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Horse Illustrated Announces Inaugural "Take Your Horse to Work Day"

This event is sure to spark a new trend in American workplaces.

April 1, 2014

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Have you ever wanted to work with horses? Now you can, and you don't even have to change your career path.

Take Your Horse to Work Day


Horse Illustrated magazine is proud to announce its sponsorship of the first ever Take Your Horse to Work Day. Horse owners around the country will not only enjoy a day spent with their equine best friend, but will be able to share the joy with their coworkers.

"There has been a lot of talk about the benefits of pet-friendly workplaces," says Elizabeth Moyer, editor of Horse Illustrated. "We thought, if having dogs in the office can improve morale, then having horses around can only make the work day that much better!"

While some Silicon Valley companies boast foosball in the break room and free gourmet meals for employees, these perks pale in comparison to the rewards of horses in the workplace. Studies have shown that interacting with horses can reduce stress, lower blood pressure and even improve social skills. Productivity is expected to increase as employees reap the benefits of having these animals around.

The list of advantages to allowing horses at work goes on and on. Many workers are expected to commute by horse on TYHTWD, which will help reduce the number of gas-powered vehicles on the road. When participating horses enjoy their lunch break on office lawns, it will help reduce company landscaping expenses.

"We see this as a benefit not just for horse-owning workers of America, but for the horse industry as a whole," says Moyer. "Once non-equestrian coworkers see the joy that comes with having a horse in your life, we think they'll want to join the equine community, too."

TYHTWD will be popular in office environments, but why stop there? Imagine visiting your morning coffee stop and seeing a pony behind the bar. Think of the joy your children will feel when their teacher rides into the classroom on horseback. And surgery patients will feel at ease when a noble Clydesdale is the last sight they see before drifting off into an anesthesia-induced slumber.

"We expect TYHTWD to be a big hit, and we intend to lead the way here at the Horse Illustrated editorial offices," says Moyer. "We've changed our main stairway to a horse-friendly ramp. Our break room is stocked with fresh carrots and apples. And we have buckets and shovels stowed strategically around the building.

"With spring around the corner, we know horse-loving employees won't want to miss a moment of time with their equine best friends," Moyer continues. "That's why we decided that April 1st was the perfect time to announce this event."

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Horse Illustrated Announces Inaugural "Take Your Horse to Work Day"

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Reader Comments

Melody    Hamilton, TX

4/4/2014 9:22:08 AM

Here at Circle T Arena in Hamilton, Texas, we are very fortunate we have these privileges! Come and see what we are all about! We truly are Texas' Best Arena!

Gee an Haw    Northern part, CA

4/4/2014 5:51:43 AM

When I had a job, I always had a picture of my horse...does that count.

Cathy    Narvon, PA

4/3/2014 3:55:15 PM

When you work at a horse stable, it's "Take Your Horse to Work" every day!

donnna    perth, WA

4/3/2014 8:25:41 AM

There would probably be about 1000 deaths on this day if it were to be real lol!

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