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A Horse For All Reasons

By Moira C. Harris
Hardy. Delicate. Tough as nails. Beautifully refined. Obedient. Spirited. Athletic. Entertaining. Can one breed of horse be all of these things? It can—if it is the Quarter Horse.

The most popular horse breed in the world, the Quarter Horse is above all an equine known for its versatility. The Quarter Horse’s skills can be found in every riding discipline and nearly every equestrian endeavor. Whether it is using its ground-eating stride on the racetrack, trekking through rocky outcroppings to help a rancher search for stray cattle, snaking through a pole bending pattern or performing canter pirouettes in an upper level dressage test, the Quarter Horse excels in just about everything it tries. The Quarter Horse, indeed, is a perfect partner for whatever its rider wishes.

The American Quarter Horse’s history follows the path of the nation it hails from, starting with its Colonial origins as a sprinting racer and later as intrepid explorer of the Wild West. And, again mirroring America, the American Quarter Horse is a breed full of diversity, with different branches of the family tree focusing in very specialized sporting events. Yet the breed is adaptable, as countless owners can attest to their American Quarter Horses being teachers during the week, show mounts on weekends and family pets in the off-season.

Now the American Quarter Horse has extended its popularity to all parts of the globe. From Canadian Quarter Horses that have made their home north of the U.S. border, to European Quarter Horses, and even Quarters Down Under, this breed has brought its many talents to an enthusiastic international audience. By doing so, the American Quarter Horse has become an ambassador for its native land.

The publishers and editors of the award-winning monthly magazine, Horse Illustrated®, bring you this special Magabook® to celebrate this most illustrious breed. If you’re a horse lover, a fan of Quarter Horses, or deeply involved with the breed, you’ll enjoy this beautiful, fact-filled publication that is a perfect guide to the history, care and training of the Quarter Horse. It’s a great resource, whether you are looking for a first horse who will be a patient instructor; your next competition partner who can take you to your goals; or a level-headed, kind-hearted friend to spend leisurely afternoons on the trail. If you currently own a Quarter Horse or see one in your future, you are one of the millions who know what it means to have a horse for all reasons.


Popular Horses: Quarter Horses Table of Contents

Popular Horses: Quarter Horses Magazine Table of ContentsEditor’s Note
A Horse for All Reasons

History Lesson
Learn how the American Quarter Horse became the most popular breed in the world.
By Sharon Biggs

Ultimate Versatility
Discover why the Quarter Horse is a multi-talented athlete for any riding discipline.
By Lisa Munniksma

Horse for Sale
Tips for finding your equine dream partner.
By Soraya O’Sullivan

Built Quarter Horse Strong
Quarter Horses come in many different shapes and sizes. Learn how conformation affects their ability to perform.
By Dale Rudin

Legends of the Breed
Read about 10 amazing Quarter Horses that have made the breed history books.
By Cynthia McFarland

It’s Show Time
Thinking about showing your Quarter Horse? With the right preparation, plenty of rewards are waiting for you.
By Susan Morrison

Groomed for Show
If you’re ready for competition, your horse will look his best with these expert grooming tips.
By Ange Dickson Finn

Now Starring:
Celebrities and their Quarter Horses
By Cindy Hale

On the Job
Here’s a look at Quarter Horses that shine outside the show pen.
By Sharon Biggs

Blazing New Trails
Whatever your trail riding interests, you will find that your options have no boundaries.
By Jennifer Nice

Quarter Horses Around the Country
Hit the road and check out some of these Quarter Horse destinations during your travels.
By Amber Heintzberger

Tack Check
Take time to select the right tack, and your Quarter Horse will show his appreciation by being a pleasure to ride.
By Jennifer Nice

Beauty Basics
The tools and tips you need to keep your Quarter Horse looking great.
By Louann Chaudier

Well Nourished
Nutritional guidelines that will help ensure your Quarter Horse’s good health.
By Marcia King

Genetic Condition
What American Quarter Horse owners need to know about hereditary equine disease.
By Nancy S. Loving, DVM

Healthy … All Year Long
Keep your Quarter Horse in top form with this annual healthcare calendar.
By Kim and Kari Baker

Grand Finale
Ringo on Patrol in Southern California

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Samantha    Nashville, TN

3/28/2014 7:20:23 AM

Where can this Quarter Horse magazine be found? I would love a subscription to this magazine since I have a Quarter

Madison    International

8/15/2013 7:57:35 AM

Elizabeth from Texas I have a quarter horse and he is lame right now and he is not wanting to turn on his left if your horse will not turn right while riding then maybe try giving he/she a little go and turn right while moving but If he won't turn at all either on the saddle or not then I'm not so sure if your horse is lame and is not coming out of his limp then try buet and then within a week or two u should be able to ride also wrap his legs if your horse is lame!...... I have a beautiful quarter horse and I love him and his ride!:) <3

linda o'neill    International

6/9/2013 3:48:46 AM

please could you advise where I could obtain the book you have advertised namely Quarter Horse favourite breed as depicted on your web page.

thanking you

linda o'neill
078 196 7873 (south Africa)

Bizzy    meridian, MS

6/12/2012 12:36:21 PM

i love quarter horses i have one of my own i was just wondering how do you subscribe to the magizines

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