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Horse Illustrated February 2015
February 2015

The Longest Ride
Lady long rider Bernice Ende completes the first leg of her 2014-2015 journey.

No-Graze Nutrition
How to keep your horse's diet healthy when pasture isn't available.

Fix Canter Malfunctions
Top trainer Julie Goodnight helps you cue the perfect canter.

Revving up the Lazy Horse
motivate your horse to get moving with this simple program.

An Eye for Trouble
What to do when your horse has an eye injury.

Vest Dressed
The latest vests to round out your equestrian fashion.

Circle Driving
The No-Worries Way with Clinton Anderson

The Rare Breed World Tour
Meet four fascinating breeds: the Akhal-Teke, Marwari, Knabstrubber and Mangalarga Marchador.


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