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HI Spy: Tell us about your first horse

Share the story of the horse who taught you to ride.


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Explain why your first horse was the bestMany of us learned to ride on reliable old school horses. Whether you were an overzealous kid trying (unsuccessfully) to coerce the horse into a gallop when the instructor's back was turned, or a white-knuckled newbie just hoping to stay on, that horse took care of you. He knew when to respond to your clumsy cues and when to wait and let you try again. On that steady old schoolie's back, you created a solid foundation on which to build your horsemanship skills for the rest of your equestrian career.

Or maybe that's not how it happened. Perhaps you acquired a devious pony during your horse-crazy-kid years or found yourself overwhelmed as a novice rider after deciding to chase your lifelong dream of horse ownership. Your introduction to horsemanship was trial by fire. Your mount did not accommodate your beginner mistakes. Instead, he found your weaknesses and exploited them, bucking, bolting or finding a low-hanging branch to get rid of you so he could go graze peacefully in the nearest field. But thanks to your tenacity, you developed a seat like glue and the ability to anticipate your horse's next move, all thanks to the renegade equine that served as your first teacher.

Whether your first mount was an angel or a demon, or a little bit of both, we want to hear about him. Click "Submit a Comment" below and tell us about your first horse, or the horse that taught you how to ride at the dawn of your days as an equestrian. Some of the responses may appear in an upcoming issue of Horse Illustrated

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HI Spy: Tell us about your first horse

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Reader Comments

Evin    Rushford, MN

12/15/2012 7:30:36 AM

My first horse was a white, 12 yr old POA gelding. His name was Sparky but we renamed him Moondust because he didn't have much spunk left. He does almost anything western and is the best pony in the world!

Adeline    Vandalia, IL

11/29/2012 6:47:13 PM

My first horse wasn't a big horse nor a pony. I had a Miniature Horse. I still have her to this day. I got her on Christmas night. I was opening a present and after I opened the box I found a halter. I had no idea what they were hiding. When I got to the barn I found a silver dapple Miniature Horse with a giant bow around her neck. After that she was the first horse I ever rode.

Spencer    Brentwood, CA

8/7/2012 3:20:38 PM

I started riding horses when I was six. The first horse I ever rode was a 16 hand Saddlebred. All I could think of when being up that high was "Oh my gosh I need a seat belt!!!"

Katelyn    Lebanon, PA

7/10/2012 2:09:44 PM

Jazz a old retired cutting horse. She is a great horse, but a little bit lazy. She is amazing though, and we love her so much

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