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Thank you for your interest in HORSE ILLUSTRATED. We hope you find the following guidelines helpful in preparing any future submissions.

Magazine Focus: HORSE ILLUSTRATED is directed to hands-on horse owners and riders of English and western disciplines. The magazine promotes responsible horse ownership, from providing tips to owners on better horse care and training, to alerting horse lovers about pertinent issues in the equine community. We direct our articles to the adult audience.

Suggested Articles: The best way to decide what type of article to submit is to look over a sample copy of the magazine, which is available nationwide at newsstands, tack stores or book stores. Look over more than one issue, if possible.

We need informative, in-depth, upbeat articles (limited to 2,000 words) that will help readers better care for and enjoy their horses. They may be about such topics as training (for both horse and rider), management or horse-related activities.

What NOT to Send:

  • Fiction
  • Tributes to deceased horses
  • Poetry
  • Book reviews
  • Please do not send breed profiles; this monthly feature is always assigned
  • Series, columns and multi-part articles are assigned only to our established writers

How to Submit: Address all correspondence to:

Elizabeth Moyer, Editor
P.O. Box 12106
Lexington, KY 40580-2106

Enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope with all materials, and please allow eight to twelve weeks for a response. If materials do not need to be returned, we appreciate knowing that.

In order to give your article proposal the best consideration, we prefer to receive queries via mail rather than email.

HORSE ILLUSTRATED receives dozens of unsolicited manuscripts and queries every week. The magazine accepts only a small fraction of what is submitted. Due to the high volume of unsolicited work, we cannot review or respond to any material sent to us by fax, or material that isn’t accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Manuscript Requirements: Manuscripts should be double-spaced with 1-inch margins. If your article is accepted, we’ll also need an electronic copy of the text as a Word document that can be opened on a PC. If your manuscript is accepted, you will be contacted and asked to send it to us via email.

Many great story ideas cannot be considered if we will be unable to find images to illustrate them. If specific photos will be essential to your manuscript, please indicate what photos are available to accompany your piece. It’s a huge plus if you can include professional-quality high-resolution digital images with these types of articles. Additional guidelines are available for photographers upon request or at

Reviewing Material: We prefer to review completed manuscripts on speculation. However, if you would like to query us before preparing an article, you must include a detailed outline of what the proposed article will cover, including any expert resources and sample paragraphs, as well as clips that demonstrate your writing style. We do not accept simultaneous submissions but may accept reprint material from noncompetitive publications. We require first North American serial rights in the equine industry.

Responsibility: We cannot assume responsibility for material submitted, but reasonable care will be taken in the handling of your work.

Payment: Articles are paid upon publication. Rates of payment are based on quality, not length. Articles accompanied by high-quality photographs earn the highest rates.

For new (and new to HI) writers: The majority of our core articles are assigned in advance to our regular writers. However, we are always looking to expand our “stable” of talented freelance equestrian journalists. The best way to get your foot in the door is to query with a completed manuscript demonstrating your writing ability, and just as important, an understanding of our tone and audience, and subject matter appropriate to our magazine. Once we have worked successfully with a writer on a manuscript or two, we will feel comfortable entertaining queries or assigning articles.

Because we have limited space to accept and publish queries, it can take up to a year to establish this type of relationship. We always appreciate your patience and professionalism throughout this process.

Rev. Oct 2012

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Reader Comments

Linda Geist    Columbia, MO

6/19/2014 5:53:45 AM

Hello, I am a writer for the University of Missouri Extension.

I have attached a link to a story and photos about an exceptional young man who suffered a brain injury while riding his horse. He has gone on to NEO and is a horse trainer and farrier.

You are welcome to use the story and photos at no charge.

I hope you will find it to be a worthy feature for your readers.



Linda Geist
Senior Information Specialist
University of Missouri Extension
4 Whitten Hall
Columbia, Mo. 65211

May I never be too busy

To help another bear his load

I'm drinkin from my saucer, Lord

'Cause my cup has over flowed

Spring    Alexandria, LA

3/14/2014 7:17:22 AM

I am interested in writing for your magazine.

Alison    International

1/21/2014 1:39:53 PM

Wow, what a great magazine!

I'm a freelance writer and author living in Cheshire in the UK.

My first novel, "If I Won A Pony" was published last year and has had some great reviews and positive feedback from both kids and adults!

It's an exciting and action-packed horsey adventure story aimed at horse-crazy folks from age 12 to 112.

Royalties will be donated to several very deserving horse charities. If you'd like to help, my book is available in paperback or Kindle through Amazon.

Many thanks xxx


Kathryn Dalziel    International

11/7/2013 1:08:48 AM



Please find attached press release and cover art for the launch of my new iBook ‘Epona’.

I am an artist and author currently living in the New Forest in Sway, Lymington. UK. I have written and illustrated, with 68 illustrations, the first book ‘Epona’, and am currently working on the second book in the series. Epona is a horse adventure aimed at children over eight and is available on iBooks at LINK

If you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact me on 01590 682942 and I will be pleased to answer and questions about the book.

Many thanks

Kind regards

Kathryn Dalziel.

01590 682942
First Book, Epona, by Equine Artist Kathryn Dalziel, launched in the Questairo Series?
(The New Forest, UK - November 4th 2013)
?'Epona' - Kathryn Dalziel's first book in the 'Questairo Series, follows the incredible life journey of a special silver horse. We follow the foal's life as she struggles for survival, and in her time of need is befriended by Tia. But there is something about Epona!  Who was her father? Has she inherited magical powers? What plight lies ahead for this gifted horse, entering this mythical world?

Kathryn Dalziel, a New Forest artist, has turned her hand to writing after many years working as an equine artist and portrait painter. ‘Epona’ the first book in her Questairo series has launched this month as an iBook, aimed at children over eight years old. It is beautifully illustrated by Kathryn with 68 individual paintings and drawings.

Kathryn grew up in Lyndhurst in the New Forest, where her passion for horses began with the family ponies. This knowledge and love of horses is evident in this first book and her classical art experience proves a solid foundation for the enchanting illustrations.
?Both written and illustrated by Kathryn Dalziel, Epona has been a labour of love for the last 2 years. The lively paintings and drawings add excitement and tell the story for a must have children’s book.
Kathryn comments, " I have been developing this story for a number of years. During this time I have felt such an affinity with this little horse, and by illustrating this book, it has allowed me to truly express her character. I have enjoyed the journey with this magical horse and really hope Epona captures the reader's hearts, like she has mine."??The book is only £4.99 and is available now on iBooks at LINK Why not read a free sample chapter which is also available to preview?

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