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HI Spy: Who???s Your Most Memorable Barn Buddy?

Tell us about your best equestrian pals.

By Cindy Hale | 2-Jul-09

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Who is your Best Barn Buddy Forever?We have a special place in our hearts for every horse that’s trotted in and out of our lives. But what about the people who have peppered the breezeways and barn aisles of our stables? Lots of them have been great friends and acquaintances. But which one has earned the title of BBBF: Best Barn Buddy Forever?

“I’ve been lucky to have had a lot of horse pals over the years,” says Doreen Hagar. “But if I had to single out my most memorable barn buddy, it’d have to be Mindy. She and I rode at the same barn, with the same trainer, and we showed in the same divisions. Whether I was taking a lesson or competing, Mindy was always around. She was a very good rider with an awesome mare. That could’ve been kind of ugly if you think about it,” Doreen explains with a laugh. But she reflects for a moment and adds, “Fortunately, Mindy was driven to win, just like me, but she wasn’t ruthless or cutthroat. In fact, she was a lot of fun. It seems like we were always cracking each other up. That camaraderie carried over to the show ring. We’d root for each other and most of the time we’d place right next to each other. Like if Mindy won, I’d be second, or vice versa. At one big show, when I suddenly got very ill and was in the hospital, Mindy showed my horse for me, and won a couple of championships on him. She was genuinely sorry, almost apologetic, that I wasn’t able to be the one collecting the prizes. I’ll never forget that. Even though Mindy has moved hundreds of miles away, I’ll always think of her fondly. She was a good rider, a good horsewoman and a good friend.”

Which one of your horse pals would you name Most Memorable Barn Buddy? We’d like to know whose company you enjoy on trail rides. We want to hear who it is that you chat with for hours about horses. When there’s a sale at the local tack store, a Must See clinic or a Can’t Miss horse expo, who do you call for companionship? Simply click on Submit a Comment below and immortalize them. Some of your comments may appear in Horse Illustrated.

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HI Spy: Who???s Your Most Memorable Barn Buddy?

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Reader Comments

Tesla    Western, NC

12/4/2012 6:07:35 PM

My best barn buddie is also my best friend at school Maisie Harris. We tell each other everything, give each other advice, and compete at our local horse shows together. We have known each other since second grade and now we are still Best friends in high school and I was also the person who convinced her to get into horses. I am so glad that my best friend shares the same passion that I do, Horse Riding!

Shannon    Boulder, CO

6/1/2012 7:28:02 AM

My barn buddy is Christina. We are show buddies and love to ride every day together. At a show we tack up together and compete against one another. Christina is my bbf (Best Barn Friend)!

Lindsey H    Berlin,, MD

1/16/2012 6:37:56 AM

I actually have more than 1 barn buddy. I have three! There's Alyssa, Juliana, Isabel, and me! We are our own little group. We always ride together, talk together, and we're not JUST barn pals. Alyssa and Isabel live right next to eachother. Juliana and me don't live far apart either. I sometimes ride my bike to her house! And our horses are best friends too, even though Isabel has a fiesty mare, Sadie. Sadie won't admit it, but Oreo(Juliana's Pony), Snikkers(Alyssa's Pony), and J.J.(My horse) are her soulmates.

Hannah    GR, MI

1/2/2012 8:42:51 AM

My best barn buddy's name is Lexi. We do everything together, and at our barn we are known for the havoc we often cause together along with our two horses. Everyone knows when we are together because no matter where we are on the property, you can hear us. One of my favorite memories of one of our adventures, is when I tried to do some rolex cross country jumping with my three year old horse...well she was watching as my horse all of a sudden went crazy. She took off with me at a full gallop in the valley on the side of the barn and was coming up to a jump. She cleared it as I'm screaming her name and pulling on her mouth. Lexi simply fell over and I could hear her laugh as I am rounding the corner of our barn. Eventually my horse stopped and she came running and laughing around the barn at me. I don't know what I'd do without her as my best friend. We make the perfect team :)

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