 2014

Conquering Trail Terrors
Dogs and Horses
HorseChannel's Featured Videos
Behind the Scenes at the Secretariat Center
Video: English Saddle Fit

July 2014
Horse Illustrated July 2014

Trailer Guide
Ask the Vet
Fly Control Resources

June 2014
Horse Illustrated June 2014

Horse Show Prep Videos
The Near Side Blog
Over the Fence Blog

May 2014
Horse Illustrated May 2014 HorseChannel's Online Bit Guide

Riding the Mangalarga Marchador
Video: Yielding the Forequarters

April 2014
Horse Illustrated April 2014

Selling Your Horse on the Internet
Rider Reminders for Jumping
Video: Deworming Tutorial

March 2014
Horse Illustrated March 2014

Ride to the Roses
Video: Go Bridleless
Ride without Pain
Ask the Vet
Video: Backing for Respect

February 2014
Horse Illustrated February 2014 HorseChannel's Guide to Equestrian Fitness
Budweiser Clydesdales: Journey to the Super Bowl
Dressage Goes West
Stop Jumping Refusals
Video: Train Your Horse to Tie

January 2014
Horse Illustrated January 2014 Four Exercises to Master the Halt
Video: Gaits of the Icelandic Horse
Metro the Painting Thoroughbred
Herd in Iceland
Horse Rescue Resources
Rescued Horses: The Lucky Ones

December 2013
Horse Illustrated December 2013 A Bit of Advice from Gina Miles
Senior Horses: Aged to Perfection
The Seven Stages of Aging on Horseback
HorseChannel's Online Bit Guide
How to Make a Horsey Holiday Garland

November 2013
Horse Illustrated November 2013 Video: How to Measure Your Horse for a Blanket Slideshow: Fun with Horse Clipping Patterns
Horse Fun and Games

October 2013
Horse Illustrated October 2013
Video: Inspecting a Trailer
Balanced Trail Riding
Video: Riding Squares for Better Circles
Extreme Tack Makeover
Finding the Type of Trailer That is Right for You

September 2013
Horse Illustrated September 2013

  Funniest Horse Video Contest
Handling Bad Behavior
Video: Leg Yielding Tips for the Dressage Horse
Video: Meet the Marwari
Leg Yield Troubleshooting

August 2013
Horse Illustrated August 2013

Better Jumping with Ground Pole Exercises
Video: Fieracavalli in Three Minutes
Horseball: Horsemanship meets adrenaline
Selecting the Right Hay for Your Horse

July 2013
Horse Illustrated July 2013 Fly Control Resources's Fiction Contest
Too Hot to Trot?

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